What’s Up Wednesday |May 17

Hello Gorgeous,

Today is What’s Up Wednesday!

Once a month I’ll be linking up with a great community of bloggers sharing these random and fun topic highlights! I’m excited to be sharing my very first What’s Up Wednesday with you!

Here is the list of questions I’ll be sharing with you just below…


So here is What’s Up with me this Wednesday,

I.       What We’re Eating this Week

Wednesday Flank Steak Salad with Kale and Mixed Greens topped with Balsamic Vinegar (Ranch for Junior – as I’m sure he considers ranch to be one of the major food groups. I mean he has it with everything – it’s so crazy!)

Thursday Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs served on a bed of spinach

Friday The kids will dine out with our sitter while Will and I will be dining at Miller Park

Saturday Lettuce Tacos’ served with my fav topping as of late which is diced fine red and green bell peppers along with corn kernels seasoned with a few dashes of sea salt, garlic and 1 packet of truvia. I don’t know what it is about that combo but it’s pretty scrumptious and would compliment any taco in our opinions!

Sunday Rotisserie Chicken & Corn on the Cobb along with Pineapple Wedges

II.      What I’ve Been Reminiscing About

Our Spring Break to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to mark this off of our list. I heard a few years back that this was a great place for families so we thought it was worth checking out. I can’t say that I will be sitting down anytime soon to schedule a trip back however, there were some parts of the trip that undeniably made for a great experience. It’s more of a been there done that kind of thing as we gathered some great memories along the way. Truly there are probably very few places away from home that I would eagerly look forward to going right back to, like Cali Sands are my jam! #caligirlatheart #californialove

Okay so the things that just warm my heart and give me glad thoughts are the endless days on the Ocean front of Myrtle Beach, our resort was placed right on the Ocean, literally just steps away and our Pent House overlooked the Ocean every morning accompanied with a glorious sunrise. The family time was priceless and, our trip to T.I.G.E.R.S. was an experience of a lifetime. 

Here are a few captures from our personal encounter, We had the opportunity to have an encounter with a baby Ape, a Gibbon and, we also held a 3 month White Bengal Tiger that my husband bottle fed. Unfortunately I don’t have a digital copy (only an 8 X 10 print) of that to share but let’s just say, was that ever so amazing! Although the kids may say feeding the 15 month (yes only 15 months) White Bengal Tiger was their favorite part!


(my jean jacket is here)


T.I.G.E.R.S. Myrtle Beach-TIGERSMB-Entrance-id189268340_withBorder

So if you do ever manage to make your way to South Carolina, I’d highly recommend a trip to T.I.G.E.R.S. for absolutely sure!

III.     What I’m Loving

My Lumee Lighted Iphone Case in Gold Matte! Like I love, love, love this case! It not only serves for brighter selfies in dim light but it also serves well as a flashlight.

My URPower Diffuser which I have brought to work so that I can diffuse my Young Living Essential Oils there with me and I love this little diffuser, it’s small, it’s powerful enough and it has an option for me to have it diffuse for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off continuously throughout the day so it not only prolongs the time of diffusing my oils but it allows for it to not be so overwhelming for those around me in the office. It has a feature that allows the colors to change and that is a nice touch as well. The kids now want one in their rooms and for the small price of $15.99 you kind of can’t beat it!

This Essie Nail Polish in Haute to Trot as well as Cascade Cool by Essie which is pictured just below here have been favs! I picked this one up from Kohl’s Department store I believe. Kind of been crushing on Essie I guess.

Yogi Green Tea, Blueberry Slim Life pictured below is stocked at work and at home! It has been my go-to drink next to water and my black iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts! I originally came across this tea at Whole Foods but have also found it at the Neighborhood Walmart as well so it’s very accessible. The Blueberry flavor is smooth and not overbearing which is what I like! It’s just so tasty and satisfying! If you are a tea drinker, go do yourself a favor and give this one a try! 

My Erin Condren Planner is my last what i’ve been loving mention. I love a good planner and great stationary stock, always have and always will. I am a note taker and a planner and with this planner I happen to plug every single thing in it! I have the deluxe monthly planner. I heard so much about Erin Condren and wasn’t sure if I wanted to take the plunge but I’m so glad I did! I started with the deluxe version in leopard print that is personalized with my name, it’s so me! I mean I just love it so much, it’s my personal Master Go-To and I do legitimately Go-To it every single day! I have been noting everything into it these last five months and in a way it also serves as a memory book! Like I can look back at all that we did the last five months and smile at all the good reminders of good memories! I am able to write all the happs of the month as well as my ‘to-do’ lists and things I’d like to accomplish prior to month’s end. So if you are looking into a planner for 2018, definitely consider what Erin Condren has to offer!

IV.      What We’ve Been Up To

Bring your Child to Work Day was so much Fun! The kids had a blast and now when we are in the office I have sweet little memories with them in our workplace. Below were captures from Dad that morning! 

APR 2017 635   my-whole-heart-for-my-whole-life-600x900APR 2017 641

(Clearly Dad couldn’t get our young man to take a serious picture but they are seriously cute!)

The kids have been enjoying Soccer! I am not sure if this is going to be their last season or not playing together (co-ed), we shall see what the future holds! We have the best crew of Soccer Moms so if it were up to me, we’d just keep team Tennessee together forever! #GoTennessee!

Junior is a Yankee again so we are super excited about that and he has enjoyed training with Dad as well as practice with his team and his first game is actually scheduled for tonight! #GoYankees!


And our Sweet girl will be returning to Dance this summer, she is really looking forward to that. I considered signing her up for gymnastics as well, but I didn’t really want to overload our schedules with sports this summer so I chose to extend the sessions of dance rather than combining so she could focus and truly apply the effort rather than being stretched thin!

V.       What I’m Dreading

Preparing for our Annual Yard Sale. We have loads every year and I actually donate quite a bit to those that I may know have a need yet, it kind of blows my mind how much our family goes through each year, but it’s a sign of growth right! So thankful for it at the same time. 

VI.     What I’m Working On

My overall Health & Wellness! Although it’s been a slower process than I imagined I’m thankful for the small steps in the right direction!

I had a new years goal, I don’t call them resolutions however I’m not opposed to doing so but I would say that I shed a lot of weight emotionally, mentally and, spiritually last year and I was pretty clear on my goal to now have that reflect more true to my physical. So it’s 1/2 way through the year now so I’m really looking forward to challenging myself even more and defining myself in more discipline!

VII.    What I’m Excited About

Summer, Summer and, Summer!

I mean who isn’t ready for summer! Only 7 more days of school until Summer Break is officially here! I don’t know where this school year has gone but it was a great year indeed and I believe it’s going to be an amazing summer! I have lots of simple and fun things planned for us to enjoy, so definitely looking forward to summer!

I will share our Summer Fun List in next weeks Blog! Really looking forward to soaking up all the Fun in the Sun!


VIII.   What I’m Watching & Reading


Over spring break I was able to complete Uninvited by Lysa T and I just love the way she writes, she has such a sound mind and a great gift and bringing it all back together! So since then I have just started Raising Boys and it’s not fully what I anticipated so far however I am looking forward to the next chapters as I kind of peeked ahead as I am hoping that the sneak peek is more of what I was looking for. I love reading lately and I’m so thankful for the precious time that I get to read! I’m looking forward to my next book already Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind & Soul as the Raising Boys I’ll be done with that rather soon!


Okay, so Shades of Blue with Jennifer Lopez we started watching it one weekend and have watched every single episode since! We’ve also been watching Season 2 of UndergroundDesignated Survivor, The Bachelorette and, of course Grey’s Anatomy

IX.      What I’m Listening To

During our Road trip to Myrtle Beach South Carolina and along the way I purchased a ton of oldies but goodies and a few new but we automatically fell in love with the beats and feel of Social Club’s Newest Album and that was on repeat for the majority if not the entire way home with maybe a few interludes.

I’ve also been listening to Lost Boy from Ruth B. A brother sister duet performed it at our schools Talent Show this year in the beginning of April and I instantly had to find it and download this song and have been totally loving this one and I happen to like Golden by her as well. I discovered that as it’s on the same album as Lost Boy.

And I have been listening to the Bible App as I fall asleep, talk about sweet sleep!

X.       What I’m Wearing

Tanks like this Choker Tank and Ruffle Bottom Tank and Cami’s like this Taupe one have been great go to’s under my fav Open Cardigans! I have to say this year I really had to invest in some light weight and spring themed sweaters and cardigans more than ever before because the weather has been so back and forth.

I have always loved throwing a nice Cami, on with a Pair of Skinnies or Crops and a Long Cardigan like that one in Blue Poseidon! And speaking of Blue… I just adore this Royal Ruffle Top and I think I may get it in Lake Green as well!

With that cold weather My North Face has been such a luxury go-to!

Articles of Society are my new favorite brand of jeans, I am loving the Carly Crops as well as the Sarah Bay Skinnies and the Mya Skinny Blue are all of what I have so far and I really love the fit on me!

My Spring Leopard Scarf accompanied with my anorak or jean jacket have been another key go to with this weather

Crossbody Central Love is what I’ve been all about for like the last year when it comes to my handbags! I love the Cognac Crossbody, and I really wanted to get this one Crossbody with Circle but haven’t done so just quite yet! (sign up and you’ll get 15% off your 1st order!)

Oh and I have been loving my “Rae” Black Gladiator Sandal as well, I mean this shoe reps my middle name! Love, love!

I just purchased this handbag from Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I guess I am just a true lover of all Jewel Tones!

XI.      What I’m Doing this Weekend

Heading to Miller Park to enjoy the Brewers Game, they are playing the Los Angeles Dodgers so that should be fun! 

We are currently renovating our kitchen! Yes, call us crazy. What an undertaking and investment this has and will be but it seems we dedicate one big project around the house each year since we’ve moved into our 1943 build and I actually enjoy my Chip & Jo moments that I get to share with the hubbs! So this weekend I’m going to take some time to finalize more details on the final layout of how I envision this all coming together.

We also have three soccer games for the kids so, busy-busy!

XII.     What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

Just the Kick Off of our all our Summer Adventures with my precious ones excites me!


XIII.    What Else is New

I am now officially the proud owner of www.stephanieraeortiz.com I believe that investment was just what I needed to further inspire me to really start actioning my inspirations. So I’ve been pretty excited about dedicating more time to that, getting it all up and running effectively. There is so much to learn so shout out to the late nights!

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