Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

My favorite SALE of the year has officially kicked off today!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened today exclusively for ‘Card Holders’.

I love this sale so much because you know I am a budget-friendly shopper who likes a good deal on quality gear + this is a great time to stock up on some basic quality staples that you can mix & match, layering with multiple outfits.

The best part is you don’t have to have their credit card to shop the sale you can sign up for a debit card and have the same access as I do with the credit card. I may also love this sale because well I love fall, it’s probably my favorite season of them all! Seriously though I love it so much because this sale always makes me feel like I’ve made some good choice investments into my wardrobe. It’s the time when Nordstrom (my favorite store by the way) marks down some of their best fall apparel as low as 40% off! I mean call me crazy but to me, that’s my kind of deal!

So I typically buy some key go-to basic pieces that are maybe just a few bucks more than you’d pay at your local stores like target and what not, but you are getting way better quality which will last you longer – in turn allowing you to actually spend less as you won’t have to replace items so frequently!

Every year I also save up for a splurge item or two and did I mention everything ships free and if you don’t love it, no problem they also offer free returns.

So here is the scoop as to why I am encouraging you to sign up for either the Nordstrom Debit or Credit Card because this is such a great Sale + Nordstrom gives their card holders the priv to shop 8 days prior to everyone else.

Why is that so grand? Well because not only do you get 1st dibs on the merchandise but you will beat the chance of the items you really want or could use being sold out. So the sale goes until August 6th this year. It kicked off today exclusively for card holders and will open to everyone else on July 21st.

So although the sale started today, you still have time to gain early access you can sign up, HERE

Now . . . Get going, Click this linke HERE, Then head over to to Shop Now & Thank me later!


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