Hello My Beautiful Friends,

Today I’m sharing our Ultra-Easy, Super-Awesome, Peanut-Butter Dessert Go-To from La Cocina Ortiz! Warning to my fellow Peanut-Butter Lovers. . . this is ‘not – I repeat- not healthy’ but oh so delicious. If you are looking for a Sweet Valentine’s Day Treat for your little loves, give this easy one a try as you can whip it up in just a matter of minutes!


Happy Saturday Ladies,

With all this cold, I was inspired to re-up on a few cozy sweaters to get us through these final months of winter. I’d say we have at least another two or three months left before it officially starts to warm up consistently around here! Here are the Cozy Sweaters I found under $50. I hope you gals are able to find one, two or a few.

  1. CodeXMode Sweater in Black this is a classic staple with a little bit of luxury. Sale Price: $50
  2. Cozy Grey Quiet Sweater is another great transitional sweater. Comes in a beautiful magenta as well. Sale Price: $49 
  3. Dreamers by Debut Bold Stripe Sweater in Yellow and Ruby Stripe is rather bold, beautiful &, trendy. Sale Price: $45.00
  4. Love by Design Black & White Cardigan is a great go-to and can be worn with jeans, leggings, midi-skirts or, body-con dresses. Blacks or Reds would work great with this one.  Sale Price: $ 49.00
  5. Leith Oversized Turtleneck Sweater in Teal China is a sure cozy standby to be styled with leather leggings, black or, blue jeans. Again this color is a perfect Spring transition color. Love the color and the length of this sweater! Sale Price: $47.40
  6. Leith Deep-V Pullover Sweater is the perfect V-Neck Sweater currently on sale for 40% off is a steal and comes in three beautiful colors. All great for Spring transitions as well. Sale Price: $38.98
  7. BlankNYC Leopard Intarsia Sweater is bold & beautiful. This color combo may not work on everyone’s skin-tone, so consider that prior to purchasing. Sale Price: $46.80
  8. Madewell Dashwood V-Neck Sweater in Perri Blue is beautiful and on sale for 50% off, Sale Price: $35.99


Hello Doll,

I’m sharing a round up of my favorite Hair Care of 2018.


Silk Pillow Case is rather luxe and has the price tag to go along with it. I have the sleep mask and it is also luxe with a price tag to match but I’ve honestly been using it since this Christmas and I feel so much more rested when I sleep with it. This pillow case is proven to be anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, anti-bed head pillowcase that’s like an eight-hour beauty treatment every night. This pillowcase elevates beauty sleep to a whole new level. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so what you sleep on is important!


Okay Ladies! This stuff right here is a tried & true game changer! The Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reboost Mask was an item I knew I’d pick up one of these days so I had it on our digital grocer list and My Husband got it as one of my stocking stuffers this Christmas! I was shocked how he knew about it because I’ve wanted it for quite a while actually but would get so hung up on paying $22 for that little tiny bit. Well he said he seen it on there and went to figure out where to get this little luxurious gem. Warning: You don’t need much product to make a big impact which makes it worth every single penny. It is to date the most luxurious hair product I’ve ever tried. If you are looking for a product that will literally revive dry dull hair, then this is it! Results are automatic – so worthy!


The Lemon Drop is our ultimate most used brush in Casa de Ortiz. We typically buy a new one each year and we use it day in and day out . I personally go to this one most often but I have used it also on our baby girl. My babes have curly hair so I most often use the Wet or Denham Brush on curly hair but every once and a while we straighten her hair so we use our most loved Lemon Drop.  

A good teasing brush is a necessity! One like this Texas Tease Teasing Brush is perfect, I use this to part my hair and to also tease like crazy, haha! Big hair don’t care. Just kidding, but I do like big hair. I mostly appreciate how just after teasing, the smoothing process is perfection with this little awesome tool. Highly suggest!


My Anti-Humidity Hair Spray by Living Proof has been the only Hair Spray that I have purchased since 2016. It’s just that fitting for us. I love how well it holds, I love the smell – it’s grounding and, I love how it truly resists the humidity! It’s the most fantastic hair spray around, no lie.

The TIGI Catwalk Haute Iron Spray is also a product that’s I’ve been using since about 2015!?! I love how it not only protects my hair prior to applying heat but the smell ya’ll is amazeballs. I also use it to add additional moisture to my final looks from time to time.  


This past year I’ve been all about nourishing our locks. I’ve used Castor & Moroccan Oils this past year, especially in the more drying months but truly I’ve been way more consistent all year round. I’ve shared my love for Moroccan Oil before and I still stand on my love for this product – it’s amazing!

If this brand is too steep for your pocket, I also have OGX Renewing Moroccan Oil on hand which is just a fraction of the cost & currently on Sale here at Target!  The Castor Oil I purchased was from Amazon Prime and I have to say Castor Oil is intense hydration!!! So I use it about once or twice a week, I apply it to our hair after our showers, before bed and give it a little time to soak in.

I was straightening my little cousin’s hair this past weekend and I was like oweee honey-child, you need some oil! And she was so against it as she doesn’t like it ‘greasy’ looking and I’m like a total spokes person for Moroccan Oil, I mean not literally but I could be because I legit love it so much and it does not-at all make your hair greasy! It is legit strictly for nourishment purposes and totally soaks into your locks with it’s antioxidant-rich vitamins! It’s also for all hair types so if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it!  I’ve been wanting to try this MoroccanOil Scalp Treatment.


I purchased these two products about a year & a half ago and we’ve gone thru it and love it so I’ve repurchased the Redken All Soft ‘Mega’ ShampooRedken All Soft ‘Mega’ Conditioner. What I love is the deep moisturizing affects and it smells so good! I purchased the liter size so I picked up the liter pumps that they sell at Ulta which makes it easier to use for the kiddos! So it’s been just an overall good fit for us.


I have the T3 Single Pass Curling Iron limited edition which is in galaxy grey and I love it as it’s made with obviously the same technology it’s just a different color and from what I’ve seen the white browns in wear over time so I much more prefer the grey edit! I scored this babe during the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and was so glad I did. I’ve been crushing on it for a while now and read many – many – many reviews on it prior to purchasing so when I seen it was apart of the sale, it was a no brainer for me really. You may purchase the T3 Curling Iron in white. I looked for the grey and couldn’t find it for you all but as I mentioned same technology and great benefits with both. I always register my products and this comes with a warranty so that’s a little extra insurance added with this purchase.

I hope you all enjoyed reading through and shopping some of my favorite Hair Products. I enjoyed gathering all of my favorites and giving you details as to why I love them in hopes you can find a few new items to add to your collection.


Hello My Beautiful Friends,

Above is our 2018 Christmas Card that I wanted to share with you all and praying that you find yourself pressing in to God this year stronger than ever before.

As we close out the first week of 2019 I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on how awesome 20GREATEEN was! 😉 I first and foremost have to give thanks to God. Words will never be able to articulate how He’s drenched, me & us in His Amazing Favor-Filled Grace. So grateful for Him in our lives.

Our days this past year were filled with lots of goodness, growth and, life! We spent a lot of time in many different gyms coaching, training and, spectating lots and lots of basketball between our days of work, church, dance classes, holiday celebrations, school-events, birthday parties, doctor, vision & dental appointments, little romantical getaways with Will, swim classes, home renovation projects, time spent with extended family and friends, walks with Sofia, haircuts, shopping, spa treatments & travels with the fam, cuddle time, workouts, subway tunnels, airplane & taxi rides, cheese-burgers, ice-cream and, healthy eats, new music, great movies, talent-shows & dance recitals, grocery store & gas station runs, school projects, bonfires with s’mores, hearty laughs & sorrowful cries, anniversaries, time in the sand and under the stars, bbq’s & days at lambeau as well as our state capital, date nights, play dates, sleepovers & funerals, back to school, indoor sky-diving, photo-shoots, skate-town, bike rides, canoe strides, pool dives, pumpkin farms and hay rides, ice-skating and game nights . . . . and to think that God has been in the midst of it all front and center makes my heart ever so glad!

Ya’ll the past is behind us, the present is a present and, the future is bright really the perfect reminder that the Best is always Yet to come! May God continue to bless you and keep you in all you do. May this be your best year yet! Wishing you a Happy New Year and a Sweet 2019!


Merry Christmas Eve My Beautiful Friends!

As you know I’ve been sharing a Daily Gift Idea since December 1st through, today Christmas Eve. I hope I have given all you some fun little gift ideas, deals, steals & splurges this month. I had so much fun shopping for you all, some for my loved ones and, some for myself as well 😉 I hope you all enjoy your Christmas Eve.

For my last and final Gift Idea for Christmas 2018, I’m sharing this Le Labo Discovery Set. I received a sample of this with one of my Nordstrom deliveries this Holiday Season and let me tell you …. this is luxury at it’s finest as far as scents is concerned. I’m obsessed however I’m not obsessed with the Price Point for one large bottle so when I seen this little discovery set, I thought it was perfect!

This discovery set features four of Le Labo’s most loved fragrances from its classic fine fragrance collection, in travel sizes but larger than ‘sample’ size. The Santal 33 is filled with hints of cardamom, iris, violet and ambrox, and brings a smoking wood alloy of Australian sandalwood, papyrus, cedarwood some spicy, leathery &, musky notes – perfection!

The Santal is the sample I tried and la,la,la,la,loved! This set comes with three other scents for us to explore as well! If you are a scents person, I think this is worth a try!


Hello Gorgeous,

As you know I’ll be sharing a Daily Gift Idea from now through Christmas Eve. I hope to give you some fun little gift ideas, deals, steals & splurges this month so stay tuned and . . . be sure to Subscribe!

I believe this long lasting rose would be beautiful on any gal’s nightstand. I mean to wake up every morning and to see this little beauty is just a daily reminder that you are loved! They have many other and more expensive versions available on-line however I think this little mini makes the perfect night stand companion! It’s just enough and last more than long enough. If you don’t choose to go for this, this Christmas… Valentine’s Day would also make for a great time to gift this little gem!