What’s Up Wednesday | June 17

Hello Gorgeous,

Today is What’s Up Wednesday! I’m linking up with a great community of MOM bloggers to share these random and fun topic highlights!


So here is What’s Up with me this Wednesday,

I.       What We’re Eating the rest of this Week

Wednesday Sausage Kale Soup, this is so yummy ya’ll. My husband actually originated this recipe with ingredients that we had on hand one night and ever since then we’ve just loved it!

Thursday Turkey, Apricot and Hummus Panini’s with Kale Chips

Friday Rotisserie or Grilled BBQ Chicken, Corn on the Cobb & a Side Salad with Strawberry slices

Saturday We will be out and about on this day so we will dine out! I believe the hubbs wants to go to Sonic.

Sunday Flank Steak Salad with Kale and Mixed Greens topped with Balsamic Vinegar (Ranch for Junior – as I’m sure he considers ranch to be one of the major food groups. I mean he has it with everything – it’s so crazy!)

II.      What I’ve Been Reminiscing About

Our 11 year Wedding Anniversary Celebration this year, which was so amazing! Truly a sweet Sweet sweet day! Will put it all together for us – he truly amazes me with how he cherishes our Love. All I had to do was schedule our sitter and be ready on time. It was such a special day, I had such a sweet and beautiful time with my Will, he is truly so romantically sweet. #HeLovesMe!

I was thinking about how we celebrated the week prior to Spring Break so I wasn’t able to fully savor all the goodness of this day prior to hitting the road and soaking up all the good family time we enjoyed on our spring break vacation but this day was one of the sweetest things!

spirit of chi 4(here is a view of the windy city from our ship – the view was amazing! pinch me)

Will scheduled a lunch cruise in the windy city of Chicago for us to enjoy. He booked the Spirit of Chicago. From the moment we stepped foot onto the boat every part of their staff wished us a Happy Anniversary. I was shocked the first time as I was curious how they knew, so that was a sweet little touch added to a sweet little day! I have never been surprised so this was so nice, I’m so blessed and grateful. 

spirit of chi 5

(I just love my handsome so much!)

The food was delicious, the view was impressively memorable, the hugs and kisses were breathtaking, the company was unforgettable and, the memories of this day will last a lifetime I’m so happily in love with my husband and I thank the Lord I get to spend my forever with such a great man!

spirit of chi 1When we walked in, they took us to our table that was covered in rose petals. I was literally blushing inside & out! Will just knows my love language so well and it still blows my mind that he loves and adores me the way he does. #truelove

I was staring into His eyes and thinking of just how thankful I am that here at 11 years, I love him more than I have yet to this day. I mean I am just so grateful to be blessed with such a love like ours, truly am! #happyheart

spirit of chi 3

(Is this view not awesome!)

After the cruise we had some time so we walked around Navy Pier, grabbed a delicious cup of Java and watched the people of Chicago for a little bit. I love people watching in the big city! As we were sitting there he announced that he had another surprise. He revealed that he scheduled a couples massage downtown in the city. I mean is he not a little bit of perfect? Yes he is!

After the massages, he took me to my absolute favorite bakery of all time in Chicago, “Sweet Mandy B’s” if you haven’t tried this place, you must! I love this little joint so much! I get their confetti cookies every single time and I can’t just get one and, I’m not willing to disclose how many I get but trust me they are that good!!! On this day we were in line and out comes one of the bakers with these little mini versions of none other than my fave, ‘the confetti cookie’ and asks just Will and I if we’d like them at no charge! UM, are you kidding me? Absolutely with great joy and pleasure – Thank you! I mean our day was filled with sweet little moments of goodness like this. So that’s what I have been reminiscing about, just been thinking about our love and how much I enjoy being one half of a romantic couple. I’m so blessed to be Mrs. Wilfred Ortiz. 

III.     What I’m Loving


Tarte Shape Tape and Tarteist Clay Paint Eye Liner have been some beauty faves all month! These are my first Tarte products and I’m kind of crushing on Tarte!


I have also been loving this Lorac ‘Pro’ Contour Palette & Brush I have had this for a few months and loved it at first but got distracted by Too Faces Bronzer but have been enjoying this little beauty again as it has been a great go to this spring/summer and I’m loving this brush!!! 


I have been loving this bible. I have not been able to find a bible that I love more than I did my very first big girl bible that my grandfather bought me when I gave my heart and life to the Lord but I clearly wore that thing out as it’s been 17 years of good use. Will has bought me a couple but I just haven’t loved them. Will and I took off a half day for a couples massage. I guess we love couples massages ay!? : ) And we had some time to spare so we stopped at Barnes & Noble and I found this slimeline gem and I love it so much! My previous version was this bible but leather and I couldn’t find it anywhere so, I found this one.  


IV.      What We’ve Been Up To

We have been up to so much! Busy Bee’s are We but with all good things!

The kids finalized their last season of Soccer with Coach Mike! They loved their soccer team and I truly wish we could have remained together forever but I think it was time. Our super and awesome soccer moms will make sure that we remain connected outside of soccer and I’m glad about that! 

I always see how much they love each other but it’s been exceptionally special watching their bond as they’ve shared the field.  

soccer1(Grabbed this pic of Miss Mackenzie using Will as her resting spot! Cuteness)

bestsoccerteameverHere is a pic of our team last season (minus Mason and Owen)

I shared this photo of them because well it’s my favorite one that I have taken it’s actually printed and framed in our family room.


Mackenzie had her first dance class last week and it was so amazing! Why? Because she found a passion in life. She was literally electric all night long! I was so excited for her that entire week prior because I just had a feeling that she was going to love it. Indeed she did! She was focused, in her zone and super duper excited, truly electric.


(here is a pic of her practicing her splits)

Just yesterday Mackenzie had the opportunity to experience a possible option for her “fall sport schedule” which is joining a Tumbling and Cheer Team along with a Hip Hop class and she really loved it and was so excited about it! So now she is contemplating where she see’s herself going in the next couple of years. She’s weighing the option of Basketball & Dance (Hip-Hop, Tap & Jazz) or, joining the Tumbling Cheer Competition Team. So she’s been considering and bouncing thoughts off of us today, it’s so cute how they look forward and have a vision for their future!


(Here she is doing her back bend, I call her sister long legs! Wow is she getting tall!)

We have been enjoying watching and cheering on Will as he is playing for the Yankee’s again this year. He’s really loving this year’s machine pitch! I have been assisting with coaching third base and I never knew how intense this position could be! Wow, but so fun encouraging the boys. Go Yankees! We are having a lot of fun with this league twice a week.


(His hat turned to the side, haha! love my little man so so so much! #firstborn)


(Ortiz Junior up to bat!)


(Of course sissy is there to cheer him on in her Yankee’s Gear! Go Will!!!)


(The sunsets at the baseball diamond are a sliver of heaven, just so Racine beautiful.)

We have also been training and having basketball practices for the teams that we are sponsoring for the kids this year in the 3 on 3 Gus Macker Tournament. We have been enjoying these practices early Saturday Mornings and the weather this past Saturday was pure perfection. I love waking up so early on the weekends, prior to the majority of our town and getting out and about. 

I know in my last What’s up Wednesday I said that I didn’t want our summer consumed by Sports and it has been pretty busy with sports but it won’t be all summer so enjoying it while it lasts!

V.       What I’m Dreading

Going through all of our stuff still for the rummage! I’ll be tackling this a little this weekend! We have nailed down a date which is fast approaching and I have communicated with our neighborhood so now all I have to do is gather all that’s for sale and prep and prime the items we are selling and sell them of course! I am some what excited to get rid of all of the ‘extras’ but I am not really looking forward going through all of that stuff!

VI.     What I’m Working On

I have been going through each section of our house little by little to purge and get rid of stuff we no longer need, use or, serves a purpose. I have been loving this and feeling so accomplished when I knock out one of the spaces! #ocdissues

I am working on planning my blog’s month’s at glance, so that I can just work my plan. My grandmother used to say that my great-grandfather would say “plan your work and work your plan, it’s that simple in life” so that’s sort of been my go to motto with planning out my work for my blog!

I am working on going through all of our recipes and weeding out the fattening and non-nutritious recipes from our recipe log. 

I am working on being more disciplined with my workout schedule in the mornings.


VII.    What I’m Excited About

July & August! Things are going to slow down a little bit in these two months allowing for more family time and little moments to be enjoyed. I love summer time!


I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not but we are renovating our Kitchen with a help of My Husband Will, Chris our Contractor and, Scott our Electrician! I’m so glad that Will is pretty handy around here! This has been going on the since the weekend prior to Mother’s Day and I have to admit I am excited and inspired about it coming to a close as it’s just so exciting to see your vision come to life!

VIII.   What I’m Watching & Reading


We have been watching the “Good Wife” with Julianna Margulies who I think is just brilliant in this. So far we are on season two and she truly tries to do it all right, raising her children, standing by her husband, working and supporting her home. We say we will only watch one episode and then there we are at 10pm starting our ‘just one episode’ which turns into at least two or three and, Yup! We are tired the next day but we are truly liking this series so far. I’ll have to let you know if we continue to like it… maybe we’ll complete it by the end of July!

And of course we have been watching the Bachelorette! 


I’ve really only been reading the Bible this month. I miss reading but truly can’t find the time right now to designate in all the busy. 

IX.      What I’m Listening To

I have been listening to “Sweet Thing” by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan and singing this sweet little jam for the last two weeks and I’m just loving this old school jam!

I have also been listening to “Baila Esta Cumbia” and “Amor Prohibido by Selena Quintanilla

X.       What I’m Wearing


These Carly Crops are again by my recent favorite jean brand, articles of society and I am loving them! I’m interested in these for my next purchase but I am not sure if they will remain this ‘black’, if any of you have any suggestion for a good black skinny, please let a lady know where to go!

Ok, Ladies!!! I just ordered these two AOS jeans, I scored them on SALE! I mean who doesn’t love a sale! They were both 40% off! So I purchased these because, I typically would get my worn look jeans from American Eagle but every time they would just get crazy obnoxious with the rips – so I’m looking forward to see how the Articles of Society Sarah Skinny Jeans (Worn) wear on me over time. I also picked these up a pair of these as well as they were also 40% off, Articles of Society Mya Skinny Jeans (Andorra). No excuse for this purchase other than it’s my favorite brand at 40% off.

So do your future self a favor and click on those links to pick up a pair of these awesome jeans and don’t forget Nordy has free shipping. I’m such a sucker for Free shipping!


My favorite fragrance has been this Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet sweet scent that Will bought me actually maybe two years ago. It’s perfect for spring/summer as it’s light and beautiful. I have about 1/2 of this bottle remaining and I may use it all by the end of this summer because I am loving it. 

fave glasses

OBSESSING over these Quay High Key Sunglasses they are just so fresh to me, I bought the black fade to clear but they have four other color options as well! They are sturdy like a higher end pair of sunglasses but don’t have the price of high end ones. If you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses I would highly suggest investing in these sweet little sunnies! I love them and if you aren’t willing to splurge a little on the Quay’s here is an affordable $14 pair by BP that are actually in my shopping cart as well since I have an obsession with sunglasses! 


I love the pop of turquoise in this $9.49 watch from BP. So I think this is the Color of the Year officially and I’m loving it! It just catches my attention all the time when shopping around. And my Alex & Ani Initial Bracelet was a stocking stuffer from Will this past Christmas! I love it and wear it just about every day. I now want a “W one & M one” for Will and Mackenzie! Love this bangle, it’s dainty simple & cute.

And I guess my last faves are this Yankee Hat and my comfy Camo tee as they have been a favorite go to duo of mine this baseball season!

I have always loved the Yankees but this has an even greater meaning to me this year as my boy is playing for the Young Yankees! This hat is so comfortable and will cover any bad hair day or windy day! Oh and these hoops have been like an everyday go to as well. 

yankees hat

XI.      What I’m Doing this Weekend

We have a fun little family adventure planned for this weekend that we are all looking forward to not to mention it’s the Fourth of July Weekend!

XII.     What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

The Fourth of July, Family Time at The Beach, Bonfire & S’mores and all the Sunshine in July!

Love this pic of the kids from last year.  How much have they grown, Wow… Little Miss Mackenzie was toothless in this picture. haha! I love them so much


XIII.    What Else is New

I had the chance to carve out some special one on one time with this handsome little fella and it was the most precious heart-warming little date I’ve ever been on. To speak with him, to give him my undivided attention and for me to get the blessed opportunity to hear him pour out the depth of his heart and mind to his momma was nothing short of precious! We went to dinner and a movie and he opened my door at every chance, held my hand, printed out our movie tickets, laughed, smiled, made me laugh and just truly enjoyed. I love being his Momma, he makes it so easy. Such a great person is he. 


My olive anorak jacket is so lightweight, the hood is big enough and doesn’t make my head look like a cone head 😉 and is truly water resistant so it keeps me dry & warm and it definitely came in handy on this night as it was raining on our date night! 

Well thanks for sharing your time with me! 

Hope you have a FANTASTIC, SAFE & HAPPY Fourth of July Weekend!





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