Our Simple Summer Fun Ideas

Hello My Beautiful Friends,

We are only 5 days away from Sweet Summer 2017 kicking off and we are so excited here in Casa de Ortiz! Warmer Weather is finally here and we are no longer in fear of being frostbitten and sunburned in the same week, Praise the Lord, can we get a Hallejuiah! I think to often I found myself saying what a lovely winter we’re having this spring so I’m just stoked it will be official in just 5 more days!


Wisconsin weather is so, very indecisive about when it would like to share all four seasons with us. However it’s worth it because I’d say there may be very few places that share all four seasons as beautifully as we do here. I would have to say that next to the great temps it’s the early morning sunrises and longer nights that are my faves about sweet ol’ summer time.


In today’s blog, I am going to share our Summer Fun Bucket List. Since I’ve become a Mama, I have created a Summer Fun Bucket List and I believe it’s been three years now that I have been able to include the kids great ideas and it’s been so fun including them. Just to hear what the kids have to say and or would like to do is funny, cute, crazy and, life inspiring. Something about summer and being more laid back and just care free . . .


So here are some of our ideas for Summer 2017. We are going to mark of each and every single one of these. In the event we don’t accomplish all this simple summer fun, we will be sure to add those things to our list for next year as well! 🙂



Milwaukee Brewer’s Game with Family

Go to Sonic Drive In for Chili Cheese Coney’s, Cheeseburgers, Slushies & Milk Shakes

Sunrise Coffee & Donuts

Go to Beach like as much as we possibly can, Even week day nights

Sponsor a team for both of our littles in the Gus Macker Tournament

Play Basketball at the Park as a Family

A Play Date with a Bestie “all day”

Family Game Night (all to learn Chess & Spades)

Annual Lambeau Trip

Go on Family Bike Ride, Chalk our Driveway and, Blow Bubbles

Go Berry Picking & Make a Homemade Berry Pie

Make Homemade Ice-cream

Do nothing all day (stay in our PJ’s)

Go Kayaking as a family

Hop on the train for an Afternoon in Chicago

Go to Noah’s Ark Waterpark

Go to Six Flags Great America

Play in the sprinklers, slip n’ side & have a family water balloon toss

Slumber Party with a Bestie

A Picnic at the Beach (fly a kite) followed by a Bonfire & S’mores

Have a back to school party with summer & school friends

Family Karaoke & Dance Night

Go grab a Sweet Summer Treat in our Jammies

Our list includes a variety of ideas from each of us. Some of them are super simple and fun. I hope you find a few of our ideas inspiring to summer and maybe even this will inspire you to make your own Family Summer Fun List!!!

If you already do, please share them with me below as I would love to hear all about what summer fun you and your family have planned. We are SO ready!


Cheers to Summer,


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