Friday Favorites


Hello My Beautiful Friends,

It finally feels like Fall ya’ll and I’m loving it! I haven’t personally had to wear a jacket as I’ve been just fine with my sweaters and long sleeve blouses this week but I’ve brought my favorite leopard scarf along for my commutes and it’s been just enough. With the fall temps I’ve officially had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte. I ordered a tall in a grande with a little more milk and it was perfection!


Today I will be sharing Five Faves from this past week, I hope you all enjoy these little tidbits of our life in today’s blog! Will and I have off again this Friday, We are going to enjoy another day one on one! I love days like this.



My favorite part of this week is we celebrated this sweet and beautiful joy of life! She is 8 and 8 is Great! She loves everything Fall. We all love this baby girl so much. She will forever be our baby and Will’s baby sister. The card he made for his sister just melted my heart, it had little ‘Dear Mackenzie notes throughout the inside and it was an 8×10 card filled with lots of love!

We sort of made the entire week special starting on Sunday! We love celebrating life and our children’s special days – or weeks 😉 are no exception! She is such a Sweet, Bright, Fun-Loving, Bold, Determined, God Fearing, Jesus Loving, Tender Hearted, Awesomely Super Young girl. We enjoyed a fun family outing last weekend and she planned her entire evening the day of her actual Birthday! She loves all things fall and picked out this cute pumpkin dress to wear on her Birthday! I just love her so much!

10-4-2017 8-39-11 AM

(Birthday Girl in her Sparkle Pumpkin Dress from Gymboree, here)


Spending time with my girl, is the best, We went to Starbucks she ordered a ‘Kid’s White Mocha’ is what she calls it but it’s really a Kid’s White Hot Cocoa and then headed to the Nail Salon for Mani’s and Pedi’s!


Mackenzie chose a Fall Theme for her nails.

Orange on all with Leaf designs on her nails and a Fox on her toes.


& I opted for a Pink. 😉

10-3-2017 9-45-19 AM

After Mani’s & Pedi’s we went to Jo Don Farms a Private Owned Rescue Zoo here in our County and I love this Lions Roar! Wow is it powerful!!! I also love how close you can get to the animals.

10-3-2017 9-46-49 AM

10-3-2017 9-46-37 AM

Spotted this little babe, hiding between the fence post with her babies!

10-3-2017 9-45-31 AMAlex the Tiger is behind Mackenzie and was he ever putting on a show that day!



This sweet girl is a fave this week for sure also! We have been puppy sitting her this week and have the chance to adopt her. She is a Golden Labradoodle and oh so Sweet! We took her for her first ‘Puppacino’ and was that the most precious moment ever! Not kidding, so cute and her nose would just get stuck in the cup and it was so hilarious! I’m telling you so much extra joy has she brought into our house and lots and lots of snuggly love.

10-3-2017 10-08-49 AM


10-3-2017 10-08-40 AM



Time with Friends is the best! Enjoyed going to watch Will Jr’s old Football Team this last Saturday. The day was perfect for Football.

10-3-2017 10-05-46 AM



I have been loving this plaid flannel top. It’s from Milegaers last year and still held up so well, the brand is RAG and the colors are my fave! Their Fashion show is coming up here soon. I have modeled in it for the last 3-4 years I believe and it’s such a good time. I love all the ladies I model with and the crowd is just the BEST! Highly recommend if you are in the area! You can purchase tickets to the event here.

10-3-2017 10-11-33 AM

Well that’s all for this week! I’m ready for this weekend!!

I’ll see you back here soon!




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