Friday Faves | Sept 14



Happy Fri-yay My Beautiful Friends,

What a busy weekend we have ahead of us here in Wisconsin but with all good things so I’m really looking forward to it. Today I’m sharing Five Faves with you all from my week so, enjoy!

Friday Favorites



My numbero Uno is this guy right here! My handsome, sweet, smart, kind-hearted boy turned 9 years old on Sunday! We celebrated his birthday this past weekend with just family and believe it or not all he wanted to do was ‘chill – with his family’.

It could be because he is having a few friends join him this weekend for a laser tag adventure but I thought ‘Hey – bud you are speaking my weekend language’ Family time & Relaxation, sign me up!!! So we enjoyed the day in complete honor of him from sun-up to sun-down, I just can’t believe that my firstborn is 9 years old already, time is really flying by. It’s such a blessing sharing our lives with this young man, truly a privilege. I’m sure all parents feel that way about their children but this guy is such a special person and means so much to us. It was nice that it was a slower paced day to enjoy him, it allowed me to see how grateful he was for the gifts he received. It’s hard at times in America there is so much spoil, expectancy and, entitlement but I didn’t see that in him and that made my heart glad to see him appreciate what he received – that was a gift!




He has become a Packer Fan as of late. After a long journey of finding his way home – ha,ha! He has been a Packer Fan, a Denver Bronco Fan, a Carolina Panther’s Fan, a Dever Bronco Fan, and now here we are again a Greenbay Packer Fan!

He made this official declaration during the Family Night kick-off at Lambeau Field this year. Although he would whisper to me last year during the games (without dad hearing) that he was really a Packer fan just didn’t want dad to know because he liked to banter with dad during the season! (oh he cracks me up!)

It’s been so nice now though with us all cheering for the same team it’s been so fun already! So we got him a personalized GB jersey and he was all smiles and thought it was super cool to have his name on the back! #happyheart


(My Husband, captured these awesome pics & this pose – oh my! haha, All dad’s doing!)


So Happiest of Birthday to this young man that makes his momma & daddy so proud of him every single day. I just love him so so so much! My sweet sugar pie. 🙂 



I have been so eager to embrace all of Fall in my day to day wardrobe yet recently we have had some gorgeous weather, totally Indian Summer Vibes and I am loving that but it’s kind of put a halt to the Sweater Weather but I have still been focusing on transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall so I’m sharing a few good finds with ya.

This LUSH top is Perfection

Seriously, I love LUSH the brand actually, their tops are just my style completely they are trendy enough – not to much, lightweight & classy. I have this top in a few colors actually and love each of them. They can be worn with jeans like the pic below or with leggings.

I often pair them with my favorite pair of leather leggings a fur vest and booties once the temps drop! I love this top with leggings because it’s totally the perfect Tunic.

This top is currently on sale so click (here) to pick one up for yourself.


Cardigans & Cami’s

Cardigan’s & Cami’s is my Spring & Fall transitional Jam, man! It just makes sense to me because you can layer so easily over a nice cami. You can dress up the look with a fancy cami or you can dress it down. Just really simple and a great and easy way to style a look.

You can pair it with leggings or jeans, sandals or booties it’s just my thing and I really like this red Cardi listed below. #greatfind You can click (here) to pick this one up!


Pink Sweaters

Okay, I would more than likely say that Pink Sweaters are a Spring thing – typically that’s what I would have said. But this year I am all about the Pink and Red for Fall.

I love this Simple Pink V-Neck Sweater. I have another one with Open shoulders as well and another chunky knit V-neck pink sweater so I guess I’m kind of loving the Pink.

So I like to buy transitional pieces. Items you can wear for the multiple seasons we have here in good ol’ Wisconsin. So if you are up to a change of pace in your fall wardrobe, you can grab this one (here).


Cold Shoulder Sweater

Basic Grey, Cold Shoulder Sweater. Who doesn’t love a good grey sweater. You can pair gray with everything. I think I like items with an edge – stuff that not everyone is wearing and so the cold shoulders on this sweater are a nice way to add (or take away 😉 in this case) and the ruffles surrounding the cold shoulder details are just adorable click (here).


Bell Sleeve Sweater

I went back and forth as to what color to get with this one because they are both beautiful. I looked in my wardrobe and almost decided against the Purple Mist because well I loved the Rustic Brown color but I already have quite a few Rust colored tops/sweaters in my wardrobe so opted for ‘new’ and a fresh pick so I chose the Purple Mist. I love how it’s paired here with grey jeans and I plan to wear it with Black Booties! You can find it (here) if you’d like to pick one up for yourself.




Mackenzie has been having a blast at her Tumble & Cheer classes. She loves the staff, teachers and, girls in her class! She is learning so much and really growing. I’m looking forward to seeing what becomes of this as she is always tumbling around and doing cartwheels whenever and wherever she can. So excuse us if we are somewhere and my daughter randomly starts doing cartwheels and round-offs in front of us in the middle of the conversation! So funny & happens all the time. #ROCKSTARCHEER&TUMBLE


She was so excited and nervous all at the same time to go up in the air! She loved it.

I think one of my favorite parts of parenting is encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone. As much as I strive to make Home Sweet Home our haven, our safe place, our refuge. I like to take opportunities like these to encourage them to LIVE while Trusting in GOD. Take chances and don’t let fear stifle you or hold you back from living life to the fullest for we know fear is only a shadow of something very, very small!





These Quay Highkey Sunglasses have been on a constant rotation this week. Definite fave with the Indian Summer Vibes. . . (here)




And last but not least, family time! I love family time always but I have been seeming to soak it up even more this week. We seem to have the best times in life when together!



(Spending time at Divino Gelato Café in our Downtown is one of the kids Faves! I guess it’s kind of a Family Fave actually! They love Gelato and ask to head down there weekly and we can’t always so when we do it’s a special treat and they love it!)


(Will & I love Divino’s Café as well! We both got a coffee drink & shared some of their homemade French Macarons! They are our fave and this guy is also my fave – love him!)


Well those are my Five Faves this week! As mentioned earlier we are looking forward to a very busy yet fun weekend spent with friends and precious ones that surround us! Have a great weekend if you are here in Wisconsin – take the time to ENJOY the warm weather!






My Friday Faves|September 8

Friday Favorites



Today I’m sharing Five of My Faves from this week. 

Really looking forward to this weekend! I hope you all enjoy your weekend as well!




My heart – Oh my heart for the victims of these natural disasters. Hurricane Harvey left multitudes in devastation, and Hurricane Irma has also already effected many victims on the Islands and is now fiercely headed for the state-lines. 

The weight of these natural disasters is just an outright tragedy.

Praying for each and every single person that has been abruptly uprooted from their day to day lives, their neighborhoods and everything that made Home, HOME! Also praying for those evacuating the sunshine state praying for safety on all the roadways and extended stays somewhere safe!

Below are a few ways to contribute to the relief if you were looking for a way to donate!


For $30 bucks you’ll be making a $26 donation to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts not to mention you will get this shirt from Chip & Jo’s Magnolia Market!

$26 t-shirt + $4 shipping = $30 paid in full



 Another Shirt, this one is from Fleurty Girl. Houston helped New Orleans during the relief of Hurricane Katrina and now New Orleans is able to help Houston by donating 100% of the proceeds to Feeding Texas – an organization that serves food banks in and throughout the affected areas you may also go directly to the Feeding Texas site to donate as well if you’d prefer, linked (here).

For $24.16 you’ll be making a $20 donation + $4.16 for the USPS First Shipping Option (scroll down a little for this shipping option once to that point as it’s not right on top) for this spunky t-shirt.



And finally I have a few ways that you may just simply donate.

I would like to first suggest the Samaritan’s Purse you can simply click here, or go to The Samaritan’s Purse is noted to have accomplished a great and many things to contribute to the relief of Harvey and are well known for their help in International Crisis Response.

To donate to Hurricane IRMA relief efforts click ( here )

To donate to Hurricane HARVEY relief efforts click ( here )

And last but not least the simplest way to contribute – would have to be via text. You will just text the word HARVEY to ‘90999‘ to donate $10 to the American Red Cross.

Praying that those who have had their day to day lives ripped right from their grip, are able to put and keep their minds on the things above rather than on the overwhelming circumstances. Trusting that God will make everything beautiful in it’s time. #trust #hope #faithinJesus #wearebettertogether #unitedwestand #america 


(it is more blessed to give than receive)




Now I truly feel as though Erin just get’s me and speaks my Organizational Language – is that a thing? I don’t know if it is but I appreciate it that she just get’s it because to me that was not an easy feat – I’d consider it pure genius actually!

When I open it, I may or my not hear the heaven’s rejoice! haha!


I LOVE the International Watermarked Print that I selected for 2018, just inspires me in so many ways! The updated leopard print was tempting – however since I already have a leopard one and the covers are interchangeable, I can change them in and out throughout the year if I just so choose. 

She is actually having a sale right now BOGO for the interchangeable covers! So head over to her site and order your 2018 deluxe planner so you can also get a head start on planning and preparing for the awesome year of 2018!

If you are like me, you already have some dates that you need to get down and planned out for 2018 so ordering now is just perfect timing.  🙂  

FullSizeRender (6)

I love how the life and inspo is alive inside the planners as well!

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

I am loving the gold spiral binding this year also! 

I love this fall tote that I can carry all of my go-to items in, that are needed throughout the work week! I tend to carry a purse and a lunch pack or a tote quite often during the work week and I kind of sort of was ready to change out my taupe one for this black beauty so I’m excited that I found this one for 50% off!


(phase 3 tote 50% off)



This Humidity Shield by Living Proof has been a saving grace for my crazy lion mane. The humidity can really do a number on my hair. It’s a great lightweight formula that works for many different hair types. I love this stuff honestly & truly.

Humid days are days I always equated to bad hair days or days for braids until I found this stuff! I’m not kidding! So if you are looking for a real Humid Shield that is not only awesome but doesn’t leave your hair stiff or sticky, works great and, is lightweight then this is your new go-to! #thankmelater 

humidity shield

I now want to try the Living Proof No Frizz Nourshing Oil since I know the Humid Shield worked so well! (currently in my cart).

It can also be found at Ulta.




Mackenzie and I like to agree on a new nail polish each season and to kick off fall we picked ‘Bachelorette Bash‘ by Essie. It’s a juicy fuchsia. We couldn’t fully agree on a color so we had to have the boys weigh in with a vote and this one won! We picked it up last week and have been loving it everyday since – sort of vivacious! 




My morning routine has to be a favorite of this week as well!

I have been waking up earlier to assure I get that Mommy Me time and there is just something about a crisp fall morning, just speaks life to my soul!

I enjoy a nice warm cup of hot water with two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and two drops Young Living’s Lemon Essential Oil, (Referral Code: 3048455) during my devotional time.

Followed by a Workout and about 30 minutes of Mommy Me time.

All, before I wake up the crew for the start to their day!

It’s just been such a great way to start my day and I’m really enjoying it!


That wraps up my favorites this week! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!








Today was the Day My People!

It’s officially here, the 2017-2018 School Year has officially kicked off.

The kids had a very busy and fun first day of school, they were excited and ready to go!

After a healthy breakfast, lots of pictures, a full day of school, they had their semi-annual dental cleanings followed by, dessert before dinner so they could be sweetly distracted while giving all the juicy details about their first day to mom and dad!

(Brownies after a dental cleaning – Really Mom!?! Yes, Really – it’s the first day of school!) 

Now time for Taco Tuesday!

9-5-2017 1-13-46 PM

(every bit of precious – I love them so much – they are my heart)

Our Will,

Is really growing up on us, he still plans to be a Doctor when he grows up. He has been saying that he will be a doctor since he was about 5 years old. I’ll never forget the first time he told me (#preciousmoments).  I kind of sort of can’t believe that we have been sharing our lives with this guy for almost 9 years. I mean crazy-amazing! He is such a great kid really! He was stellar-stoked to have gotten the teacher he has this year. It was actually the teacher he was hoping for in second grade and she just so happened to transition to third grade this year and this guy ended up with her! So he is so happy and is really anticipating learning A-Lot this year and seems very excited about it. My Smart Guy. Hoping and praying that He a great year of growth!

My husband mentioned that 9 is half-way to 18 and if the 2nd round of 9 years go as fast as the last 9 years, I may just have to ask him to ‘freeze’ #bittersweet


(Sometimes I wish I could download all the awesomeness that I see in him, such a great person who is going to do great things in this world! He was born for such a time as this!)

He has picked a lot of cool graphic animal print tops for this year.



Our Mackenzie,

Still plans on being a Nurse as well as a Praise & Worship leader at her local church when she grows up who teaches Art classes on the side! It’s a lot to focus on but I know she can do it. It truly speaks of her love for life. She is also growing rather fast and perhaps attempting to mature a little sooner than she ought (#girls), so we have been praying how to best encourage and direct her as she has some amazing leadership skills and abilities that are going to benefit her in life when exercised and expressed properly. She is bold, fierce, confident, smart, bright, observant and, amazingly beautiful on the inside and out with the sweetest of hearts and we are just looking forward to watching her grow in God’s grace this year. She’s just going to blossom & bloom!


(As I pray for her, it actually shows me a lot about myself and inspires me to be better, to do better – so that I am modeling best for her and giving her the greatest platform!)

She loves these pants, calls them her ‘Selena’ pants!

Oddly, it was chilly here in Wisconsin this morning! So it actually felt like fall!



Will captured a pic of us in the car prior to the kids taking off!

(I am smiling inside I promise – I think I was still in the hustle & bustle of the morning but I love the pic of the rest of my sweet fam so had to share. #blessed #thankful)

 the fam

(my flannel can be found here – it runs large so size down one size)

After drop-off and pictures with friends at school Will and I headed to enjoy our annual 1st day of school breakfast together with just the two of us. I love this because we take the time to support & encourage each other and briefly confirm and cast visions for the family over the coming school year. Ya’ll I can not tell you enough how much I love this man right here! He is ‘such‘ an amazing-amazing man. He is my blessing and I love him so muy-muy mucho much! #grateful

So that’s Day One in the Books!

Now, cheers to the rest of an Awesome & Exciting 2017-2018 School Year!






What’s Up Wednesday | August 2017

What’s Up Wednesday!

A lot! Haha, We are in our last week of Summer Break here in Wisconsin and then the kids are back to school! 

I love What’s Up Wednesday, It’s my favorite way to look back at the Month and to look ahead! As I’m writing this post, My Will is in the kitchen finishing the install of our kitchen floor! I tell you, he has just done such an amazing job with our kitchen renovation! #proudwife #blownaway

Today I will be sharing the following fun and random little bits of our life with you so, Enjoy!




Wednesday: Chili & Side Salad

(Super easy as we have a very busy night ahead of us with Open House, Tumbling & Cheer Practice as well as Haircuts for the Boys)

Thursday: Grilled Chicken RedPepper Swiss-Mayo Avocado Panini’s & Sweet Hawaiian Onion Chips (the kids have been loving these Krunchers – Mackenzie was with me at the grocer and said Mom you better buy two bags of these because you know Will Jr. can tear up an entire bag by himself! haha)

Friday: BBQ Chicken Taco’s 

Saturday: Burgers on the Grill along with Corn on the Cobb followed by S’mores

Sunday: Chicken Caesar Salad accompanied by ‘finger foods‘ per Mackenzie she would like to assist with the ‘finger food‘ aspect when I asked her ‘what’ she says ‘do you really need the specifics now’ haha! #mygirl 



My days in Elementary School. They were filled with adventure and so much life, so many fun experiences. The elementary years are not only foundational but also what I’d call fun experimental years. You get the chance to try things out that you are interested in. Such a fun-filled time of life looking back and seeing that for my kids now. 

I was thinking about the times when I was younger and I just wanted to be an Adult so I could be the boss. And now I have days where I’m just not up to being so Adultish but that’s not exactly a choice so I use it only to encourage my kids to be kids and to enjoy it because it goes oh so fast! 

Today I’m sharing two pics of Will & I in our Elementary School Years! Sorry they aren’t the best quality but Ahem, you just got to love the Old School Pics!!! #nostalgic


Why was I not smiling? I don’t know, does smirking count as a smile!?! This is that look I give when I want to burst into laughter but know I should be more serious.



My Sweet Caramel Pie, The Love of my Life, always smiles more to the left than the right. He’s just so cute and I love that here and now I see so much purpose when I look into his eyes & can we have a moment of respect for these puff sleeves and the touch of pearls on my Velvet Dress! (haha) I love it and it’s so funny how Velvet & great Sleeve Details are still trending yet again here in 2017! 


(Thinking about that I tend to smile more to my right than my left, I wonder if everyone has a preferred ‘smile’ side? Seriously wondering #random)




All of these items from my last BLOG Post, Fall staples to buy now! 



Getting every thing in order, in Summer we seem to relax a bit because well you are just so busy enjoying summer. With the Back to School season, it’s like a new start to a new year and for me that just goes well with getting your life in order and things all extra organized. To go along with that we’ve also as of this week gotten back to our “school sleeping schedule”. So the kids are in bed at 830p. They actually have been loving it which was kind of surprising. My son is naturally a night owl like his dad so I thought he’d give me a little more push back but he hasn’t at all. I use our Young Living Cedarwood and apply just a bit to each side of their temples and then have them inhale for a few seconds before bed. It really seems to help with calming and getting them all ready for a Sweet Sleep.

Speaking of Young Living Essential Oils I have been using Young Living since July 2015 and I started using Essential Oils as a Hopeful Skeptic with a husband that was even more skeptical.

My son was really struggling with seasonal allergies and I just didn’t love the idea of him being on a daily medication aside from his daily vitamins so I thought this could be just what I’m looking for. So I did a little research, I found two friends that sold Essential Oils. One sold Doterra and the other Young Living. My friend who sold Young Living lives in Kansas so I took the time to call her and ask her every blunt and crazy question I could think of. She really didn’t have to sell me on them. She asked me what I was looking into them for and then sent me a sample of a few suggestive oils and the oils did all the work of selling me on it as I couldn’t deny the results or the love.

I spoke with my friend that sold Doterra and went to a Party that she was hosting with another distributor and I liked it but just felt more connected to Young Living (the original) after all my research so I invested and have been thankful and dedicated ever since.

There is one thing that I love from Doterra and that’s their Peppermint Beads. They work wonders when you are stuffed up and have a cold but you can get that same pay off with a touch of peppermint to the roof of your mouth, just nice to have them in a bead form. 

So I am totally all in with Young Living as they do not by any means compare to the oils you can purchase over the counter and/or Amazon or even places like your local Health & Wellness store. I ordered this stack of oils listed below here for ‘Back To School’ it just makes ‘KidScents’.



If you are interested in Ordering it’s super easy simply add what You’d like to your cart, create an account enter Member ID Number 3048455 and proceed to check out. 

Adults can use the KidScents too! I love TummyGize whenever I have a stomach ache I’ll add a few drops to my tummy and rub it counter-clockwise while inhaling and I don’t know how but it soothes and unbinds! Sniffleease is one of the kids favorite go-to’s when they have a runny nose and I have yet to try Sleepyize or Geneyus. I just ordered this month so I’ll have to keep you all posted on that one.



Simply Put . . .

Retail Customer can order at their leisure and discretion.

Member Customers obtain benefits of being a member like 24% off of retail prices however you will be signed up for monthly orders which can be altered each month for any of the Young Living products that you would like to purchase however it must be at minimum $50/month. 

If you are local here in Racine, WI you can direct message me about ways to save!

Well that was a lot more than what I planned on sharing but hey it works and I 100,000% love Young Living Essential Oils and can confidently say you’d be making a great investment into your life and the life of your families by investing in Young Living Essential Oils

Other than that we have just been up to getting this Back to School Checklist taken care of and getting back in the groove for a great new school year! And enjoying every last bit of summer as we should be! #thisisthelife

FullSizeRender (5)

(My gosh – I just love them so much! My heart could burst! #thankyouJESUS)







Yes, I said the “S” word! hahaha! I crack myself up!

So I know it’s a whiles a way but it’s really not that far and I just want my favorite, FALL to last as long as it possibly may because well, it’s lovely! And, when I think of the slush of Snow. . . I’m just not really ready for it quite yet – although I did have the urge to watch Home Alone yesterday! But no Snow, yup totally dreading it and just not ready for it yet or anytime soon for that matter. Actually if it didn’t mind coming until December 24th or so that would so be A-OK with me!




Getting our home all prepped & purged for FALL and the FALL Decor that I will soon be putting up and on display! I have officially gone through each closet, nook and cranny on our main living level and purged all the old and irrelevant things to us and it feels so good. I’m kind of a dork when it comes to this.

We had our annual Yard Sale not that long ago and I kind of couldn’t believe all of the stuff we still had to purge! I kind of didn’t even want to keep it around for next years sale so I’ve found people to give it to along with a donation to the Goodwill so we are in the clear! #simplified 

I know many folks love a good Spring Cleaning Day as do I but I feel like I prep and clean more so for Fall & Winter than I do for for Spring. Maybe because we are cooped up more inside during the Winter than we are in the other seasons? IDK,  it just feels so good to have it all de-clutterized! (I kind of like to make up my own words!)

8-30-2017 8-55-52 AM.png




We have officially finished the Good Wife. As the seasons carried on I can’t say she always stood as the ‘good wife’ but I really actually enjoyed the legal aspects (I used to want to be a lawyer when I grew up – so I was kind of loving all of that) and the Chicago references in the show are close to home so I liked it. We really liked that show and we are kind of bummed that it’s like officially over and never coming back! #doneanddone

So I have been kind of surfing around and found American Housewife with Katy Mixon who plays Katie Otto and I found this to be hilarious! Will called it corny but I actually thought it was like the new-aged Rosanne. You know the woman who says things that leave you flabbergasted while bursting into laughter…it could be just me but I laughed lots and I am looking forward to Season Two since I’m already through Season One.


Lots of great shows come back on in the Fall, looking forward to a few like Grey’s Anatomy, Designated Survivor, black-ish, and I’m going to check out The Mayor. I guess I kind of like ABC a little -ay?


I was out to dinner with the ladies this past Friday and we were talking about what books we have been reading or lack there of in my case because this summer has just been so busy and hasn’t fully afforded me the luxury of reading as much as I planned or would have liked so I don’t have any books to share that I am currently reading faithfully at this time But… Amy however brought her Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader that she recently got for her Birthday and when she mentioned it, I was like um, not sure that I would want to ‘give up’ my books and I purchased a Kindle last year in hopes to ‘read more’ on that but haven’t much as I really find that I LOVE the feel the smell and the whole part and process of just reading a book. . . but Ya’ll when she pulled this cute little white device out of her purse, I was like ‘Okay that’s cute. And then when I felt it and held it in my hand I was like this – I could do this!’ She mentioned also that you can rent books from your local library. I mean – how awesome is that? SUPER & AWESOME if you ask me. So I think I’m adding this Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader to my Christmas Wish List because it’s well Amazing. You can click here if you want to check it out yourself! 

8-30-2017 9-05-00 AM


I do have about 7-8 books that are piled up and ready to go come fall  and I am really looking forward to my reading time in these next two seasons. #ilovereading



I have been playing & listening to “Covenant Worship” a lot lately and it’s just sparked my spirit to sing so much and a lot of old school Sunday School Songs actually. 





I booked our trip back to CALI and I am so múy múy excited about it!





This Lightweight BP V-Neck Pullover in Green Timber (sold out) but I see it’s currently 50% off in the Red Ochre (pictured above) so I just processed an order for one it! #score 

I love this sweater because it’s lightweight yet gives you just enough coverage and warmth and the slits are kind of edgy not to mention you’ll be able to layer this when temps drop further since it is so lightweight! (here is a chunky knit that I’m considering at the moment as it’s also on sale!)


I’ve still been loving this Carly Crop from Articles of Society I love the fringe and the fit. These have been a Summer Favorite for certain! 


I’ve been loving my LUSH Lightweight Tops, especially my criss-cross one (sold out) but this one is super cute and I love the open shoulders and ruffle details! 

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

This Tartiest Liquid Matte Lippie is my every day lip lover right now!  I picked up the color FESTIVAL. I have really loved Taupe, Pinky Nude Lips this year which is quite a change for me. I also love my pops of color every once and while still!

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

Speaking of Beauty Favorites, These Two Brush Purchases from Sigma, Total excite my make-up routine every morning now! Make the applications so wonderfully great!



We are unplugging and E-N-J-O-Y-I-N-G family time!

Soaking it all up before the kids head back to school on Tuesday!

Wishing everyone a beautiful Labor Day. 


FUN FACT: What is Labor Day? 

Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country.

So to all my Hard Working American Friends, Happy Labor Day TO YOU!


Speaking of America, I know many of our hearts have been filled with sorrow and sadness when we have seen what has taken place in Texas this past week. My prayers are with the multitudes in Texas and all affected by this natural disaster. 


graphic credit:  August Joffe (c/o Sheaffer)





(A pic of Will & Landon at Will’s Birthday last year, HE IS GROWING SO FAST!)

I’m also so excited that the Regular Football Season for the Greenbay Packers is going to Kick off for the Packers on my son’s 9th Birthyay!!  

P.S. Will Jr. is no longer a Panther’s Fan or a Bronco’s Fan – yes he has been both! He has officially declared himself to be a ‘true Packers fan’ #proudparents

I’ve done you a favor and linked the schedule for the Best Team in the NFL for you right here! #youareWelcome





Life is NEW, every morning, accompanied with GOD’S Mercy! #Lamentations3:22


Oh and I purchased some new towels – so I guess that’s new! Mackenzie came along and of course wanted to color coordinate for everyone So she picked Indigo Blue for her brother, Forest Green for Dad, Powder Pretty Pink for me and Bossy Ruby for her! I of course advised her that I could roll with her idea but the girls will share with girls and boys will share with boys and she was A-Ok with it! haha, not that she really had an option but it’s good to let them think it! 😉 And I actually like the vibrant color selections! 

Well that’s all for me ya’ll, have a great rest of the week and wonderful weekend!







Fall Fashions are my Fave, I tend to be more ‘simple’ in the summer and fall allows us all to layer the luxe! This fall I’m loving the Open Shoulders, Dramatic Sleeves, Moto Jackets and, definately crushing on Velvet so look forward to seeing more of that in counter with the layering of quality basics.  

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite purchases that I have all set & ready for Fall 2017! Oddly enough the temps have dropped this week and it’s been a little tempting to reach for some of these pieces.


Red Bell Sleeve Blouse

This Red Top is every bit of beautiful. It’s 97% cotton & 3% spandex so it’s uber comfortable with just enough stretch and the fabric feels so nice, kudo’s to cotton and the pop of color is perfect while the bell sleeve give it a flair of elegance.

Free People, Teal Sweater

When the temps drop this super soft, slouchy pullover in dark turquoise is going to be a favorite go-to absolutely and again in a rather boldly bright color.


Socialite Basic V-Neck Tee’s

I purchased both in black & mustard during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and love them, they are basic with a slight edge and wash well. Can be worn with leggings or jeans and definitely plan on layering these trendier tops with Cardigans.


Andrew Marc Faux Leather Jacket

I have been looking for this jacket for years now. I just couldn’t settle on a faux leather jacket until I found this beautiful one. I purchased the black yet it’s also sold in burgundy. I can not express how much I love this one, truly. It’s so posh with just enough edge and the soft faux fur trim is so delicately soft and warm, I mean it just makes me crave #PSL season – aka Pumpkin Spice Latte season, yes folks it’s almost here! #fallismyfavorite #octobergirl

So this jacket is the perfect length and is rather thick so will be plenty warm for the pumkin patches here in Wisconsin. It is extremely comfortable, moveable, soft and, lux. I truly love this jacket so, so, so much, like so so much and I am so glad that I found it! Perfect Match.


BP Stripe Longsleeve

Basic layering piece, I have purchased at least one of BP’s basic long sleeve layering tops for the past 4 years and often purchase a stripe however the stripe is primarily white in past so when I seen this in primarily black, I was excited for the change and I’m glad I did. I will say this one runs big so you may want to size down one unless you would like it a little more slouchy. (similar peplum version, here)

BP Black & White Plaid

I purchased two of these during the anniversary sale as well, I really wanted to get my hands on the red one but quite honestly after looking in my closet, I made the better choice to go with the black and white. I feel as though these plaid tops also ran large so you may want to size down in these as well however the feel and comfort and weight are perfect for transitioning into fall. They aren’t super thick so can be worn by themselves or worn layered with a basic cami under and or a cardi upon top. Great fall/winter staple in my closet! My other BP plaid tops were more of a flannel style and feel and these are more of a lighter cotton feel.


Foxy Taupe Bootie

The feel, the comfort is like silky milk and so gorgeous! Love these ‘foxy taupe booties‘ and I believe they will be my main go to M-F for absolutely sure! They come in four different colors and I really needed a taupe bootie. I picked up these Treasure & Bond Booties last year in cognac which they no longer have, also love the feel and comfort of this one (crushing on these leopard booties from Treasure & Bond).

Cognac Peep-Toe Fringe Bootie

I purchased these last year and loved them from the moment I set my eyes on them. They are no longer in stock but DV by Dolce Vita at Target has some really great picks for shoes & handbags so click here to check them out!



These trendy accessories are simple bauble pops & give me the fall trend vibes!

Gold Cross Ring

Gold, Black Faced Watch

Black Ball Drop Earring



If you know me, you know I love leopard. I just went through my seasonal gear and I am guilty of having 5 leopard scarves! Only 5 ay, but love each of them. This Sole Society Leopard Scarf has great spots. This BP Leopard Scarf has bigger spots and these are both lighter weight so great for transitioning into fall!

Great Faux Suede Leopard Flats by MIA are also a great transitional item for me and fall. These also come in a Black & White Dot that kind of remind me of an animal print also!

And love this simple Free People Chocolate Animal Print Top!


Black Jean Suggestion Request

I have been looking for the perfect black jeans for a little while now and I can’t settle on which pair to get. I guess I’m hoping for a miracle in the sense of the black jean never fading – so I’m looking for a black jean that doesn’t fade easily.

So, I need your suggestions on black jeans please. . .


Now all we need is the official launch date of the Real Pumpkin Spice Latte to kick off the most wonderful time of the year!!!




Ortiz’s Lately | Gus Macker Edition


The Gus Macker 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament returned to our small town this year for all ages and skill levels and we were so excited about it.  I ran it past Will and we decided to sponsor two teams so that our little ones could have a tournament experience as we really thought it would push them and grow them – indeed it did.

Will Junior is, has been and, always will be obsessed with Basketball. He lives for the game and has a real passion for it, he loves it! He decided that this coming year he was going to cut out distractions of just playing other sports as he really wanted to focus on training for Basketball getting stronger in his skill sets for this specific sport. He didn’t want to be a jack of all trades, master of none. I mean he’s only 8 years old and already has such a vision for his own future. Love him.

This past year my daughter expressed that she wanted to play basketball. I must admit I was a little surprised, as she is totally into dresses, manicures, make-up and all that comes with getting all dolled up. But she tells me “Mom I’m a Tomboy & a Girlie Girl” and I said, hey that works for me! I played basketball for quite a few years growing up and I also loved playing dress up and getting all glam from early on yet I was also in the middle of the street with the boys playing two hand touch football and near the hoop working hard to prove that girls could have game too! So I could totally relate so then again – I’m not sure why I was so surprised.




It was time to rise and shine, today was the big day! We were up and at it so the kids could wake up, have a good breakfast & get their blood flowing. We both had our 1st games at 9am that morning and wanted to be there by 8am so we could utilize that extra hour for warm-ups.


So we had our breakfast, packed our lunches, got dressed in our game gear and were on our way to the big games.


(this guy just couldn’t wait to play)


(Will & Hogan warming up before the 1st game)


(The boys and girls had a chance to warm up together)

Our Boys were the “Young Warriors” and the Girls were the “Lady Warriors”. Can you tell that both of our kids love the Golden State Warriors? A few people call Will Jr, Young Steph – after Curry not me, haha! But we let the kids select the names of the team and that’s what they came up with. They also picked out the jerseys.


This was probably my favorite part of the entire tournament. I had a chance to give the girls a pep talk before our first game and then asked them if it was okay if we prayed together and they all agreed in unison – and it was so precious and the best way to start off the game! 


The boys had their 1st game on the dream court and it was so awesome, they each were announced by name along with a fun nick-name and they ran through a tunnel of fans and players! The girls had a chance to play on the dream court for our second game! To be announced like big league players was so fun and quite the experience.

As you can see our boys were a little younger and shorter than the team they were up against but they didn’t give up and they gave it their all. They showed a lot of determination and hunger throughout this entire tournament.

JULY CAMERA 2017 129

I wouldn’t say the tournament was a huge success as far as numbers were concerned as they just didn’t seem to do a ton of marketing-publicity for it this year but it wasn’t a bad turn out either and it was a great weekend overall of basketball. I know they learned a lot and gained a greater understanding of the game at the end of the day.


I will say the games were challenging indeed and the experience was definitely a growth opportunity for each of our players.  I remember shouting ‘rebound-rebound’ and then looked at the girls height difference and thought, I’m not sure that’s going to happen but I sure am going to keep cheering them on every step of the way.


Because there wasn’t a great turn out in registrations our teams were the youngest of the all. My Mackenzie was the youngest player in the entire tournament. So the teams our Warriors played against were composed of kids much greater in size, age and, experience.

The gal in the background was as tall as me, I legit walked up to her to assure I had it right and sure enough, our 2nd & 3rd graders played against tall 5th & 6th graders in these games and never gave up.


This entire experience pushed them to greater levels of endurance, confidence & strength.

JULY CAMERA 2017 116

I can’t tell you how proud I was of our girls for playing hard and not giving up they showed that they had heart, hustle &, ambition. I was so proud of them for that even though they took it hard.

JULY CAMERA 2017 131

One of the most rewarding aspects of coaching is taking the time to cheer on the champion in these little people.


(I love all the braids – happened by chance and was perfect!)

The lady official we had for the majority of our games was so kind to our girls! I’m sure she was nice to everyone but she was such an encourager to our little ones and I really appreciated that and I think it’s important for the kids to have others in our community also speak life into them! I have some of the best girls to coach in the world and I am so thankful for each of them.


We would have early morning practices leading up to this weekend and the girls learned so much, soaked it all up, ran plays and really bonded as teammates. I was so happy in my heart to see the growth and drive in each one of these girls develop this summer! I am really looking forward to this next basketball season!


 (The Dunker pictured here, I believe his name was D-Money but I’m not 100% sure)

After the games that day they had a Dunk Contest and the gentleman that won, jumped over our two kids – my phone ran out of battery so I wasn’t able to take a pic of that specific dunk but he jumped over quite a few of the kids there and my two were in the huddle! They of course thought that was super awesome!

Other than the kids getting this amazing experience of how it is to compete in a tournament proved to be money & time well spent. Another positive aspect is that the proceeds from the event will benefit our local youth programs throughout the year so that’s a double bonus!


tb troph.jpg

(Both of our Teams received the Toilet Bowl Champ Trophy’s)

This made me laugh oh so hard!

Talk about memories to last a lifetime. Love that these are the days of our lives and the best is still yet to come. My girls also received sportsmanship metals that they should each be so very proud of. Each of our warriors worked so hard and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to share this experience with each and every one of these little ones.

We didn’t leave the courts until about 630-7p that night and we were just so wiped! A full day of in the sun fun. Needless to say we slept really well that night and had to be up early the next morning for some more Basketball!

So that’s the day in the life – Gus Macker Edition. I am Already looking forward to next years tournament! Until next time…

Love & Basketball,