Happy Friday!

It’s the last Friday of the Month and just two full days away from October! I love the fall ya’ll. Although I kind of can’t believe we are this close to the end of the year. Today I’m sharing Five Friday Faves with you!

10-1-2017 8-24-40 AM.png




Friday Favorites


First Up, we had so much fun at my Husband Alma Mater football game & our towns Party on the Pavement! Will’s Alma Mater was looking pretty good the entire game – they won! My boy now can’t wait to be an Angel! I love fun filled days like this! Party on the Pavement or Cement Fest as Will Junior called it (lol) 🙂  is always such a good time for our community to come together and just enjoy themselves. I love large community outings!

It’s typically cooler on this day however it was a whopping 90 degrees and I wore black for some odd reason so it was a HOT one to say the least.

I love running into friends especially those you haven’t seen in a while! The pavements were packed with tons of fun little events like face painting, temporary tattoos, balloon animals, swords & crowns, bikers & tricks, chalk murals, delicious roasted corn – in the 90 degree weather, live music, glass blowing & wood carving demo’s, a unique & antique car show, dance competitions, fun high-school fundraisers like water dunking tanks & pies in the face, baggo games played in the middle of Main Street (we hung out here for a while), bounce houses, tall slides, ice-cream, dancing and much more, all while some pretty sweet Star Wars characters roamed the streets of Downtown Racine with us! After that we ran a few errands and enjoyed dinner together back at home! What a fun fall day!



We have a google home voice activated speaker and we love it! It’s pretty handy actually and of course the kids have had a few laughs with her! It also is pretty nice for me to speak what I need from the grocery store and she will add it to my shopping list. Oh and this is what I’ve been using to listen to google playlists and the speaker is actually pretty great! I really do love it. You can purchase (here)



Okay my friends, every single night this week at Dinner we have been playing a round or two of Loaded Questions! I know not all families have the opportunity to sit down every night together for dinner and we are so thankful that we are able to do so, as I do believe it’s so important to a strong bonded family.

But, even if just once or twice you sit down together as a family for dinner during the week – go and buy this game and pull it out at dinner time! The kids were all smiles when I told them this is what we’d be doing at dinner this week! Haha, this game will bring dinner alive in a new way – no joke, SO FUNNY! We have laughed so much more this week at dinner with this game and it’s great to know how well we know each other by our answers. Go get this, you won’t regret it and your kids will thank me!  😉 You can purchase (here)



Transitional Fall Layers are kicking off here in Wisconsin since we are finally experiencing some cooler temps! I’m excited but I know not everyone is yet transitioning with fall layers is definitely a fave of mine! Here is a great outfit inspo for the transition! (Click the links below for each item)


Lush Ruffle Sleeve T-Shirt Dress in Dark Olive (here)

(also comes in grey & rose)

BP. Plaid Oblong Scarf, Tan Multi (here

Matisse Merge Mid Top Leopard Bootie (here)

Taupe Sole Society, Paloma Over the Knee Boot (here)


Spending time with these Nino’s has been a fave of mine this week. Even just hanging out in their rooms with them, cuddling in their beds with them, just being around them! They got flu shots this week and it’s not a fave of mine that they got shots but their little comments in the doctor’s office and Mackenzie ‘needing’ her big brother to hold her hand, so she could squeeze was just so sweet! That and me holding Mackenzie like a baby and just holding her so tight and her placing her ear on my heart were a few of my favorite moments from this week!

9-29-2017 10-16-29 AM(his daring smile of anticipation as his sister squirms before her vaccination – to funny)


6181(When I was holding her as a baby before they were heading off to school.)


I get compliments every single time I wear this sweater. It’s sold out but a similar version is (here).

Well those are my Five Friday Faves Friends! We are excited for the arrival of Miss Maple tonight! She is already a highlight of our weekend. In case you missed it, in my last post I talked about how we get a chance to Puppy Sit Miss Maple this weekend! Isn’t she just the cutest!

maple(Precious Miss Maple)


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you back here soon!




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