Happy Back To School Season!


Each Year My Husband Will & I cherish the first day back to school. It’s the reminder that fall is near and summer is about to clear another year. But more importantly it’s the reminder that change can be beautiful and that growth is inevitable.

I remember the Pre-K days where we would ease into the school year so to speak. It has always been something I like to savor as our precious ones jump from the slower summer days into their busier school days. But this year we are geared up and ready to go, much like last year, Busy Bee’s are we working hard for the honey, honey 🙂

Today I’m sharing a few of my Sanity Savers if you will, for the hustle and bustle of the Back To School Season. Tiny checkpoints I review before the start of each school year and I thought, I’d share them with you all!



Start Fresh! Make a conscious effort to leave any negative residue behind that may have presented itself last year in your child’s classrooms, friendships, leaderships, whatever it may be. Make the decision to start a fresh and a new with a fresh perspective. Don’t be the Duke of Doubt or allow last year’s challenges determine this years successes! 



Schedule down-time! Schedule? Yes – trust me on this. Schedule at least one weekend day a month where you just chill! Not only for you but also for your little ones! And do not feel bad for saying ‘no’ this ‘no’ is an important ‘no’!

Ease your way into Commitments, Do not over-commit yourself or your children in the beginning of the year.  I love to write things down as I know I’ve mentioned before in my Erin Condren Planner it is a true life-saver as it just helps me to write it down and then to schedule it in our joint e-calendar. Quite honestly, I’ve learned one to many times that what may look good on paper is not actually a good fit for our family life and those are the harder no’s! (So if you can make sure those first few months have at least one free day.)


I don’t know about you but I am a P-L-A-N-N-E-R, yes folks! I’m a planner. I love that our school district releases the entire year at glance so I can properly plan the kids time off. So go to your school districts home page and look for their calendar to see what your school year at glance looks like. If you attend RUSD then the calendar can be found linked (here). But this really seems to help me get into the planning mode.



Communication is key I believe. I like to remind our children of our expectations in the coming year. I like to give them a reminder talk about not just their now but their future. I use this time to check in on the hopes and aspirations they have shared with me the previous years. Are we still on the same trek, do you still want to be a doctor, teacher, musician, ect. when you grow up? Who’s responsibility is it to do this or that? We take some time each year to discuss our hopes and goals for the coming year with our children and then we allow for them to share their hopes and goals for themselves for the coming year with us. It’s kind of one of my favorite talks of the year.

I then take that conversation to analyze what I need to do as their Momma to assure that they are set up for success. I like to ask them what they think they may need or what may help them accomplish those goals and then I come up with a little plan as needed.

I’ve learned over the years that it does no one any good to just assume that either of them would just know and understand what our expectations of them are without us communicating them and vice-a-versa. I don’t structure this as a formalized meeting or anything, I just make the time to do it. Actually most of the time this happens when we go grab a sweet treat to eat and then sit at a park so after our talk they can run and have some fun!


Consider what ways your little ones have grown in responsibility over the last year and figure out what new responsibilities they are ready to grow in this year. This is apart of life in our home (preparing them for growth and then giving them the opportunity to exercise it). Each year for example we add a new chore to their chore chart and we give them a fresh perspective on their role in society, being a living light and testimony to themselves and to all of those around them. Just taking the time to see what areas we can allow them to grow in whether in understanding and or responsibility has been a great service to us.

I can’t remember where we got this but this is such a simple little something to share. Hold up 3 fingers and share this with your kids. (builds accountability & so much more)

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. | James 1:19

But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. | John 14:26

Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong . . . | Exodus 23:2



Lastly & Most Importantly, Pray! We know there is power in prayer – turning our worries into prayers and activating our faith as we are confident in God’s plan for the lives of our children and those who surround them in their day to day is essential! Our family prays our way into the ‘new year’ and this serves no different as it’s a ‘new school year’. Some things that we Pray for is for Protection, Friendships, Leadership & Growth Opportunities, Wisdom &, Insight.


Well that’s all for now loves.






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