Happy Fri-yay My Beautiful Friends,

What a busy weekend we have ahead of us here in Wisconsin but with all good things so I’m really looking forward to it. Today I’m sharing Five Faves with you all from my week so, enjoy!

Friday Favorites



My numbero Uno is this guy right here! My handsome, sweet, smart, kind-hearted boy turned 9 years old on Sunday! We celebrated his birthday this past weekend with just family and believe it or not all he wanted to do was ‘chill – with his family’.

It could be because he is having a few friends join him this weekend for a laser tag adventure but I thought ‘Hey – bud you are speaking my weekend language’ Family time & Relaxation, sign me up!!! So we enjoyed the day in complete honor of him from sun-up to sun-down, I just can’t believe that my firstborn is 9 years old already, time is really flying by. It’s such a blessing sharing our lives with this young man, truly a privilege. I’m sure all parents feel that way about their children but this guy is such a special person and means so much to us. It was nice that it was a slower paced day to enjoy him, it allowed me to see how grateful he was for the gifts he received. It’s hard at times in America there is so much spoil, expectancy and, entitlement but I didn’t see that in him and that made my heart glad to see him appreciate what he received – that was a gift!




He has become a Packer Fan as of late. After a long journey of finding his way home – ha,ha! He has been a Packer Fan, a Denver Bronco Fan, a Carolina Panther’s Fan, a Dever Bronco Fan, and now here we are again a Greenbay Packer Fan!

He made this official declaration during the Family Night kick-off at Lambeau Field this year. Although he would whisper to me last year during the games (without dad hearing) that he was really a Packer fan just didn’t want dad to know because he liked to banter with dad during the season! (oh he cracks me up!)

It’s been so nice now though with us all cheering for the same team it’s been so fun already! So we got him a personalized GB jersey and he was all smiles and thought it was super cool to have his name on the back! #happyheart


(My Husband, captured these awesome pics & this pose – oh my! haha, All dad’s doing!)


So Happiest of Birthday to this young man that makes his momma & daddy so proud of him every single day. I just love him so so so much! My sweet sugar pie. 🙂 



I have been so eager to embrace all of Fall in my day to day wardrobe yet recently we have had some gorgeous weather, totally Indian Summer Vibes and I am loving that but it’s kind of put a halt to the Sweater Weather but I have still been focusing on transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall so I’m sharing a few good finds with ya.

This LUSH top is Perfection

Seriously, I love LUSH the brand actually, their tops are just my style completely they are trendy enough – not to much, lightweight & classy. I have this top in a few colors actually and love each of them. They can be worn with jeans like the pic below or with leggings.

I often pair them with my favorite pair of leather leggings a fur vest and booties once the temps drop! I love this top with leggings because it’s totally the perfect Tunic.

This top is currently on sale so click (here) to pick one up for yourself.


Cardigans & Cami’s

Cardigan’s & Cami’s is my Spring & Fall transitional Jam, man! It just makes sense to me because you can layer so easily over a nice cami. You can dress up the look with a fancy cami or you can dress it down. Just really simple and a great and easy way to style a look.

You can pair it with leggings or jeans, sandals or booties it’s just my thing and I really like this red Cardi listed below. #greatfind You can click (here) to pick this one up!


Pink Sweaters

Okay, I would more than likely say that Pink Sweaters are a Spring thing – typically that’s what I would have said. But this year I am all about the Pink and Red for Fall.

I love this Simple Pink V-Neck Sweater. I have another one with Open shoulders as well and another chunky knit V-neck pink sweater so I guess I’m kind of loving the Pink.

So I like to buy transitional pieces. Items you can wear for the multiple seasons we have here in good ol’ Wisconsin. So if you are up to a change of pace in your fall wardrobe, you can grab this one (here).


Cold Shoulder Sweater

Basic Grey, Cold Shoulder Sweater. Who doesn’t love a good grey sweater. You can pair gray with everything. I think I like items with an edge – stuff that not everyone is wearing and so the cold shoulders on this sweater are a nice way to add (or take away 😉 in this case) and the ruffles surrounding the cold shoulder details are just adorable click (here).


Bell Sleeve Sweater

I went back and forth as to what color to get with this one because they are both beautiful. I looked in my wardrobe and almost decided against the Purple Mist because well I loved the Rustic Brown color but I already have quite a few Rust colored tops/sweaters in my wardrobe so opted for ‘new’ and a fresh pick so I chose the Purple Mist. I love how it’s paired here with grey jeans and I plan to wear it with Black Booties! You can find it (here) if you’d like to pick one up for yourself.




Mackenzie has been having a blast at her Tumble & Cheer classes. She loves the staff, teachers and, girls in her class! She is learning so much and really growing. I’m looking forward to seeing what becomes of this as she is always tumbling around and doing cartwheels whenever and wherever she can. So excuse us if we are somewhere and my daughter randomly starts doing cartwheels and round-offs in front of us in the middle of the conversation! So funny & happens all the time. #ROCKSTARCHEER&TUMBLE


She was so excited and nervous all at the same time to go up in the air! She loved it.

I think one of my favorite parts of parenting is encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone. As much as I strive to make Home Sweet Home our haven, our safe place, our refuge. I like to take opportunities like these to encourage them to LIVE while Trusting in GOD. Take chances and don’t let fear stifle you or hold you back from living life to the fullest for we know fear is only a shadow of something very, very small!





These Quay Highkey Sunglasses have been on a constant rotation this week. Definite fave with the Indian Summer Vibes. . . (here)




And last but not least, family time! I love family time always but I have been seeming to soak it up even more this week. We seem to have the best times in life when together!



(Spending time at Divino Gelato Café in our Downtown is one of the kids Faves! I guess it’s kind of a Family Fave actually! They love Gelato and ask to head down there weekly and we can’t always so when we do it’s a special treat and they love it!)


(Will & I love Divino’s Café as well! We both got a coffee drink & shared some of their homemade French Macarons! They are our fave and this guy is also my fave – love him!)


Well those are my Five Faves this week! As mentioned earlier we are looking forward to a very busy yet fun weekend spent with friends and precious ones that surround us! Have a great weekend if you are here in Wisconsin – take the time to ENJOY the warm weather!






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