Hello & Happy New Year My Beautiful Friends,

It’s been a while and oh how I’ve missed you. I’ve been a little consumed with work, enjoying time with my husband, raising our  little loves, managing home, preparing for & enjoying the holidays, along with every moment of our time with family and I’ve somewhat neglected my blog yet I took some time to plan out 2018 and let’s just say I’m uber excited about it!

What an amazing year we closed out in 2017! Lots and lots of hard work accomplished.

I am so happy to have gotten off the ground, up and running. I have a lot planned for this year’s blog and I’m so excited to share the little bits of our life with you all! I’m really pumped and excited for 2018!

So in 2017 I published 28 of the 52 blogs that I set out to accomplish but I couldn’t be happier with the blogs that were published in my first year. I acknowledge the struggle I faced when it came to not being as prepared yet desiring to still publish content on the blog and quite honestly it goes back to what my Great Grandpa would say ‘ Plan your work & work your plan’ and I didn’t have a plan I just had the desire to publish 52 blogs last year yet I didn’t know what was going to be behind those 52 blogs so I got caught in the creativity trap so to speak however, I’m more well prepared for this year and looking forward to all the goodness! All of your support in 2017 is savored & appreciated and hope you enjoy all I share in the years to come!


Now onto My First Friday Favorites of 2018!


First Up I’m sharing My Faves from the 2017 Holiday Season

You can shop the items by clicking on the links below the pic


SHOPPING LINKS >> Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa (here)  Pottery Barn Alphabet Mug on sale (here) Pottery Barn Oversized Faux Fur Leopard Throw (here) Programmable Crockpot (hereWilliams Sonoma Dry Brine Sold Out similar (here) Quilted Personalized Stocking on sale (here) ZAK Stainless Steel Tumbler more colors (here) Pottery Barn Buffalo Plaid Pillow Cover (here)


Next Up I’m Sharing My Favorite Gifts Received & Given this Christmas

You can shop the items by clicking on the links below the picFAVORITEGIFTS2017SHOPPING LINKS >> Fitbit Ionic Watch my husband loves it (here1 1/5 Carat Diamond Platinum Ring Set (here) Dimmable Make-Up Mirror in black (here) Faux Fur Bean Bag (hereGarmin – vivofit jr. Activity Tracker For Kids (here)





Will’s Birthday is December 30th so December was his Birthday Month and we enjoyed cherishing and celebrating him all month long. He is such an amazing man, person, heart and, soul! Love me some him!

SHOPPING LINKS >>  Shop My Dress on sale (here) Earrings (here) & (here) Necklace on sale (here) Velvet Teddy Lipstick (here) topped with Saint Germaine Lipstick (here) Will Dress Shirt (here) Will’s Tie (here)




We soaked up an amazing amount of Family Time and I couldn’t be more blessed and My Heart couldn’t be more satisfied. It’s not about what you want, it’s about embracing all you have! So grateful, thankful, blessed! #GloryToGod




IMG_1478follow SOFIA on Instagram (here)

Our Australian Golden Labradoodle Sweet, Sofia Reign Ortiz  is the BEST! She was born July 16, 2017. She is a true combination of her Mohter ‘Sailor’ and father ‘Micah (here).  We adopted her officially in early October. We actually were planning to only Puppy Sit for our friends Abby & Bryce while they were out of town for the weekend and it just so happened they were actually looking for an adoptive family and we were so excited to Puppy Sit as we were considering buying a Golden Doodle for Christmas so it was the perfect timing. We were actively looking (here) and had been in contact with a few breeders at that point. We were originally considering a male pup and planned to name him Samson Rock Ortiz however after a little research we could have went either way truly so when Sofia (formerly known as Maple) arrived we were smitten and it was love at first sight. She is just the sweetest being.

Sofia Reign is Affectionate and Oh So Cuddly like the English Cocker Spaniel. We love nose kisses, I put my nose to her cute little black snout & she just soaks in all the lovin!
She is Super Intelligent like the Poodle, Loyal and Devoted like the Labrador. Totally Sporty and Loves to do Tricks like the Irish Water Spaniel. She is Great with all People Simply the Best! Australian Labradoodles are Allergy Friendly and Non-Shedding so that’s also an added bonus and she is soooo soft!

Our Breeder Information: Website (HERE) Facebook (HERE) YouTube (HERE)

Sofia’s Litter on YouTube (HERE) and (HERE)

We are so thankful for God’s provision and His hand in all of this as we believe it was truly destined. She has been such a great addition to our family and we just love her so much!

SHOPPING LINKS >>  Sofia’s Sweater (here) Sofia’s Dog Name Tag (here)

Well, Happy First Friday & Have a great weekend!




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2 thoughts on “FRIDAY FAVES| Jan 5

    1. Thanks so much Lauren, It was indeed a beautiful Christmas Break! Hope you all enjoyed your time as well & Happy New Year!
      I will definitely swing by you blog & link-up! Thanks for the invite. xoxo, Steph


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