Friday Favorites

Can you believe their are only Five more Friday’s after this one until School Starts?! I am well prepared and ready to soak up every last moment of Summer. Today I’m sharing Five Favorites from this week.


In my post earlier this week I mentioned how my boy was going to be playing in the Semi-Final Championship Game and THE YANKEE’S WON!!! So we are headed to the Championship Game tomorrow!!! They all played so well collectively on offense and defense and I was such a proud momma and supporter of these young men!


Photo Credit: Erin, she’s the best & Will and Hogan are a great duo on the courts & fields!


I have been loving these personalized bracelets! They are delicate and silver coated in 24k gold. Earlier this week I didn’t have them on in the morning once I was dressed and ready for the day and I was styling Mackenzie’s hair and she says “Mommy, where is your Mackenzie bracelet?!” I said oh do I like have to wear it every day!? And she said “Absolutely!” haha! So every day I’ve been wearing these and love them so much! Such a sweet reminder of their precious little selves during the day!

This Kimono is from Milaeger’s and it’s so beautiful and also seems delicate and just so perfectly pretty!



My Favorite Bible Verse this week has been a long time favorite. When we rid ourselves of being consumed of ourselves, and we posture our hearts and our minds on God, He is so faithful to make it all well with our soul and give us and keep us in perfect peace.

Isaiah 26:3


My Favorite Quote for the Week goes well with this weeks verse actually!

good good


These two pieces were a favorite wear this week! Both are super comfy and have a little edge to them. They are both in the Nordstrom Sale which will be going on until August 6th so, if you haven’t checked out the sale yet, head over to Nordstrom now. 

Socialite Cutout Choker Tee

When I first received this shirt, I was a little skeptical actually because the strap across was much shorter looking but when I actually was wearing it, it was perfect and much like the models here. I also tucked it in the middle as well as it sat best that way! Love this, waiting and hoping they re-stock the black and if they don’t I have the grey in my bag ‘waiting’ for later because this shirt is amazingly comfortable and cute. 

Zella Cece High Waist Open Knee Leggings

These are perfection. I also had a slight reservation when I received these open knee zella leggings they appeared super small and so I was thinking that I would have to return them but they actually fit perfectly and to say that these are comfortable, is an understatement! I love them. They are totally in my weekend rotation! 


These kids finished up their summer program and both received great reports from their teachers! They are just stellar kids and speaking of stellar, I’d have to say that #Stellar and #Stoked are probably my favorite words of the week as well! #thankfulforthem #lovethem


Have a great weekend!!!





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