What’s Up Wednesday | July 2017

Today is What’s Up Wednesday!

What a great summer it’s turned out to be so far – right, and we still have a little over a month left of the goodness! #excited #ilovesummer

I hope you all are enjoying every bit of it and making the most of every day as it goes so, so fast. Today I will be sharing the following fun and random little bits of our life with you so, Enjoy!



Wednesday: Bacon Apricot & Roasted Red Pepper Panini’s

Thursday: Italian Sausage Kale Soup & Chef Salad

Friday: We are heading to the County Fair so we will grab some Fair Food Finds out there! #funnelcakes #creampuffs

Saturday: Lettuce Burgers & Corn on the Cobb 

Sunday: BBQ Chicken Taco’s

The kids have enjoyed dessert like every single night this week. Say What!!! 🙂 Just a few spoonfuls of their picks below gives their little tummies a sweet delight! Will was talking about why Sorbet is obviously the better choice over Ice-cream so he started to read the ingredients to back up his opinion and Mackenzie said ‘okay you can stop Will, there is no way my ice-cream is healthy it’s just delicious’ It cracks me up but hey isn’t that what summer is all about!  We also made homemade Strawberry Icecream earlier this month and it was actually pretty scrumptious!icecreamyouscream

And I just have to share the fact that this deliciousness launched at Starbucks this week. It’s a Teavana pineapple fruit botanical black tea blend with coconut milk – however I had my barista shake it with some heavy cream as well to make it just a little ‘richer’ tasting per her suggestion! It was super refreshing and enjoyable and it’s joining the permanent menu so if you like piña coladas and refreshing splashes of deliciousness you may want to try this but no rush because you can get this all year long!

pina colada


Our trip to California, I wanted to go back so bad and spoke to Will about going back yet still this year and he was thinking of taking us out there this year for My Birthday in October but it would be such a short trip that I thought it will be better to wait and make the most of it later!

We have tossed it back and forth over the last two years about moving out there and making California our HOME Sweet HOME and I do believe it will come to be as the whole family is on board so yes, Sweet Cali has been what I’ve been reminiscing about. 

Sunrises are divine. The resort we stayed at was amazing!


The Oceanfront is so beautiful and powerful, Washed this little baby Dolphin ashore.


We couldn’t keep this guy out of the Ocean – literally! He LOVES California!!!


And Sweet Mackenzie feeling so Free on the Beach

This pose though & missing her two front teeth. My baby forever she’ll be!


So needless to say I can’t wait to book our next trip!



The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Seriously I legit have been shopping the Sale e-v-e-r-y single day! They are adding new items daily and re-stocking items that I am keeping my eye on and I actually have loved every single item purchased!  Heaven help me I really should stop after this. You can see my 1st post here and my 2nd round here. 

Click this picture if you want to shop some of my favorite picks from the sale so far!



And these pajamas are so comfortable and cute! And this Sigma Beauty Brush Set #Score!


Our Weeks have been so busy, I would have to say this entire year has been the busiest and best year yet! Thankful for God’s presence in our lives today, forever and always and His amazing grace, guidance and, unmerited favor. He leads and we follow and I’m grateful every day that He guides us through so graciously. 

Will has enjoyed this season of baseball and I’m so glad! He is playing in the Semi-Final Championship for his baseball league tonight so we are all super excited about that!! This league has been a little intense with machine pitch and to say that he was so excited after winning his playoff game on Monday this week is an understatement, he was Stoked! He smiled so big and said ‘Momma this is the most excited I’ve ever been about playing in a baseball game’ I told him I am so proud of him and glad he is loving it! On the way home that night, I ‘interviewed‘ him and it was the cutest thing! #lovehim #myboy #chillwill


Some of the parents on the sidelines though have had me much like “what is going on in the world!?!” #itsnotthatserious #3rdbasecoachproblems (pic from Milwaukee Zoo) lol


Here is a picture of the 2017 Yankees!

(My little guy is the only guy not smiling but at least my Mr. is! )


Mackenzie has been a busy bee with cheer and tumbling classes twice a week and she is totally loving it. It’s like her thing and it’s so exciting to see her in her element. She is excited to add a Hip-Hop class into the mix starting in August. These are the times of our lives and we have to enjoy every single moment of it! #loveher #mygirl




Currently nothing, thankfully! #alliswell



I am working on figuring out the best way to manage it all. Aren’t we all!? Ha,ha! Seriously this year has been one of the busiest and best years of our lives yet and I’m so thankful for each opportunity the Lord has afforded to us and I just want to do the best I can in regards to setting us all up for success in all aspects of our priorities and that has proven to be a little more demanding and challenging than it has in years past. That scripture, Luke 12:48 comes to mind when I think of this year where it talks about To whom much is given, much is required and to who much has been entrusted, more will be asked! Can I get an #Amen! 

We just have a few new focuses added to all of our lives so I have been trying to find the new normal in our scheduling so we can manage and manage well, thrive not just survive. So getting that in order has thingbeen a main focus for me this month. I have used this planner here to get me through this year and I have depended on this amazing little thing for our scheduling needs this entire last year. I am looking forward to ordering my next one already actually for 2018!! I know – to even think that we are closer now to 2018 than 2016 is crazy indeed, time really does fly doesn’t it! #makethemostofit


My Favorite Planner, here




I watched the movie love and basketball the weekend before last. It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and watched this one and it’s official I still love it.

We are still watching The Good Wife, I think we are on Season 3 finally, I like love it!

the good wife

And last but not least we are watching The Bachelorette, I wonder who she is going to pick! I have no favorites actually so wishing Rachel the best!


I’ve been reading the BIBLE, that’s the book for me, I stand upon the word of God the B-I-B-L-E. Ha, don’t you love those Sunday School Songs we grew up with! I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like lately! Just the Bible along with my daily devotional. I have the Jesus Always by Sarah Young. I don’t love it as much as I loved Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I can’t tell you how much I loved this devotional and how timely it was. So I think I’d still highly recommend Jesus Calling if you are looking for a devotional but I wouldn’t jump to recommend her Jesus Always. 

I have also been reading bits of the Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind, and Soul book for the last month or so.



I want to be your man by Zapp & Roger. I think it’s because I watched love and basketball and…. I just had to go add this to my itunes library! #iloveoldschooljams seriously! 


I’ve also been listening to some older Alicia Keys and Beyonce faves and this song by Lecrae & Tori Kelly, I like the light and catchy melody. 




shark week

Ha,ha! I literally did get excited about #SharkWeek I love how they come up with all this stuff! It really is the making the most out of the littlest things that makes life so great and grand! So what was exciting about Shark Week this year? Well if you haven’t checked this out already and I’m sure you have but in case you haven’t click here on this link to watch what happens when Michael Phelps Races Great White Shark (technically and technically not live but still)

What is Shark Week? Shark Week is an annual week of honoring Sharks on the Discovery Channel. So in essence, it is educational, informative and, entertaining. Shark Week has been going on since July of 1988 so I thought that was pretty neat!




Personalized Bracelets with My Babies Names | Ani & Alex Bangle | Gorjana Gold Hoops


These Asics Gel’s are so amazing! They were a gift from my hubbs and well worth it! They are so breathable durable comfortable and oh so lively! Similar Asics Gel here. And aren’t Mackenzie’s little feet just so cute. I have been wearing these every M-F for my morning walk with my love!


I have been loving this lip duo Too Faced Melted Long Wear Lip Stick | NYX Lip Liner


Carly Crops | Lush Cross Top I purchased in three colors, I love the feel & fit so adorbs!


Heading to the County Fair to watch the Demo Derby! The kids were intrigued when Dad was telling them all about it so that’s going to be fun along with seeing the horses and enjoying funnel cakes! #yum

Saturday I signed Mackenzie up for a special Dance Class Workshop so we may wake up early, workout on the beach then head over to that and then later that day I think I’ll get some painting done. 

Other than that, we are going to add some final touches to our kitchen and hopefully Go for a Bike Ride since the kids got new bikes this week! (They decided to sell their old bikes at the rummage this year so they could upgrade and they are both so excited about their new bikes!)



Enjoying the last month of Summer, Every single day of it + Back to School Shopping!!!



I am super duper excited about our kitchen remodel coming to a close! #thankyouJesus It’s almost done and it’s sooooo exciting. My husband is SUCH a handy man, I’m in awe! I have very few words that can do Will justice all around, he is legitimately beyond an amazing man and I’m eternally grateful for every bit of him. He’s been working so hard to get this done and done well and yeah, he’s really just a stellar person all around and I am so appreciative for him and all he does and for who he is and without him I don’t think this kitchen remodel would have gone so swell.

We have just a few more things to finalize and it will be DONE! I would not sign up for a kitchen remodel like ever again in my life while living in the home with smaller children. It’s just a lot more than I personally anticipated however I should have listened to Will. He certainly told me that it was a HUGE undertaking and indeed it has been.

Is it worth it you ask? Absolutely! So if I were to ever do this again which I don’t foresee ever happening but if I did, I’d have to set up a mock kitchen in another one of our living spaces because we just need our kitchen, it really is the heart of our home.


Well that’s what’s up with our Wednesday! Have a great rest of your day & night!




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