Happy Friday Friends!

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Today will be¬†my first and last day in the office this week ūüė¶ I worked from home on Thursday and truth is, it was hard for me to focus as I was still rather weak. I needed my rest and got plenty of it so I’m going to need all the coffee I can get to get me through the day as I’m sure I’ll be so weak. It’s been quite the week to say the least….

I got the flu this week and was legitimately in bed for three days straight! I mean can we say insane!?! I love and I do mean love being productive and being so sick, productive РI was not! I am so thankful for my amazing husband who has been taking care of us all.

It’s very rare for me to get that sick, where I am down for the count and pretty much good for nothing but resting and¬†hoping and¬†praying to get better. I was contagious so didn’t go in to work, literally feel as though I missed the whole week, I wish I could have been that champion mom that contained it all, but I wasn’t ūüė¶ My son now has it and my daughter was the one that gave it to me and my husband had a touch of the symptoms but thankfully not full on as he has been our caretaker this week and is now going to stay home with our sonny as we¬†just took him in today and he tested positive for it also… This Influenza-A got us and I don’t know how!¬†This was me….

2-22-2018 6-47-49 PM.png


With that being said, I found a new show that is now a favorite. I would describe it as a science fiction time travel drama with historical references and I’m kind of diggin’ it so I’d have to make that a favorite of my pretty uneventful and sick week ūüė¶ ūüôā I’ve gotten through all of season one.

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Season 2 is airing March 11th and I’m low-key looking forward to it.




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Camo Sweatshirt (( here )) – I purchased one sweatshirt¬†from ILY Coutoure and the comfort level of these are nothing short of amazing and worth every penny! This one is currently on sale and I’m a fan now so I picked this one up. Who doesn’t love camo!

Mom Life is the Best Life (( here )) Been crushing on this for a year and just didn’t until recently! I will wear this oh so much!

Grey Puff Sleeve Sweater (( here )) – great transitional piece

Satin Midi Robe (( here ))

Diva Glamorous Laundry Detergent (( here ))




So we’ve been working on updating our Master Bedroom for a few months now. My goal was to have it completed by Valentine’s Day but, I’m running a little behind as I have been so patiently selective and collaborative with the hubbs, after all it is ‘our’ room ūüėČ

So far I’ve accomplished painting our bedroom, purchasing a new king bed, and latest of all, I’ve purchased our mattress & adjustable bed frame! I still have to final our area rug as we have wood flooring in our bedroom and it’s been bare naked since December. I’m also awaiting to see how our new bed comes in so I may then measure for the proper nightstands and that will then springboard my dresser decision also. I have a few options in my carts so I am just awaiting the measurements to finalize which option to select.

Other than that, I’m also looking for two gold accent mirrors and throw pillows as well as a new duvet cover. Perhaps I’ll have it all completed in full by the end of March if not prior. ūüôā¬† Below I’m sharing our Mattress and adjustable frame selection.

2-22-2018 10-55-21 PM

So last week Friday after work we went Mattress Shopping! No better time than then with the kick-off of the President’s Day Sale. We grabbed this King for the price of a Queen. They were offering a free adjustable frame however it was just the simple one and prior to this we were researching a Sleep Number bed simply due to the adjustability and quite¬†honestly the reviews were just too negative and scattered¬†that I didn’t really deem it worth it.

Even one of the sales men that we were dealing with months back (yes it’s taken us month’s to decide) advised that they thought it was over-rated and over-priced and we just weren’t sold on the whole sleep number route. When it comes to big purchases I stick with ‘doubt means don’t’.

So we didn’t go with the free base because it was not only basic but it only adjusted the head portion. We went with the Leggett and Platt 100 Series II Adjustable Base which is way more awesome! ūüėČ We are so happy with our purchase. It’s fresh and new so I’ll perhaps touch back with a good review in a month or so if You’d all like but, I truly believe we made a good purchase here that we will be happy with for quite a few years. We’ve officially moved from a Queen to a King per the hubs request!



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This Mother & Daughter Journal has been one of the best Valentine’s Day Gifts for our Sweet Girl. I have been so in love with sharing our hearts in this very¬†special and new way. It’s a keepsake she will be able to have with her for like ever and it’s just really the sweetest thing. It has pages for her and pages for me and it’s just a real sweet way for us to connect as we are both loving it! Purchase¬†(( here ))¬†




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This verse has been in my heart this week and one of my favorites of all time. Joshua 1:9


Well, that’s all for now my friends, I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope I feel completely better come Monday!



Hello Gorgeous & . . .


I hope you all had a fantastic week! It’s been a busy and long beautiful week filled with so much love and goodness and for that I am thankful. Thank you Jesus!

Sending lots of Prayers to Florida Families this week!

And I had a chance to watch some of the Winter Olympics and I just feel so American. So proud to be an American! #WinterOlympics2018



Will and I were able to take the day off to enjoy each other. We love day dates. We did such a good job of savoring that extra special togetherness even when the kids came home. It was such a sweet, sweet day.

Will arranged the day for us, and we tried a little something new – Salt Therapy! It was awesome to say the least! Purifying, detoxifying and so, relaxing.

Needless to say I enjoyed my day with my love. You know what I love most about Will and our love? I never had to be anything but me and he just loves me. I’m enough, just me and he loves me – such a gift! I shared that with him in the Salt Room and he says that’s why our love has been so strong and so blessed and so pure. Goodness Gracious I LOVE HIM! Forever grateful for our love. It was such a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Our first Salt Therapy Session was enjoyed at The Salt Room it was such a clean and inviting atmosphere and the owner provided such generous and gracious service. It’s a place that is not only good for your well being but a small business you’d love to support and enjoy being apart of! I highly recommend.

2-15-2018 10-56-31 PM

2-16-2018 3-09-03 PM

That night, we enjoyed dinner together with the family snuggled near the fireplace, the kids opened their gifts, and just enjoyed the time being around each other. I legit snuggled Will like all night! It was the best.




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Special little messages from my sweet honey girl were a favorite of mine this week! She loves to send me emails and iChat messages and this was one of my faves this week.

She also came up to me this week and said Mommy, I want to tell you something that will make you happy! I said oh yeah – let me hear it. She said all of my friends at school say they wish you were their mom or I’m so lucky to have you as my mom and your mom is so nice and your mom is so pretty. Stuff like that! I said oh that’s sweet, I remember people would always say how pretty my mom was and I remember telling her things like that when I was a kid. Little moments like that are just precious!¬† #bringingupgirls

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Am I the only one that craves a good stripe sweater, tee or, blouse when spring is near!


2-15-2018 6-31-41 PM

  1. Metallic Gold Stripe Blouse ((here)) – love the gold metallic detail on this blouse!
  2. Trouve Sheer Stripe Blue Blouse ((here))
  3. Stripe Peplum Tee ((here))
  4. Wallis Chevron Pink Stripe Sweater ((here))
  5. Ruffle Stripe Longsleeve Tee ((here))



Oh My Lanta, So personal I know but I will never forget the first time I had an ingrown hair it was two years ago and I was spazzing out. It was in my bikini line and I was just so concerned. I finally shared the info with my hubs and he nonchalantly shared ‘oh it’s just an ingrown hair’ so off to research I went and I found that I could apply tea tree oil to the area and it would help reduce the inflammation. If you struggle with ingrown hairs at all, I highly recommend! You can purchase ((here)) enter Member ID 3048455¬†

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Hello My Beautiful Friends,

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I am SMILING because¬†it’s Friyay! So excited that the weekend is here.

Now it’s time for my Five Friday Favorites!

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is this coming week! I have yet to secure gifts for the kids and puppy and the Hubby wants ‘ME’ he said – I mean really isn’t he the BEST! So he will get a full dose of His Sweet Honey Valentine that day!



2-8-2018 6-38-52 PM.png

First Up I’m sharing a few of my favorite picks for Valentine’s “Day” attire.

Will and I have the day off together and I am going to lounge around in one of these comfies along with my favorite Zella leggings ((here))¬†& Nike’s of course –¬†I just ordered ((these)) in Black on Black, they arrived yesterday.

So I’ve listed a link for 15% off your first ILY Couture purchase below.

2-6-2018 11-27-10 AM

ILY Couture they also have a MOM Life is the Best Life Tee that I’ve been crushing on!

15% off your 1st ILY Couture Purchase ((here)).



Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I was so excited about the Cards that our Basketball Team’s made on Saturday. I packaged up and sent off 18 Valentine’s Day Cards for the Kids. It was such a joy to see all the awesome colors and special messages shared from each of the kids that made one!¬† .. Here is a glimpse of a few of them!


I mentioned last week how our Son Will had his last game &¬†They won! It was a fun game as My Husband coached against His Brother and My Son played against His Cousin. Here is a pic of the Will’s & Rob’s post-game!

2-4-2018 6-26-18 PM.png

Will has enjoyed coaching not only his son but every single one of these young men!

2-4-2018 6-49-51 PM2-4-2018 6-27-47 PM

Here is a pic of the boys and their medals postgame!

Speaking of the love of coaching, I have LOVED coaching this Little Lady Baller.


Though she be but little she is fierce. I am most impressed with her hustle this year. She has grown so much in the game and her defense is probably my favorite!  

We had such a fun time at the Pizza Party with all these kids this past weekend.

2-8-2018 9-15-37 PM2-8-2018 9-16-36 PM

These kids are such awesome little people!



2-8-2018 11-28-58 PM


  • My Son, loves Science so this Microscope Kit ((here)) along with the Microscope Slide Kit ((here)) are perfect!
  • Between Mom & Me – Mommy & Son Journal ((here))
  • This Hoop is in my son’s room – on the wall actually ((here))
  • Just between us – Mommy & Daughter Journal ((here))
  • Unicorn Headband & Rainbow Tutu ((here)) & Unicorn ((here))
  • Unicorn Coloring book ((here)) with Fine Point Pen’s ((here))
  • Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition ((here)) – will be perfect for Valentine’s Day Eve.



We really enjoyed watching Will perform the Merengue dance at his school!

2-8-2018 11-07-26 AM.pngHe can be such a shy guy at times but HE DID SUCH AN AMAZING JOB with this dance. He mentioned how some of his friends said they just look down at the stage because they are so nervous but he loved looking out and smiling with people as it calmed him. 



We also signed this girl up for dance and seeing her back in dance class just excites me! These two dancers were highlights from the week for sure!!

2-8-2018 10-21-01 PM.png

Well, have a great weekend!




Hello Ladies, it’s been a good week and for that my heart is glad. I hope you are all having a wonderful week as well. Looking forward to the weekend with family and friends for sure! Below are this weeks Friday Fave’s!




2-1-2018 6-16-48 PM.png

I love this Perfect Roll Tab Sleeve Top period. I have it in multiple colors and I love every single one of them. You can wear it to dress up Jeans, Leggings, Midi Skirts. It tucks in so well. I seen this Fall Leaf  color (here) & added it to my shopping bag right away as this Color is definitely trending for me via Spring!




2-1-2018 8-34-35 PM.pngSHOPPING LINKS LISTED BELOW >>



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(found these on etsy (here) – sweatshirt & t-shirt)

In the United States, the month of February is observed as Black History Month or National African American History Month, and we use the month to remember the important contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout our nation’s history. The celebration can be felt nationally and worldwide as many organizations, cities, states and countries host events that educate on the rich culture, and memorable figures of African American history. As a new month of remembrance begins, let’s consider the important reasons why Black History Month is observed each year.




This was two weeks ago but Will shared these pics with me from that night. Both of my guys enjoyed their first hockey game together¬† but agreed that they enjoyed the Guy Time and just hanging out more than anything! Yes – even the Hockey Fight on Ice! ūüėČ

2-1-2018 11-10-56 PM



2-1-2018 7-35-54 PM.png

  1. Mirrored Heart Sunglasses (here) $14
  2. Le Specs Subdimension Sunglasses (here) $59
  3. Chain Trim Round Sunglasses (here) $14¬†>> dupe for these $1105 one’s (here)
  4. Flat Brow Bar Geometric Sunglasses (here) $14
  5. Outline Aviator Sunglasses (here) $24 >>¬†dupe for these $545 one’s¬†(here)
  6. Futuristic Metal Cateye Sunglasses (here) $24 #trending






Hello Gorgeous!


Hope this week finds you healthy & happy! Today is my first official What’s Up Wednesday of 2018 & it’s officially the last day of the first month of 2018 – eek! Time just flies.¬†One Wednesday a month I share random and fun¬†‘What Up’s’ in our life hence the What’s Up Wednesday theme! So here is to my first WUW.. .. ..



MONDAY | Angel Hair Pasta with Blush Meat Sauce aside Butter Dill Green Beans

TUESDAY | We dined out at Culvers. We went to the St. Cat’s Boys Basketball game so we just picked up something on the go!

WEDNESDAY | Sirloin Roast with Potatoes & Carrots aside Homemade Cornbread

THURSDAY | Taco’s & Pink Beans

FRIDAY | Baked Tilapia & A Garden Salad (optional: Baked Potato with Sea Salt)

SATURDAY| Rocky Rococo’s Pizza (Pizza Party)

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY| I think we are going to have a Mini Puerto-Rican Feast. We originally were going to graze on stuff like Coconut Shrimp, Sausage & Cheese Platter, Cocktail Meatballs, Queso & Chips, Brownies & Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwhiches with our fave Kruncher’s Sweet Hawaiian Onion Chips but since then Will and I changed our pace towards more of a Latin layout.



I honestly haven’t been reminiscing about much but I have been considering how I have grown so much from going through so much and I have just had an overwhelming peace.


1-31-2018 3-46-59 PM

I also think we have been so busy and full of the goodness of life that I am more focused on the “NOW” and “Looking Ahead” so much to look forward to. More of that #CarpeDiem (seize the day) mindset.



1-31-2018 9-12-44 PM.png

Living Life Everyday to the Fullest! #CarpeDiem



I know it’s kind of far off but I can’t help but think about how cold spring is. I think we have either 49 or 48 days until spring but spring here in WI is still typically so chilly, cold & rainy! Other than that nothing else is really on a dread list!





I have been working a lot at Work! Haha! Finally caught up and it feels so good!




1-31-2018 5-47-45 PM

This weekend we are hosting a little Pizza Party for our Boys & Girl’s Basketball Teams that we coached this year,¬†to celebrate the end of the season. I am excited to have our teams color cards for hospitalized kids. . .

1-31-2018 3-20-01 PM

Cards for Hospitalized Kids(CFHK) is an internationally recognized charitable organization that spreads hope, joy & magic to hospitalized kids across America through uplifting, handmade cards.

Anyone can get involved with us, from anywhere. Individuals and groups across the United States, and world, donate time and creativity to make handmade cards and send them to us for distribution in hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses across the nation.

Over 100,000 kids in hospitals in all 50 states have received cards from this organization. You can also get involved and help brighten the days of as many hospitalized kids as possible. More Info: (





I haven’t been reading much still ūüė¶ we have been busy ya’ll! But I was sharing with Will how I miss my time to read and how I want to have that time with the kids where we are just reading outside of their 20minutes a day. He had the most fantabulous idea!


He said we should book 1-2 hours a week where we take the kids to a coffee shop we all bring a book and we just read! I mean what a sweet idea! I love little things like this. He was so not a reader a year ago ya’ll. I think he was kind of ‘into’ how the kids and I were so ‘in’ to books & reading! #thisexcitesme #loveUS


We have been watching The Brave! (love that show) 911, is… so-so I’m watching it but not sure if I ‘love’ it yet and same with The Four, I’m watching it but not sure I’m all in quite yet.

1-31-2018 4-14-03 PM.png

My Husband watches This is US but quite honestly I’m not so attached to it for some reason!?! Is something wrong with me? 1-31-2018 3-59-30 PM¬†I maybe loved episodes 1-3 and then it was just okay for me. I do love how Randall is a positive strong African American Male Role¬†on TV but Kev is so dramatic and I don’t connect with him and Kate also is some what the same.




I have been listening to Mariah Carey & Bruno Mars… but mostly all my Mariah Carey!

1-31-2018 3-36-17 PM




1-31-2018 4-13-46 PM

This Flare Sleeve Sweater Dress by Cotton Emporium¬†(here) is so amazingly comfortable and the color is so juicy! Highly Recommend + it’s 40% off currently! So I also snagged it in Burgundy – but have yet to wear this one. Paired Well with the Steve Madden Molly Leopard Bootie (here)




1-31-2018 6-04-13 PM

I have mentioned to you before that I love Zella Live in Leggings and I do! I just purchased the Zella Live-In High Waist Leggings (here) in a laminate faux leather as well as the Zella Autumn High Waist Moto Ankle Leggings (here) in Grey Graphite. They have a pretty Coral Color also but I opted for the Grey which are also 40% off right now!

& I have kinda been slightly obessesed with Sweatshirts. Here are a few of my faves as of lately Track Club (here) Rolling Stones Sweatshirt (here) Run DMC Sweatshirt (here)




Watching our little man play in his last game of city league basketball & a Pizza Party with both of the Teams we coached this year. I am so proud of our girls, We ended the season ‘UNDEFEATED’ and we got them little trophies for Saturday’s Party! I’m excited to present the trophies¬†to each of these sweet girls. (missing one of my girls in this pic) ūüė¶

1-29-2018 11-27-33 AM.png

In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you

& crown your efforts with success. Proverbs 3:6



1-31-2018 8-54-54 PM



Sofia will have her stitches removed this coming Monday¬†from her procedure last week and we are pumped to give her a bath & to not have her in the ‘cone’ so much!

I put one of Mackenzie’s tank tops on her this week when we were home to help with the disturbance of that cone ūüė¶ ūüôā haha, and she was actually pretty cute in it! haha. So looking forward to that!



Happy Friday My Beautiful Friends,

Today my five faves cover a little array of different topics.¬†I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you all today & have an enjoyable weekend planned. I’m hoping to find sometime to just be HOME & Snuggle with the family.



First Up I’m sharing my Favorite Savory Casserole.


My family isn’t huge on casseroles but they love this one!



A lady in Red Lipstick can rule the world.

I do feel like such a #GIRLBOSS when I wear Red Lipstick!

FAVEREDSHere are my favorite Red Lipsticks, With Valentine’s Day just around the corner now is the perfect time to buy a juicy red lippie! You can shop my faves via the links below.

 MAC Russian Red (here)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice (here)

MAC Ruby Woo (here)


This week our Sweet Sofia Reign had surgery. She was spayed and had two baby teeth removed on Monday morning. The pic on the left is her that morning. She had no real clue what was coming her way although we told her quite a bit that weekend prior. She is recovering well, thankfully! She’s is not really into being restricted to the life she’s become so accustom to yet she is doing a fantastic job & healing well. I miss being able to snuggle her like a baby. She will have the cone on for 14 days so lots of floor time is on our schedule while here at Home Sweet Home. The pic on the left is her post surgery.

1-25-2018 10-59-59 PM.png

So prayers for a continued successful healing would be greatly appreciated!


We got a home phone! Thanks to my friend Lynne, she referred us to the MagicJack – GO¬†which is like so affordable and well just pure genius! We can now have the children give our home phone number to their friends rather than tying up our cell phones! ūüėČ

1-25-2018 11-42-04 PM.png

I highly suggest if you are looking to possibly invest in a home phone that you consider weighing this MagicJack – GO¬†option as it’s effective, affordable and again – just makes sense.

So we paired that with the AT&T EL52203 DECT 6.0 2-Handset Cordless Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting Phones and I kind of can’t believe we have a home phone again. I think it’s better to have rather than to not so go check out the MagicJack-Go (here) & thank me later!



1-25-2018 11-57-21 PM

I’m just plain excited that it’s Friyay! I am looking forward to some Basketball and Church and lots and lots of snuggling with my honey love & the babies – although they aren’t so baby anymore. I am thinking also that I am going to clear out/purge our basement in our spare time this weekend. Our storage space down there really needs a good declutter and when you have the urge to purge you just have to do it.

I ordered a bag/box from ThredUp for the first time and I’m going to set a few items aside to see how that goes however I plan to donate most of it & just feel so good about it.

Let me know if any of you have signed up and used ThredUp and if you liked it or not. I am thinking that I may not host our annual rummage this year and just do this and donations. But we shall see – I’ll plan to keep you all updated on it!

1-26-2018 12-02-52 AM.png


Well, Have a great weekend!