happy FRIDAY friends & . . .

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Hope you all have a beautiful weekend planned. We don’t have many plans and I honestly could not be HAPPIER about that! First Favorite for the week is what I’ve added to my cart this week!


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Off The Shoulder Sweater (( here ))

Black Ball Drop Earrings (( here ))

Pink & Orange Ball Drop Earrings (( here ))

SPANX Faux Leather Moto Leggings (( here ))

Treasure & Bond Sannibel Platform Wedge Sandal (( here ))

Keds Triple Shimmer Platform Sneaker (( here ))

Articles Of Society Mya Ankle Skinny Jeans (( here ))

Quay Australia X Desi Perkins High Key 60Mm Aviator Sunglasses (( here ))

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick – Orchid (( here ))

La Dodgers Mvp Baseball Cap  (( here ))



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Last Friday We went out for a Fish Fry & Caught another St. Cat’s Boys Basketball Game. Mackenzie is all about the Camera Action when it’s Game Time. I captured this one of her Beautiful Self. Love her & I don’t know if it was because we were in a high-school or not but my heart was gripped a bit that this kids is really growing up on me!


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So random especially since we ended up getting snow this week. I picked this up at TJMaxx last week Saturday.  Was not exactly looking for a Spring Wreath but when I laid eyes on this gem, I was SOLD & for only $20! It’s beautiful and will wear well in the Sun.




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Earlier this week I read Mix & Match Mama’s Blog Post about their Bedtime Routine and I enjoyed reading her post so I thought I’d share our Bedtime Routine.

1. Our kids Official Bedtime is technically 830pm. They recently had their annual well visit with their pediatrician and they were blown away when she said they should still be getting about 10 hours of sleep per night! I say technically because we have some days that run later than this but 830pm is the goal.

2. I have an alarm set in my phone for 745pm Sunday – Thursday. It’s a reminder for us to Get Prepared for Wind Down and Set-Up for the Next Day. When the alarm goes off it varies on what I have for each of them to do & or what I have to do for them.

Typically it’s one of the following:

      • Shower & Get your Jam-Jams on! (showers usually happen after dinner dishes)
      • Lotion Up & Get your Jam-Jams on!
      • Brush your Teeth
      • Grab My Choice Essential Oil (i.e. Sleepyize, RC & Raven for Spring/Fall, Thieves or Eucalyptus G for Winter Months, or the fave Lavender) We love Young Living Essential Oils in this house & I apply to the kids just about every night!
      • Grab the Nail Clippers & A few Q-Tips along with a Kleenex
      • Make Sure your Room is Picked Up
      • Pick your outfits out for tomorrow (have to be ran by Momma Bear for approval)
      • I also have them set out practice clothes for whatever sports they may be in. It teaches them to be prepared & helps the night go smoother!

3. I have another alarm set in my phone for 800pm as a reminder for us to Wind Down. We typically Wind Down in the front family room however often times the kids will snuggle up with a book in their beds (often together in one or the other’s bedroom). When this alarm goes off they know it’s time to wind down and start getting ready for bed but often stall. . .

The “stall tactics” typically are one of the following

      • Can I have a bedtime snack (Typically Mackenzie)
      • Can I just get 10 more points on First In Math (Typically Will)
      • My Son knows his dad is a sucker for sports, So he will bring up any basketball or football highlight and they just go on and on until I have to say Really Will and they laugh it off. He would be such a night owl if we allowed it!
      • Can we snuggle for a few more minutes in your bed Mommy (Typically Mackenzie)
      • Are the Lakers or the Warriors playing tonight (Typically Will) – He is well aware of those West Coast Games keeping Dad Up Late. (The Hubbs is a Laker’s Fan and Junior is a Warriors Fan)

4. At 830pm it’s Time for Bed. We always pray together. Typically, Generally & Most Often My Husband will Lead us in Prayer as the Head of the House. However I am a lover of Prayer and so I’ll take the lead every so often! (I get the privilege to pray over and with our kids before school on our way so this way they are getting prayer with both Mommy & Daddy)

5. On their way to bed they always ask for extra hugs & kisses. They like for Daddy to tuck them in every night! Sometimes they leave their lights on until he makes it to their rooms.  🙂 They also know before we turn in I sneak into their rooms to make sure they are all covered up and smother them with a few more kisses and well wishes of Sweet Sleep.

(If you have any tips for us, leave them in the comment section below!)

Fun Fact: Our children both have a very special animal they sleep with every night and it’s not our Goldendoodle Sofia! Will Sleeps with Mr. Monkey every Night & Mackenzie Sleeps with Ms. Kitty. They have both owned these special littles since birth and I think it’s precious that they still sleep with them!

Side Note: I typically buy my kids Pajama’s at Gymboree ((here)) as they fit well, are made well, wash well and, last for a very long time without piling and looking old & crusty! 😉 Gap has good pajama’s also but I only typically purchase when on sale!

Current Gymboree Favorite’s

3-8-2018 9-38-28 PM.pngShop Gymboree  (here)



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 This guy stayed after practice on Saturday and Put Up a Few More Shots.

This one was My Fave!

3-8-2018 10-25-45 PM

This Beauty Cutie Did a little bit of her Dance for me & then posed all super cutesy!

Have a great weekend my friend!




Happy Friday Friends & . . .



I hope you all had an amazing week. It’s been a productive yet slightly exhausting week. Being down with the flu last week has made for extremely busy yet very productive work week this week!



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First up, the Lord has really been whispering ‘give your best self’ to my heart and mind this week and it’s been such a good word for my soul!

It’s showed me areas that I have to realign within that I didn’t even realize I do at times.

Instead of giving the power to what separate’s us, focus rather on what unites us.

So My Favorite Quote for the Week is “Give Your Best Self”. God let us be a source of hope for the hopeless. God let us be a source of courage for the fearless. Let us give our best selves from the inside out!




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Jade Roller Is the most amazing cooling depuffing and soothing Beauty Tool – ever! And it just feels good!

I found this >> Jade Roller from Nordstrom for $68 however I found this >> Jade Roller from Amazon for only $18.99. A much more desireable price point and quite honestly – that’s the only route I would go as they are legit the same thing.



Microneedling Regeneration Tool is new to me, I recommend referencing YouTube on how to use it. I prefer to use it at night on clean skin, sanitizing before and after application.

What it does?

It triggers skins natural healing process by inducing micro-regeneration deep within the skin creating new collagen and restoring it’s volume.
Great to be used after you’ve washed your face and prior to moisturizer as it allows your skin to absorb topical products 200 times more. #queuequalityskincare

I found this >> GloPRO® Microneedling Regeneration Tool at Nordstrom for $199.00 I also found this >> Micro Derma Roller on Amazon for $14.99. The one at Nordstrom has the bells and whistles where as the one sold on Amazon is simply what it is and does what it does.




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Color Block Hoodie in Light Heather Gray & Red is a New Fave of Juniors! If he could – If I would allow it he would wear hoodies and joggers everyday, all day! This kid is a HOODIE LOVER for sure!

Gold Glitter Tank Dress I picked this up earlier this week, for Mackenzie’s Talent Show Dress.

Camo Joggers I buy quite a bit of Will’s clothing from Gap – always have. Mostly due to the fact of the quality of the clothing. He’s a Boy & yeah,  the fit seems to be perfect for his stature also, since his forever so it’s a good brand for my boy!

Girl’s Dolce Vita Jaclyn Glitter Bootie She seen these on line and Said ‘Mommy these are So My Style’. Mackenzie browses the internet for her own fashion finds. I taught her how to select her size and add to the cart. When she has something she just loves she comes to show me and if we agree, it’s a done deal! This has been a great way for her to understand the value of things as well.



3-1-2018 9-41-17 PM.png

Madewell Ruffle Cuff Ribbed Top is adorbs, I got it in Afterglow Red and is perfect tucked in with Jeans. A Basic transitional top with a flare 😉

Free People ‘Long Beach’ Tank in purple, is so soft in feel as well as in color. On Sale right now for 10% off! I love tanks like this with Jean Capri’s for the spring, summer weekend’s. #qualitycasualbasics

Gorjana Tulum Tassel Earrings in royal blue, will give a good punch of color to any outfit. I love a good statement earring.

Matisse Cha Cha Espadrille Wedge Sandal in orange is another good pop of color that may be fun to work into your wardrobe!

Basic Gray Side Slit Tee I picked up to wear with leggings on Spring weekends when running errands and what not. So basic and So comfy. I also have the Black and White Stripe one as well. Currently on Sale.

Perfect Roll Tunic by Lush, mentioned yet again if you have been reading my blog for a while you know I crush on LUSH and this top is my favorite of all time. Just classic. This time in Bright Pink.



Okay, Ya’ll I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of I haven’t until last week when I was sharing with a girlfriend how expensive Tamiflu was and she told me about this website where I can get and RX for less! We also had a generic version of Tamiflu for the second prescription that originally saved us a few bucks but not near as much as the coupons available on this website!

When I looked on I found a coupon for the Tamiflu as well as for the generic brand. I called Walgreens and they were able to re-run through my insurance and apply the coupons which saved us a total of $168.66. I mean, I’ll take that & thank So this little reference can be used for more than just Tamiflu as you can look up any prescription by name. Yes even the generic ones! So that Money Saver was a favorite of mine this past week – for sure!


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I have been pumping My Vitamin’s this week and so I thought I’d share My Vitamin Routine with you all. I typically have the same Vitamin Routine all year long but notice that I bump up my Vitamin D intake in the Cold Weather Months.

 3-1-2018 6-56-02 PM

Vitamin B12 Dietary Supplement Quick Dissolve Tablets These little gems I take once a day, typically in the morning and they seems to help with energy!

Alive Women’s Energy Multi-Vitamin is an ultimate fave of mine as it’s not chemically produced, Very Plant & Veggie based. My husband tried to have me take the Women’s Multi-Vitamins from GNC for years and they would just make my stomach hurt so bad, and I’d get overwhelming nausea. So Alive is my Vibe.

Vitamin D3 Bone Health Dietary Supplement Soft gels – Up & Up This is my Vitamin D-3 at 1,000 IU’s and in colder months I take 2-3 per day.



What’s Up Wednesday! 02/28/18

Hello Friends & Happy Wednesday!

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Every last Wednesday of the month I link up with this awesome community of mom bloggers and share these random topics! So here’s this month’s What’s Up Wednesday.




















I have a few fun things planned for my blog and Instagram coming up this year and I’m really excited with the plans I have so far. Seeing them come to life will be even more amazing. So really excited about what fun is just ahead!!!




NOTHING at the Moment, Thankfully!




A lot of Billie Holiday! Jazz calms my soul, truly.

I notice myself saying “Okay Google, Play some Billie Holiday” and off to Relaxation I go!


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2-28-2018 7-19-03 AM




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In December I started researching flat iron stylers. I considered the T3 (( here )) but decided against it and ended up purchasing the Conair Infiniti & although it was so darn adorable, sadly it burned my hair twice so needless to say it just was not a ‘hair healthy pick’ for me, so I returned it.

For the last 10 years at least I’ve exclusively used CHI flat irons and I still like them but was looking for a change I suppose. I know it’s important to choose quality styling products and tools as I do use heat styling at least six days a week if not the full 7 days. Speaking of Heat Styling I also love this heat protection spray by Tiki (( here ))

Recently I purchased this GHD 1-inch Gold Styler and I love it. It does a great job of not frying the hair yet gives a great curl-wave and holds well. I can see why stylist love this one as it allows for such a smooth curling/wave process with the no tangle swivel cord! It actually shines my hair also. Speaking of that I noticed that the Conair Styler was really drying and frying. You can find the GHD 1-inch Styler (( here ))

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Kind of Random Love that’s not my own but, I have also been loving is our Mackenzie in this sweet little robe. When she has it on – she just looks so cuddly and oh so comfy!  I purchased it one size up so she get’s plenty of use out of it and I’m glad I did because it’s perfect! Currently on SALE for 40% –>> (( here ))




2-28-2018 8-31-22 AM.png

Bringing Up Girls by Dr. James Dobson. Seems as though I have been reading this book for months. But I am sure I will be knocking this one out very soon here. (Side Note: I purchase most if not all of my books from Amazon. Occasionally Barnes and Noble but typically Amazon has great Book Prices)

2-22-2018 7-41-27 PM

Last week I mentioned how I was under the weather and during that time I found a new show called TIMELESS. I got thru the entire 1st season and I’m low-key looking forward to the kick-off of Season 2 on March 11th!

My favorite show currently is the BRAVE although they just do not give me enough of it! I could totally go for more airtime of the BRAVE!



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My ILY Couture Sweatshirts (( here ))

Valentine’s Day with My Love, Love HIM! The entire day was awesome and The Salt Room was such a fun little experience to share together. I love when he plans the day. He is such a romantically, fun-loving man! So grateful for our love!!!



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I did a Target Haul and here are a few of the items that I got and I love!

This Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt in Black and White is just adorable. Can dress it UP or DOWN (( here ))

These SugarFix Baubles (from BaubleBar) are adorable and just the perfect pop of color for Spring! (( here ))

This Stiletto Sock Bootie in Red may be a staple as Red can almost be considered a neutral when worn with confidence! (( here ))

Weekend Soul Pajama Shorts are sold in two colors and I have both! Not only are they so comfortable but they are also flattering. TTS (( here ))

These Wedges are an affordable dupe for this springs most desired wedge. Affordable dupe (( here )) the Treasure & Bond ones have rave reviews and you can find those one’s (( here ))

This Embroidered Floral Cardigan is darn adorbs! The Sheer and Embroidered Floral is just beautiful. Can be worn Trendy Casual or Dressed Up Also. (( here ))




  • Planning out our trips for 2018
  • Preparing our Summer Plans
  • I’ve mentioned last week how I am finally finalizing our Master Bedroom Refresh and this weekend I picked up a pair of (( these )) 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets in twilight and two of (( these )) memory foam pillows. Should be arriving this week. I originally purchased a different set of sheets however returned them. As I was reading reviews about the adjustable frame, lots of people mentioned how important it was to have the right – sheets. They referenced how it’s good to have ones with deeper pockets so they don’t slide off of your mattress when you are adjusting your bed. So these were a must and these fit well with our color scheme.

2-27-2018 11-11-19 PM.png




Enjoying lots of my High School Basketball Games with my Fam Bam!

The regular season is over & so now it’s playoff time!

2-26-2018 2-18-23 PM


2-26-2018 2-18-41 PM


2-26-2018 2-19-04 PM



This weekend actually is not so planned and so I anticipate it to be low-key, uber chill. Perhaps lots of snuggle time and just being in the present with my favorite most amazing people and getting some things done around la casa. #springclean




Not a whole lot, just running lots of errands, having lots of meetings and trying to get things back in order after being down an entire week! #WorkingWifeLife



The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.


Happy Friday Friends!

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Today will be my first and last day in the office this week 😦 I worked from home on Thursday and truth is, it was hard for me to focus as I was still rather weak. I needed my rest and got plenty of it so I’m going to need all the coffee I can get to get me through the day as I’m sure I’ll be so weak. It’s been quite the week to say the least….

I got the flu this week and was legitimately in bed for three days straight! I mean can we say insane!?! I love and I do mean love being productive and being so sick, productive – I was not! I am so thankful for my amazing husband who has been taking care of us all.

It’s very rare for me to get that sick, where I am down for the count and pretty much good for nothing but resting and hoping and praying to get better. I was contagious so didn’t go in to work, literally feel as though I missed the whole week, I wish I could have been that champion mom that contained it all, but I wasn’t 😦 My son now has it and my daughter was the one that gave it to me and my husband had a touch of the symptoms but thankfully not full on as he has been our caretaker this week and is now going to stay home with our sonny as we just took him in today and he tested positive for it also… This Influenza-A got us and I don’t know how! This was me….

2-22-2018 6-47-49 PM.png


With that being said, I found a new show that is now a favorite. I would describe it as a science fiction time travel drama with historical references and I’m kind of diggin’ it so I’d have to make that a favorite of my pretty uneventful and sick week 😦 🙂 I’ve gotten through all of season one.

2-22-2018 7-41-27 PM

Season 2 is airing March 11th and I’m low-key looking forward to it.




2-22-2018 9-40-20 PM.png

Camo Sweatshirt (( here )) – I purchased one sweatshirt from ILY Coutoure and the comfort level of these are nothing short of amazing and worth every penny! This one is currently on sale and I’m a fan now so I picked this one up. Who doesn’t love camo!

Mom Life is the Best Life (( here )) Been crushing on this for a year and just didn’t until recently! I will wear this oh so much!

Grey Puff Sleeve Sweater (( here )) – great transitional piece

Satin Midi Robe (( here ))

Diva Glamorous Laundry Detergent (( here ))




So we’ve been working on updating our Master Bedroom for a few months now. My goal was to have it completed by Valentine’s Day but, I’m running a little behind as I have been so patiently selective and collaborative with the hubbs, after all it is ‘our’ room 😉

So far I’ve accomplished painting our bedroom, purchasing a new king bed, and latest of all, I’ve purchased our mattress & adjustable bed frame! I still have to final our area rug as we have wood flooring in our bedroom and it’s been bare naked since December. I’m also awaiting to see how our new bed comes in so I may then measure for the proper nightstands and that will then springboard my dresser decision also. I have a few options in my carts so I am just awaiting the measurements to finalize which option to select.

Other than that, I’m also looking for two gold accent mirrors and throw pillows as well as a new duvet cover. Perhaps I’ll have it all completed in full by the end of March if not prior. 🙂  Below I’m sharing our Mattress and adjustable frame selection.

2-22-2018 10-55-21 PM

So last week Friday after work we went Mattress Shopping! No better time than then with the kick-off of the President’s Day Sale. We grabbed this King for the price of a Queen. They were offering a free adjustable frame however it was just the simple one and prior to this we were researching a Sleep Number bed simply due to the adjustability and quite honestly the reviews were just too negative and scattered that I didn’t really deem it worth it.

Even one of the sales men that we were dealing with months back (yes it’s taken us month’s to decide) advised that they thought it was over-rated and over-priced and we just weren’t sold on the whole sleep number route. When it comes to big purchases I stick with ‘doubt means don’t’.

So we didn’t go with the free base because it was not only basic but it only adjusted the head portion. We went with the Leggett and Platt 100 Series II Adjustable Base which is way more awesome! 😉 We are so happy with our purchase. It’s fresh and new so I’ll perhaps touch back with a good review in a month or so if You’d all like but, I truly believe we made a good purchase here that we will be happy with for quite a few years. We’ve officially moved from a Queen to a King per the hubs request!



2-22-2018 11-15-47 PM

This Mother & Daughter Journal has been one of the best Valentine’s Day Gifts for our Sweet Girl. I have been so in love with sharing our hearts in this very special and new way. It’s a keepsake she will be able to have with her for like ever and it’s just really the sweetest thing. It has pages for her and pages for me and it’s just a real sweet way for us to connect as we are both loving it! Purchase (( here )) 




2-22-2018 11-23-51 PM.png

This verse has been in my heart this week and one of my favorites of all time. Joshua 1:9


Well, that’s all for now my friends, I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope I feel completely better come Monday!



Hello Gorgeous & . . .


I hope you all had a fantastic week! It’s been a busy and long beautiful week filled with so much love and goodness and for that I am thankful. Thank you Jesus!

Sending lots of Prayers to Florida Families this week!

And I had a chance to watch some of the Winter Olympics and I just feel so American. So proud to be an American! #WinterOlympics2018



Will and I were able to take the day off to enjoy each other. We love day dates. We did such a good job of savoring that extra special togetherness even when the kids came home. It was such a sweet, sweet day.

Will arranged the day for us, and we tried a little something new – Salt Therapy! It was awesome to say the least! Purifying, detoxifying and so, relaxing.

Needless to say I enjoyed my day with my love. You know what I love most about Will and our love? I never had to be anything but me and he just loves me. I’m enough, just me and he loves me – such a gift! I shared that with him in the Salt Room and he says that’s why our love has been so strong and so blessed and so pure. Goodness Gracious I LOVE HIM! Forever grateful for our love. It was such a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Our first Salt Therapy Session was enjoyed at The Salt Room it was such a clean and inviting atmosphere and the owner provided such generous and gracious service. It’s a place that is not only good for your well being but a small business you’d love to support and enjoy being apart of! I highly recommend.

2-15-2018 10-56-31 PM

2-16-2018 3-09-03 PM

That night, we enjoyed dinner together with the family snuggled near the fireplace, the kids opened their gifts, and just enjoyed the time being around each other. I legit snuggled Will like all night! It was the best.




2-15-2018 9-59-32 AM




Special little messages from my sweet honey girl were a favorite of mine this week! She loves to send me emails and iChat messages and this was one of my faves this week.

She also came up to me this week and said Mommy, I want to tell you something that will make you happy! I said oh yeah – let me hear it. She said all of my friends at school say they wish you were their mom or I’m so lucky to have you as my mom and your mom is so nice and your mom is so pretty. Stuff like that! I said oh that’s sweet, I remember people would always say how pretty my mom was and I remember telling her things like that when I was a kid. Little moments like that are just precious!  #bringingupgirls

2-15-2018 10-45-58 PM




Am I the only one that craves a good stripe sweater, tee or, blouse when spring is near!


2-15-2018 6-31-41 PM

  1. Metallic Gold Stripe Blouse ((here)) – love the gold metallic detail on this blouse!
  2. Trouve Sheer Stripe Blue Blouse ((here))
  3. Stripe Peplum Tee ((here))
  4. Wallis Chevron Pink Stripe Sweater ((here))
  5. Ruffle Stripe Longsleeve Tee ((here))



Oh My Lanta, So personal I know but I will never forget the first time I had an ingrown hair it was two years ago and I was spazzing out. It was in my bikini line and I was just so concerned. I finally shared the info with my hubs and he nonchalantly shared ‘oh it’s just an ingrown hair’ so off to research I went and I found that I could apply tea tree oil to the area and it would help reduce the inflammation. If you struggle with ingrown hairs at all, I highly recommend! You can purchase ((here)) enter Member ID 3048455 

2-15-2018 9-50-12 PM





Hello My Beautiful Friends,

2-8-2018 6-06-07 PM.png

I am SMILING because it’s Friyay! So excited that the weekend is here.

Now it’s time for my Five Friday Favorites!

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is this coming week! I have yet to secure gifts for the kids and puppy and the Hubby wants ‘ME’ he said – I mean really isn’t he the BEST! So he will get a full dose of His Sweet Honey Valentine that day!



2-8-2018 6-38-52 PM.png

First Up I’m sharing a few of my favorite picks for Valentine’s “Day” attire.

Will and I have the day off together and I am going to lounge around in one of these comfies along with my favorite Zella leggings ((here)) & Nike’s of course – I just ordered ((these)) in Black on Black, they arrived yesterday.

So I’ve listed a link for 15% off your first ILY Couture purchase below.

2-6-2018 11-27-10 AM

ILY Couture they also have a MOM Life is the Best Life Tee that I’ve been crushing on!

15% off your 1st ILY Couture Purchase ((here)).



Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I was so excited about the Cards that our Basketball Team’s made on Saturday. I packaged up and sent off 18 Valentine’s Day Cards for the Kids. It was such a joy to see all the awesome colors and special messages shared from each of the kids that made one!  .. Here is a glimpse of a few of them!


I mentioned last week how our Son Will had his last game & They won! It was a fun game as My Husband coached against His Brother and My Son played against His Cousin. Here is a pic of the Will’s & Rob’s post-game!

2-4-2018 6-26-18 PM.png

Will has enjoyed coaching not only his son but every single one of these young men!

2-4-2018 6-49-51 PM2-4-2018 6-27-47 PM

Here is a pic of the boys and their medals postgame!

Speaking of the love of coaching, I have LOVED coaching this Little Lady Baller.


Though she be but little she is fierce. I am most impressed with her hustle this year. She has grown so much in the game and her defense is probably my favorite!  

We had such a fun time at the Pizza Party with all these kids this past weekend.

2-8-2018 9-15-37 PM2-8-2018 9-16-36 PM

These kids are such awesome little people!



2-8-2018 11-28-58 PM


  • My Son, loves Science so this Microscope Kit ((here)) along with the Microscope Slide Kit ((here)) are perfect!
  • Between Mom & Me – Mommy & Son Journal ((here))
  • This Hoop is in my son’s room – on the wall actually ((here))
  • Just between us – Mommy & Daughter Journal ((here))
  • Unicorn Headband & Rainbow Tutu ((here)) & Unicorn ((here))
  • Unicorn Coloring book ((here)) with Fine Point Pen’s ((here))
  • Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition ((here)) – will be perfect for Valentine’s Day Eve.



We really enjoyed watching Will perform the Merengue dance at his school!

2-8-2018 11-07-26 AM.pngHe can be such a shy guy at times but HE DID SUCH AN AMAZING JOB with this dance. He mentioned how some of his friends said they just look down at the stage because they are so nervous but he loved looking out and smiling with people as it calmed him. 



We also signed this girl up for dance and seeing her back in dance class just excites me! These two dancers were highlights from the week for sure!!

2-8-2018 10-21-01 PM.png

Well, have a great weekend!