Today was the Day My People!

It’s officially here, the 2017-2018 School Year has officially kicked off.

The kids had a very busy and fun first day of school, they were excited and ready to go!

After a healthy breakfast, lots of pictures, a full day of school, they had their semi-annual dental cleanings followed by, dessert before dinner so they could be sweetly distracted while giving all the juicy details about their first day to mom and dad!

(Brownies after a dental cleaning – Really Mom!?! Yes, Really – it’s the first day of school!) 

Now time for Taco Tuesday!

9-5-2017 1-13-46 PM

(every bit of precious – I love them so much – they are my heart)

Our Will,

Is really growing up on us, he still plans to be a Doctor when he grows up. He has been saying that he will be a doctor since he was about 5 years old. I’ll never forget the first time he told me (#preciousmoments).  I kind of sort of can’t believe that we have been sharing our lives with this guy for almost 9 years. I mean crazy-amazing! He is such a great kid really! He was stellar-stoked to have gotten the teacher he has this year. It was actually the teacher he was hoping for in second grade and she just so happened to transition to third grade this year and this guy ended up with her! So he is so happy and is really anticipating learning A-Lot this year and seems very excited about it. My Smart Guy. Hoping and praying that He a great year of growth!

My husband mentioned that 9 is half-way to 18 and if the 2nd round of 9 years go as fast as the last 9 years, I may just have to ask him to ‘freeze’ #bittersweet


(Sometimes I wish I could download all the awesomeness that I see in him, such a great person who is going to do great things in this world! He was born for such a time as this!)

He has picked a lot of cool graphic animal print tops for this year.



Our Mackenzie,

Still plans on being a Nurse as well as a Praise & Worship leader at her local church when she grows up who teaches Art classes on the side! It’s a lot to focus on but I know she can do it. It truly speaks of her love for life. She is also growing rather fast and perhaps attempting to mature a little sooner than she ought (#girls), so we have been praying how to best encourage and direct her as she has some amazing leadership skills and abilities that are going to benefit her in life when exercised and expressed properly. She is bold, fierce, confident, smart, bright, observant and, amazingly beautiful on the inside and out with the sweetest of hearts and we are just looking forward to watching her grow in God’s grace this year. She’s just going to blossom & bloom!


(As I pray for her, it actually shows me a lot about myself and inspires me to be better, to do better – so that I am modeling best for her and giving her the greatest platform!)

She loves these pants, calls them her ‘Selena’ pants!

Oddly, it was chilly here in Wisconsin this morning! So it actually felt like fall!



Will captured a pic of us in the car prior to the kids taking off!

(I am smiling inside I promise – I think I was still in the hustle & bustle of the morning but I love the pic of the rest of my sweet fam so had to share. #blessed #thankful)

 the fam

(my flannel can be found here – it runs large so size down one size)

After drop-off and pictures with friends at school Will and I headed to enjoy our annual 1st day of school breakfast together with just the two of us. I love this because we take the time to support & encourage each other and briefly confirm and cast visions for the family over the coming school year. Ya’ll I can not tell you enough how much I love this man right here! He is ‘such‘ an amazing-amazing man. He is my blessing and I love him so muy-muy mucho much! #grateful

So that’s Day One in the Books!

Now, cheers to the rest of an Awesome & Exciting 2017-2018 School Year!






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