My Friday Faves|September 8

Friday Favorites



Today I’m sharing Five of My Faves from this week. 

Really looking forward to this weekend! I hope you all enjoy your weekend as well!




My heart – Oh my heart for the victims of these natural disasters. Hurricane Harvey left multitudes in devastation, and Hurricane Irma has also already effected many victims on the Islands and is now fiercely headed for the state-lines. 

The weight of these natural disasters is just an outright tragedy.

Praying for each and every single person that has been abruptly uprooted from their day to day lives, their neighborhoods and everything that made Home, HOME! Also praying for those evacuating the sunshine state praying for safety on all the roadways and extended stays somewhere safe!

Below are a few ways to contribute to the relief if you were looking for a way to donate!


For $30 bucks you’ll be making a $26 donation to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts not to mention you will get this shirt from Chip & Jo’s Magnolia Market!

$26 t-shirt + $4 shipping = $30 paid in full



 Another Shirt, this one is from Fleurty Girl. Houston helped New Orleans during the relief of Hurricane Katrina and now New Orleans is able to help Houston by donating 100% of the proceeds to Feeding Texas – an organization that serves food banks in and throughout the affected areas you may also go directly to the Feeding Texas site to donate as well if you’d prefer, linked (here).

For $24.16 you’ll be making a $20 donation + $4.16 for the USPS First Shipping Option (scroll down a little for this shipping option once to that point as it’s not right on top) for this spunky t-shirt.



And finally I have a few ways that you may just simply donate.

I would like to first suggest the Samaritan’s Purse you can simply click here, or go to The Samaritan’s Purse is noted to have accomplished a great and many things to contribute to the relief of Harvey and are well known for their help in International Crisis Response.

To donate to Hurricane IRMA relief efforts click ( here )

To donate to Hurricane HARVEY relief efforts click ( here )

And last but not least the simplest way to contribute – would have to be via text. You will just text the word HARVEY to ‘90999‘ to donate $10 to the American Red Cross.

Praying that those who have had their day to day lives ripped right from their grip, are able to put and keep their minds on the things above rather than on the overwhelming circumstances. Trusting that God will make everything beautiful in it’s time. #trust #hope #faithinJesus #wearebettertogether #unitedwestand #america 


(it is more blessed to give than receive)




Now I truly feel as though Erin just get’s me and speaks my Organizational Language – is that a thing? I don’t know if it is but I appreciate it that she just get’s it because to me that was not an easy feat – I’d consider it pure genius actually!

When I open it, I may or my not hear the heaven’s rejoice! haha!


I LOVE the International Watermarked Print that I selected for 2018, just inspires me in so many ways! The updated leopard print was tempting – however since I already have a leopard one and the covers are interchangeable, I can change them in and out throughout the year if I just so choose. 

She is actually having a sale right now BOGO for the interchangeable covers! So head over to her site and order your 2018 deluxe planner so you can also get a head start on planning and preparing for the awesome year of 2018!

If you are like me, you already have some dates that you need to get down and planned out for 2018 so ordering now is just perfect timing.  🙂  

FullSizeRender (6)

I love how the life and inspo is alive inside the planners as well!

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

I am loving the gold spiral binding this year also! 

I love this fall tote that I can carry all of my go-to items in, that are needed throughout the work week! I tend to carry a purse and a lunch pack or a tote quite often during the work week and I kind of sort of was ready to change out my taupe one for this black beauty so I’m excited that I found this one for 50% off!


(phase 3 tote 50% off)



This Humidity Shield by Living Proof has been a saving grace for my crazy lion mane. The humidity can really do a number on my hair. It’s a great lightweight formula that works for many different hair types. I love this stuff honestly & truly.

Humid days are days I always equated to bad hair days or days for braids until I found this stuff! I’m not kidding! So if you are looking for a real Humid Shield that is not only awesome but doesn’t leave your hair stiff or sticky, works great and, is lightweight then this is your new go-to! #thankmelater 

humidity shield

I now want to try the Living Proof No Frizz Nourshing Oil since I know the Humid Shield worked so well! (currently in my cart).

It can also be found at Ulta.




Mackenzie and I like to agree on a new nail polish each season and to kick off fall we picked ‘Bachelorette Bash‘ by Essie. It’s a juicy fuchsia. We couldn’t fully agree on a color so we had to have the boys weigh in with a vote and this one won! We picked it up last week and have been loving it everyday since – sort of vivacious! 




My morning routine has to be a favorite of this week as well!

I have been waking up earlier to assure I get that Mommy Me time and there is just something about a crisp fall morning, just speaks life to my soul!

I enjoy a nice warm cup of hot water with two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and two drops Young Living’s Lemon Essential Oil, (Referral Code: 3048455) during my devotional time.

Followed by a Workout and about 30 minutes of Mommy Me time.

All, before I wake up the crew for the start to their day!

It’s just been such a great way to start my day and I’m really enjoying it!


That wraps up my favorites this week! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!







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