FRIDAY FAVES | 05/04/18


This was the fastest week! As we welcomed May this week just seemed to fly by literally. Well today is all about my five Friday faves from this past week!

5-3-2018 9-14-33 AM




Last week was BACTWD aka Bring A Child To Work Day! It was so much fun ya’ll. It’s really nice that my husband and I work at the same company so the kids get to come to work with ‘both’ of their parents! Last year was the kids first year being able to come! This year they knew what to expect and were PUMPED! Their expectations were exceeded yet again as the kids ‘requested’ to come to work with us again the very next day saying they kind of think that they should come to work with their parents every day ūüėČ haha! Here are a few snaps that we captured from BACTWD 2018.

5D5E5E74-DBDF-474C-93F3-4D34760D063D6EE6228F-0E52-49A3-858B-8305664B7B3137A2B557-F949-4220-ADDE-90BB8EFA5FF9D83E193C-4322-46A0-91BB-23A4425074614-30-2018 3-07-26 PM20180426_133737.jpg4-30-2018 3-07-38 PM4-30-2018 3-10-48 PM

The Minute To Win It Games were a definite kid favorite!




Our Sweet Sofia is such a sweet fun-loving ‘here I am world’ kind of girl! Love her. Lately she’s been hopping in the car with us more, running our errands with us and what not so if you see us around with our golden in the cart don’t be surprised! ūüėČ




5-4-2018 9-57-39 PM.png

Working at a desk can be intense on your shoulders and back and this amazing tools has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and definite fave of mine this week/ Just got it and love the LiBa Back and Neck Massager for Trigger Point – Self Massage Tool. Highly recommend!





This past weekend we went back to The Salt Room for a little more salt therapy and the kids really enjoyed this little spa experience! They did really well also, brought books & got a little reading & relaxing in! After that we enjoyed lunch at The Cheesecake Factory & then did a little shopping at Mayfair Mall. We each got new bath bombs from Lush! Love Lush bath bombs & so do the kids!






My Sweet Baller Baby – Beauty Cutie ¬†really impresses me with her discipline and her drive. She really has a ‘just do it’ kind of attitude and I love that about her.

Well have a great weekend everyone! Love to you all!



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Every Last Wednesday of the Month I take the time to share What’s Been Up with Us!Here are a few of the topics to update you on What’s been Up with The Ortiz’s Lately!


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4-24-2018 9-54-31 PM


IMG_1960IMG_23483-8-2018 10-16-29 PM

My husband is currently in pursuit of His Master’s so when he’s been wrapped up with lots of homework the kids and I have been running errands and stopping for sweet treats! Lately they are on a Panera kick! I love times like this because we connect on such an awesome level! It’s like we get the opportunity to pause for a moment in time and just soak in all the goodness! I get to hear about all the little things that are big things to them and engage on another level, it’s just so fun and I cherish these moments for sure!


Love these close up’s I got of Will Jr. My handsome sweet, caring, smart little man!


Of course still lots of Basketball! We heart Basketball! haha! #BasketballMom

Mackenzie with her 20-60-80



The kids played in the Por La Gente tournament.

Their Puerto-Rican Pa was so proud to see his children take part in something he has been apart of for years! It was a good day. My husband & I coached their team and it was fun! #WeWon



It’s been a little cold here, even snowed last week. ūüė¶ On the up-side that made for the perfect snuggle, cuddle, napping weather!





4-24-2018 9-54-59 PMMY FITNESS


We actually have a really nice home gym I’d say. It’s in our basement and we have quite a bit of equipment! So I have been getting back to taking care of my fitness! Love taking that time.

It really helps when I have my clothes set out and ready to go so all I have to do is literally roll out of bed and put my gear on and head downstairs! #thankful #focused #driven

4-24-2018 9-55-26 PM


4-25-2018 2-17-45 PM

Gibson Relaxed Short Sleeve Tie Waist Blouse HERE also comes in a Mauve & Green!

Gibson X Living In Yellow Ruched Faux Wrap Dress in Grey HERE is a great layering piece for Spring in Wisconsin!

This Off the Shoulder Top in Black HERE is perfection! I guess I’ve been wearing a little bit of a lot of black lately? I think I always do but especially when I’m really busy it’s like my great staple go to! This Top can be dressed up or down. Goes great with Black Jeans!

Irenee Ankle Strap Sandal in Black again ūüėź HERE is a great staple also. Goes well dressed up or down to me!

Gold Crystal Tiger Ring HERE is the perfect little statement piece!

So I’ve kind of have developed this odd love for Robes this year!! It’s like the perfect thing to wear these days for me. Check out this Tiger Short Cotton Robe HERE

Ruffle Linen Tee HERE is a little bit of perfection. Great with Jeans!

Lush Hailey Crepe Dress in Black HERE is one of the greatest!



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This may be one of my favorite photos’ from the trip! I mean Our Babies, Two from the NYPD crew, The American Flag in the middle of Times Square – what’s not to love!?! ūüôā I have a few blog post HERE.


4-24-2018 9-56-51 PM

4-24-2018 11-49-30 PM.png

So this is a new one for me. Station 19 a spin with Grey’s Anatomy- Miranda Bailey’s husband is¬†at this station! Love hot they are interacting the two shows. So this passionate Latina was practically raised at Seattle’s Station 19, Andy Herrera is a confident firefighter who is also the daughter of Pruitt Herrera who is battling cancer, so had to give up being the Captain. Her Dad, Capt. Pruitt was Andy’s primary inspiration to become a firefighter and he the mentor to both her and Jack Gibson, the lieutenant at the station. Jack is as fearless as Andy is by-the-books, but when the two are together, sparks fly and opposites attract and it’s ran with a narrative so I like that like Grey’s also. If I had to rate this 1 to 10 I’d give it a 7. I think once Herrera settles her ‘love’ interests and we as the audience are able to ‘buy-in’ it may bump that 7 up. Right now it’s just sort of nice to watch! ūüėČ

4-24-2018 11-43-46 PM

I guess I can’t say that I am officially reading this yet but it just arrived last week and I’m looking forward to this read for sure!


4-24-2018 9-57-28 PM

4-25-2018 10-54-23 PM.png

This Scent is Amazing! Been loving it this Spring! Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum HERE


4-24-2018 10-06-30 PM


4-25-2018 2-09-11 PM.png
She is singing Gold by Britt Nicole in this years Talent Show and I’m debating on how GOLD she will be for this performance. She loves Britt Nicole’s Music! Little Miss Mackenzie has really loved to perform ever since she was an itty bitty tiny babe! Encouraging her beyond what she even imagines is so much fun and seeing her go above and beyond is my favorite part of all! #momlifeisthebestlife #loveher #lovesupportingher


4-24-2018 9-59-43 PM


4-25-2018 1-40-39 PM


4-24-2018 10-00-19 PM

We decided to go ahead and start a 2nd & 3rd grade girls AAU Basketball Team with¬†The Wisconsin Rise¬†and it’s getting so exciting seeing the girls grow already in the game of basketball! I’m really most excited about these girls –¬†these days! They are going to have these Pink Hoodies and look so adorable in them!

4-25-2018 1-44-14 PM.png


4-24-2018 10-00-57 PM

We are heading back to The Salt Room. This time we are bringing the kids with us! They are sooooo excited. Mackenzie keeps calling it the Sand Place.. Haha! I think she’s dreaming of White Sandy Beaches! With all the seasonal allergy flares we are heading up to The Salt Room for a little detox sesh as a family which should be really nice. I have a few errands to run up that way also so we will do those and grab a bite to eat also before heading back home!

We are¬†also planning on¬†organizing our ‘seasonal decor’ area in the basement & clearing out whatever we don’t use. And last but not least, Will and I¬†are also going out on a date this weekend!


4-24-2018 10-01-23 PM

My Husband, Will put together an O’Zone¬†Basketball Skillz & Drillz camp and he had his first session for 2nd & 3rd graders this past weekend and it was such a good time!
I loved-love watching him pour out all he knows about the game of Basketball to the next generation of ballers! You can tell it’s such a passion of his. Sharing his knowledge and teaching the kids while making it fun was a true treasure to my heart – to be apart! Thankful for all those who came out to support our 1st one! Already looking forward to the next one!¬†ūüôā

Hope you all had a great day!






Spring Break in the Big City! We have wanted to explore New York for years and, we finally did it!

We were looking forward to walking the city streets, enjoying some amazing food, seeing a few historical marks and enjoying spending that quality of life together in adventure.

We live maybe 90 minutes from Chicago and we love going into the Big City but honestly New York was on another level of ‘CITY’!

It’s like Chicago and Philadelphia¬†were having a baby and then found out it was twins!This is how I would describe the population of NYC! There was so much anticipation going into the big city and it truly exceeded every expectation.


We arranged a luxe car service prior to arriving at the JFK Airport and it just made it all so easy breezy. However taking a yellow taxi I’m sure serves just the same.

big apple

4-17-2018 2-21-12 PM


We stayed at the Kimpton Muse, NY and loved it! It was clean, modern, trendy, excellent service, the Personable, Professional, Pleasant Staff provided great service and communication even prior to our arrival. A few of my favorite highlights were the location. I mean it was a half a block away from Time Square, a block & a half away from 5th Avenue &, 10 blocks from Central Park. I personally appreciate leopard everything and they have Leopard Robes & Animal Print Pint Size Robes for the Kids Рadorable! They delivered The New York Times Newspaper each morning & provided a complimentary Keurig Machine for a our Morning Blends before heading out each day! 


There was a beautiful church across the street from our accommodations – just beautiful.

4-17-2018 2-20-06 PM


We enjoyed dinner at Bubba Gump in Times Square and it was nice – nothing to write home about perhaps because we have one in Chicago so it’s nothing ‘new so to speak but sitting up there and overlooking times square was pretty sweet. After dinner on our way home we ran into this crew and had to take a picture! ūüėČ


4-17-2018 2-20-38 PM


There was still quite a bit of snow on the ice that they were trying to clear so we passed on skating but enjoyed the location. Being there beholds so much serenity and beauty. IMG_2916IMG_E2929

 4-17-2018 2-21-43 PM

IMG_3133Walking up to and into Central Park was every bit of amazing. How many movies have we watched over the years here and now here we are! I don’t have a pic of the kids on the rock but that may have been their favorite part. Playing a top of¬†the big rocks! 4-15-2018 4-11-23 PMIMG_3135


 4-17-2018 2-21-57 PM


Here is Ms. Mackenzie with little Ms. Mackenna, the American Girl of 2012. Mackenna is a determined girl who uses her strengths to turn challenges into triumphs. We shopped around for Mackenzie and Mackenna while here. Love the spacing & layout of this store more than ours in Chicago but seem to love the cozy of the Chicago American Girl store.


4-17-2018 3-48-13 PM

5th Ave was my Jam, Amazing & Beautiful. I could spend all day here. When we go back I need an entire day devoted to just taking all of it in & shopping 5th Avenue! Literally!


The architecture on 5th Avenue was stunning. Inside of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral was just really moving and peaceful. Beautiful – perhaps a little glimpse of Heaven. This photo I captured of it from outside may just be one of my faves from the entire trip.


 4-17-2018 2-22-20 PM


We loved Shake Shack. We had Mackenzie scout our tables and each time we scored a booth – thank you Jesus! The food was delicious and oh so American. I’d highly recommend! The kids¬†insisted we head back for lunch the next day also. So we did. ūüôāIMG_E2754.JPG

 4-17-2018 2-23-23 PM


Will’s cake was a bit of everything and it was every bit of delicious!

I could have enjoyed one bite of every single item and would have been A-OK with it! Everything was delicious. I decided on a Peanut Butter Cupcake and a Coconut Cupcake. I saved the Peanut Butter Cupcake to enjoy the next day and it was so good!


Will Jr. opted for the Blondie Brownie and a Lemon Bar to go for later! I mean totally my son. Mackenzie opted for the Turtle Cheesecake and it was scrumptious. She is totally her Dad’s daughter when it comes to sweets.¬†Loved their picks & we all thought it was delish.


 4-17-2018 2-23-36 PM

Our All-Time Favorite Christmas Movie is Home Alone so a stop within the Renowned Plaza Hotel was a Must! We arrived and this gem was parked out front so naturally Will wanted the kids to take a picture in front of it. 

IMG_2885IMG_2884IMG_32184-15-2018 4-57-30 PM

Okay the kids realized that this lady was missing her clothes and declared her name to be ‘sister butt-cheeks’ it was hilarious! Oh my word do we have a bizarre sense of humor.

 4-17-2018 2-23-49 PM

IMG_32314-16-2018 11-20-54 PMIMG_3233IMG_3230IMG_3234

After dinner the kids went down to peak at the Subway and well that was interesting.

  4-17-2018 2-26-37 PM

So you know that song by Kelly Clarkson that says something like, ‘Because of you, I never stray to far from the sidwalk’ well my husband does the complete opposite for me, He pushes me out of my comfort zone and pushing me to do things that are outside of my comfort zone and live more than I would without him in my life, that’s for sure!

He got me on the Subway ya’ll. I was spazzing out. I can’t even tell you in words what happened when we were getting our Metro Card passes printed out. It was utterly bizarre and insane. I was like spazzing out and totally told my husband this was ludacris and almost backed out. But we did it, we made it safely and it was an experience to say the least. I think I realized I may be a little claustrophobic as thinking of myself under the roads in which we typically drive and walk on made me a little well uncomfortable.

4-15-2018 2-49-26 PM

I told the kids nothing could be in their pockets because well their are pocket pickers and not to look anyone in the eye and if someone gets confrontational with anyone we can just move to the next cart at the next stop to avoid the drama while ‘underground’ and Mackenzie walks over to me during the ride and says – mommy it’s really hard not to make eye contact with people! I said I know honey, we always like to say hello or good morning to people but the NY way was just to mind your own business in these situations-modes of transportation. The gentlemen behind Will was selling these toppers that lit up and played a tune and I – yes me – after sharing all my safety tips almost broke one of them and opened up my purse to purchase but decided against it with the soft yet stern whispers of my husband to leave it alone! ūüėź ūüėČ ūüôā haha! I can really be a nervous wreck sometimes and totally spaztastic! 4-15-2018 2-49-53 PM

y l_DSC7607

It was cloudy and overcast that day with scattered showers so this is the best shot I got but it was really fun even doing it! The Staten Island Fairy is Free to the People and was a great way to see the Statue of Liberty when you didn’t realize you should book tickets months to a year in advance to actually experience Staten Island. Served just as well I suppose on this beautifully ūüėȬ†weathered day! 4-15-2018 3-58-54 PMIMG_2981

 4-17-2018 2-27-01 PM

4-17-2018 4-04-49 PM

We hailed a Taxi to Sarabeth’s just to do it and it was FUN and jerky ride – this NY traffic is like on another level for me! They all drive a little ‘pushy’ so to speak.

boys at sarabeths4-15-2018 2-11-46 PMThe lighting was so off – very bright in Sarabeths. The food was amazing and delicious. After Breakfast we rounded back up 5th Avenue and why not just one more shot in front of The Plaza Hotel. 4-15-2018 2-21-26 PM

 4-17-2018 2-27-17 PM

4-15-2018 3-40-49 PM

May have been my favorite. All Family Style so no need to over do it. The portions are huge. They are Italian Family Style meals. So Party’s of Four or more are suggested. For sure for this little gem is a place I will return to. Reservations made via Open Table. dine at carminesAfter Dinner we headed back to the room, while Dad was in the shower we played charades and oh my gosh are these two character’s. I love life with them!!!


4-17-2018 2-28-26 PM

Well Mackenzie Grace wanted to go to the Today Show, make signs and see Hoda & Al, so we got up at about 430a so that we could be there by 6am and we started out walking the wrong way. Ran into the nicest gentleman from New Jersey whom I asked for directions and he said we could walk with him as he works that way. So back we went in the right direction. I meant to grab the umbrella’s but totally thought it’s not that far so we’d be fine and decided to leave them behind (unfortunately) ūüė¶¬†and we were s-o-a-k-e-d from head to toe! We pushed through and didn’t let it wreck the experience. I mean it was so insane all I could do is laugh – literally! ¬†It was snowing and raining all at the same time. Soggy Mops can we say! haha. The Security Team gave us a little inside tip on how the crew only comes out at 8am & 830am but that day due to weather they were only going to come out at 830am so he gave us a lead on heading over to the Starbucks across the street said they had a couch and coffee! So off we went to dry off & warm up a bit.

Another Lead from the Jersey guy who I just kept talking to because I LOVED his accent! He shared how it’s worth stopping at those red TKTS boxes in Times Square to score Shows at 50% off. Said folks start lining up at 9am but really going at 10am is just as good. But you can score tickets to shows at 50% off for that day. Great little inside savings tip to know & thought I’d share with you all. ¬†


IMG_E2739mgo sbzstrbxIMG_3111

After the Show – or at least shortly after the crew headed back inside we headed back to the hotel to shower and refresh for the rest of the day! Here are the cute robes the hotel offered! Don’t you love the pint sized robes for the kids – we¬†did!

4-17-2018 2-28-38 PM




We loved the LIFE found in TIMES SQUARE, it was so lit and amazing and full of life. One thing our waitress said actually two things that stuck out to me.

  1. Random, she asked where we were from and we said Wisconsin and she responded¬†to me saying I kept looking at you like you look like New York but you don’t sound like New York‘. I thought that was¬†funny! I don’t know if I’ve ever been told I had an accent before.
  2. We asked her if she lived here and she said that she grew up in New York so it’s all she has ever known. She likes it but really struggles with seasonal depression with all the stimuli from the lights and action all the time and little to no nature. Wishes they had more of that. I invited her to Wisconsin and told her there was plenty there for her! ūüėČ

 4-17-2018 2-28-51 PM

IMG_3210IMG_3080IMG_30754-16-2018 10-59-54 PMIMG_E3094

Hope you all enjoyed our pictorial blog of our trip to Manhattan, NY! We loved it there!



3-28-2018 10-02-12 AM

Once every month I link up with a Group of Sweet Mom Bloggers and share these random fun facts in regards to what’s been up with us lately!

It’s so fun to answer these random Q’s! I hope you enjoy. ūüėČ















3-28-2018 1-48-53 PM3-28-2018 1-50-31 PM3-28-2018 1-52-24 PM3-28-2018 1-53-31 PM3-28-2018 1-54-58 PM3-28-2018 2-05-24 PM

So it’s clear that our family loves Basketball. We really do. I mean we are Fans of Football but Lovers of Basketball. I always liked basketball – since I can remember really. I’ll never forget the summer days when I would walk, run 6.50 miles down to the lake for a morning workout with my friend Bethany and then walk from the lake post-workout to the Bray Center for Pick Up Games and 1 on 1 Shooting Practices. That is the summer I realized that Me & Spaulding had a real relationship going on! ūüôā I mean we were going STEADY! Haha! ūüėČ I was always the Girlie Girl that loved dressing up and everything Glam yet loved sports just as well! I’d say it makes for a well rounded lady! ūüėČ

Well My daughter is exactly the same! She realizes it at a younger age that she loves dresses & all things girls yet¬†also loves sports – mostly basketball! And My Son, Well¬†I’m pretty convinced that he was practicing Soccer Flip Throw Kicks while yet in the womb, so not kidding! He was born with a love for sports also. He has his life all planned to go onto college, earning his¬†Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from there he will¬†be drafted into the NBA – save his money and open his own hospital with his sister – possibly in Puerto Rico!¬†ūüôā¬†I mean he has plans! But he is most determined to be an NBA player and Doctor! My husband is also an athlete since forever and mad lover of sports! Particularly Basketball, Football & Baseball. We all have a pretty competitive nature so I suppose it’s no surprise that I am a Sports Momma!!!

I’m our Team Mom for my Son’s Basketball Squad. It’s been fun to be apart of the Organizations Mom Squad and this made it feel so official! ūüėČ

3-16-2018 12-06-45 AM



3-28-2018 10-19-53 PM.png

I finalized a few Master Bedroom Updates these last couple of weeks.

  • Gray Shag Area Rug ( here ) – husbands choice
  • Z Gallerie Jameson King Bed ( here ) – like the wingback sides
  • Pier 1 Hayworth Collection Nightstands & Dresser ( here ) – love!

Mattress Update: We are loving it! The adjustable base is soooo worth it!



3-28-2018 10-52-18 PM.png

Off the Shoulder Date Night Top a little bit of perfection!

Michael Kors Divia Demi Black¬†Wedge Sandal¬†who doesn’t love a good black wedge.

Marc Fisher Brown Wedge Sandal chunky love!

Baublebar Ayana Hoop Earrings perfect for summer/spring ponytails.

Black Articles of Society Jeans black jeans have been my thing

Leopard Jacket for the love of leopard



How I was Vlogging this Christmas Season! It was fun vlogging so much! For the love of Vlogmas. We came across some fun memories when going through the film. I originally intended to publish a Vlogmas Series on my YouTube but didn’t get it rollin’ in time so just enjoyed the home made family videos! One of the videos was so funny but Will wouldn’t approve me posting! He was mimicking Will Jr. in his Crib as a baby and how he was so cautious but would take the risks and then hover over his crib railing yelling ‘help me’. It was so funny! #GoodTimes I think I’ll try to be more ready this coming Vlogmas Season.




My grandpa bought me a leather bound version of this Bible years & years ago! It’s my Favorite Bible of all time. This is the only book that is on my Nightstand & the only book I have had the time to read lately.

I don’t know what I’d do without the living word of God!3-28-2018 4-34-49 PM


I have been in the room when all of these shows have been on but I have not legit stopped to actually attentively watch any TV lately. Have been so busy busy lately!




Cherishing those little everyday moments with the kids. Gazing at the handsomeness & strength of my husband. Just soaking in each day with those around me! #LIFEISGOOD



With Spring in the Air once & a while here in Wisconsin. . . ¬†I’m inspired to start casting a vision for our 2018 Curb Appeal & Landscaping Updates! ūüôā 3-28-2018 4-24-13 PM.png




3-15-2018 4-09-40 PM

Ms. Christiana Danielle grabbed my attention with her version of Hotline Bling a few weeks ago. It was an instant download & this jam has been on repeat ever since!! 




After tomorrow, SPRING BREAK officially kicks off for me & the family. I’m so excited!

2-28-2018 7-19-03 AM



The Humidity & The Hair that usually comes with all the Rain Fall of Spring.

3-28-2018 3-17-03 PM

Last Year I found this Humidity Shield Hairspray by Living Proof and it’s a¬†Life Saver!

3-28-2018 3-21-15 PMPurchase here if you have Humid Hair & Can Relate!




3-28-2018 3-36-24 PM

I pray this song rings in your hearts forever



Well, My department is relocating so I’ll have new digs soon!

Other than that, not to much is New-New at the moment.

Well have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday & Spring Break Blessings to You All!



3-22-2018 11-51-56 PM





Will Jr. had his 1st AAU BASKETBALL Tourney this past weekend & I was such a Proud Mama! He really loves the game. Has such a heart for it. He is outside every single day in the driveway whether in the morning, afternoon or, evening getting his shots up & handling that basketball!




MAC Pink Lipstick in Breathing Fire & Pink Pigeon Currently On Sale for $14.88 at 15% off.

Secret Brightening Powder | by Laura Mercier is another item I’ve been interested in. I’ve tried and used the Original in the past and have considered the Brightening one, On Sale currently for $23.80 so the perfect time to give it a shot.

Stay All Day¬ģ Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner | Also a Long Time – Tried & True Favorite of mine. Also currently 15% off so on sale for $18.70 I use the color black.

Black Opium Eau de Parfum | by YVES SAINT LAURENT is AH-MAZE-ING! AMAZING, currently on 15% off so if you are looking for a new delicious scent. Try this one. It’s so Rich & Juicy and . . . Delish!

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot | I use this to prime my eyes honestly on days when I’m in a rush. I just open tap & apply. I typically use Benefit Primer however this is out on my Vanity for Days when I need to speed things up! I do get an end of the day crease as I have oily lids but it’s not horrible – just not as prime time as my¬†benefit primer- that I use on my eyes! ūüėȬ†I have this paint pot¬†in Soft Ochre Currently On Sale for $18.70

Dipbrow Pomade Waterproof Brow Color | Anastasia holds it down in the Brow Department. Their products are amazing and also So Worthy! On Sale right now for $15.30 I use Ebony and Granite.

Chill Beauty Blender Sponge Applicator¬†| This is what I use to apply my under eye concealer and it’s made the application, pretty flawless. On Sale for $17.00 – Worthy!

NARS Blush | In Orgasm & Amour on Sale for $25.50 Orgasm has been a long time favorite of mine. It’s legit perfection!

by Skin Research Laboratories Lash Enhancing Serum | I have this in my cart and have been eyeing it for over a year now. It’s on sale for $80.75 and I’m so tempted to try it! SHOULD I PULL THE TRIGGER? Let me know if any of you have tried a Lash Enhancing Serum?

MAC ‘Pro Longwear’ Eyeliner | In Black Ice $17.85 I am purchasing to give it a try. I have rather sensitive eyes so when I put any liner in my inner lash line it typically waters all day so I just avoid but I purchased this to see if it would be a good fit for me!




This picture I captured of my¬†Babies that are ‘not’ so Baby anymore ūüėČ ¬†before we took off for a¬†full day¬†of Basketball¬†has definitely been a fave of mine as I’ve gone to it many times this week just to melt my heart!

Gracie Bella was so excited to cheer for her brother so we got her some Pompom’s!

She choreographed a Cheer Routine to do with the other Sisters there, it was cutest!

They are kind of like having twins in so many ways. I love how they love, support, laugh together and, encourage each other. Such a blessing to this momma’s heart! I always encourage them to be more that just brother & sister. Nothing can change genealogy that’s evident –¬†a sure thing. Being friends on the other hand –¬†the best of them, that’s a choice and they have an opportunity to be the best of friends. Encouraging the best in each other, keeping each other accountable to do what’s right, Inspiring each other to step outside of their comfort zones while living life wisely to the fullest, Loving each other through even the toughest of seasons, never giving up on each other but standing in grace, love & faithfulness through it all. Love never fails, Grace gives & a Faithful Friend is strength to the bones.



3-22-2018 11-21-17 PM


Electric Blue Strappy Block Heel Sandal | The Royal is gorgeous and the Black is practical and would allow for a lot of use $69.95

Chinese Laundry Platform Sandals |Leopard is adorbs & Red is Bold as well as On Sale for only $44.48

Women’s Bp. Lula Block Heel Slingback Sandal | In Yellow will go perfect with a Top I bought from LUSH $59.95


 1-18-2018 9-32-36 AM#ALWAYS!






happy FRIDAY friends & . . .

3-8-2018 11-32-34 PM

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend planned. We don’t have many plans and I honestly could not be HAPPIER about that! First Favorite for the week is what I’ve added to my cart this week!


2-15-2018 11-08-18 AM

Off The Shoulder Sweater (( here ))

Black Ball Drop Earrings (( here ))

Pink & Orange Ball Drop Earrings (( here ))

SPANX Faux Leather Moto Leggings (( here ))

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Keds Triple Shimmer Platform Sneaker (( here ))

Articles Of Society Mya Ankle Skinny Jeans (( here ))

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3-8-2018 10-16-29 PM3-8-2018 10-14-35 PM

Last Friday We went out for a Fish Fry & Caught another St. Cat’s Boys Basketball Game. Mackenzie is all about the Camera Action when it’s Game Time. I captured this one of her Beautiful Self. Love her & I don’t know if it was because we were in a high-school or not but my heart was gripped a bit that this kids is really growing up on me!


33-8-2018 10-54-35 PM

3-8-2018 10-20-24 PM

So random especially since we ended up getting snow this week. I picked this up at TJMaxx last week Saturday.¬† Was not exactly looking for a Spring Wreath but when I laid eyes on this gem, I was SOLD & for only $20! It’s beautiful and will wear well in the Sun.




3-7-2018 1-52-08 PM

Earlier this week I read Mix & Match Mama’s Blog Post about their Bedtime Routine and I enjoyed reading her post so I thought I’d share our Bedtime Routine.

1. Our kids Official Bedtime is technically 830pm. They recently had their annual well visit with their pediatrician and they were blown away when she said they should still be getting about 10 hours of sleep per night! I say technically because we have some days that run later than this but 830pm is the goal.

2. I have an alarm set in my phone for 745pm Sunday – Thursday. It’s a reminder for us to Get Prepared for Wind Down and¬†Set-Up for the Next Day. When the alarm goes off it varies on what I have for each of them to do & or what I have to do for them.

Typically it’s one of the following:

      • Shower & Get your Jam-Jams on! (showers usually happen after dinner dishes)
      • Lotion Up & Get your Jam-Jams on!
      • Brush your Teeth
      • Grab¬†My Choice¬†Essential Oil¬†(i.e. Sleepyize, RC & Raven for Spring/Fall, Thieves or Eucalyptus G for Winter Months, or the fave¬†Lavender) We love Young Living Essential Oils in this house & I apply to the kids just about every night!
      • Grab the Nail Clippers & A few Q-Tips along with a Kleenex
      • Make Sure your Room is Picked Up
      • Pick your outfits out for tomorrow (have to be ran by Momma Bear for approval)
      • I also have them set out practice clothes for whatever sports they may be in.¬†It teaches¬†them to be prepared & helps the night go smoother!

3. I have another alarm set in my phone for 800pm as a reminder for us to Wind Down.¬†We typically¬†Wind Down in the front family room however often times the kids will¬†snuggle up with a book in their beds (often together in one or the other’s bedroom). When¬†this alarm¬†goes off they know it’s time to wind down and start getting ready for bed but often stall. . .

The “stall tactics” typically are one of the following

      • Can I have a bedtime snack (Typically Mackenzie)
      • Can I just get 10 more points on First In Math (Typically Will)
      • My Son knows his dad is a sucker for sports, So he will bring up any basketball or football highlight and they just go on and on until I have to say Really Will and they laugh it off. He would be such a night owl if we allowed it!
      • Can we snuggle for a few more minutes in your bed Mommy (Typically Mackenzie)
      • Are the Lakers or the Warriors playing tonight (Typically Will) – He is well aware of those West Coast Games keeping Dad Up Late. (The Hubbs is a Laker’s Fan and Junior is a Warriors Fan)

4. At 830pm it’s Time for Bed. We always pray together. Typically, Generally & Most Often My Husband will Lead us in Prayer as the Head of the House. However I am a lover of Prayer and so I’ll take the lead every so often! (I get the privilege to pray over and with our kids before school on our way so this way they are getting prayer with both Mommy & Daddy)

5. On their way to bed they always ask for extra hugs & kisses. They like for Daddy to tuck them in every night! Sometimes they leave their lights on until he makes it to their rooms.¬† ūüôā They also know before we turn in¬†I sneak into their rooms to make sure they are all¬†covered up and smother them with a few more kisses and well wishes of Sweet Sleep.

(If you have any tips for us, leave them in the comment section below!)

Fun Fact: Our children both have a very special animal they sleep with every night and it’s not our Goldendoodle Sofia! Will Sleeps with Mr. Monkey every Night & Mackenzie Sleeps with Ms. Kitty. They have both owned these special littles since birth and I think it’s precious that they still sleep with them!

Side Note: I typically buy my kids Pajama’s at Gymboree ((here)) as they fit well, are made well, wash well and, last for a very long time without piling and looking old & crusty! ūüėČ Gap has good pajama’s also but I only typically purchase when on sale!

Current Gymboree Favorite’s

3-8-2018 9-38-28 PM.pngShop Gymboree  (here)



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 This guy stayed after practice on Saturday and Put Up a Few More Shots.

This one was My Fave!

3-8-2018 10-25-45 PM

This Beauty Cutie Did a little bit of her Dance for me & then posed all super cutesy!

Have a great weekend my friend!