Hello My Beautiful Friends,


I love fall most of all. I love how we get the chance to slow down and collect beautiful moments like the leaves of the trees revealing their true colors then falling free and the crisp morning air.

It’s time for most of my favorite past times to be cherished together with the ones I love so dear. Sharing Warm Tea’s, Hot Cocoa’s & Coffee, Football Games, Apple Picking, Pumpkin Patches, Petting Farms, Bonfires with S’mores, Fuzzy Socks, Fur Throws and, Movie Nights with, Pumpkin Pies. Tis’ the Season ya’ll, it’s fall!



Today I’ll be sharing my Five Friday Faves from this week. What a busy week we have had, Today Will and I have off so we are going to take the kids to school, do a special little desk drop in each of their classes for them and all of their classmates and then head to enjoy breakfast together at the Blue Bear. It’s a sweet little farm to table restaurant in our small town here and they produce everything from scratch and it’s rather delish. After that we will be heading home and I will be decorating the home for fall and Will is going to get some pruning of the yard done. Will be nice to be home with him and just be around before another kick off to yet another fun filled and very busy weekending! 🙂 So here are my five faves this week!


Last week I shared about how our Will turned 9 years old! I kind of still can’t believe that our first born is Nine! What in the world. He’s growing so much mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually – he’s just growing, growing &, growing! On his actual birthday we celebrated with just family and this past weekend him and a few friends as well as his little sister, Mackenzie enjoyed back to back games of laser tag and trampoline dodgeball – which was a total workout as you can see the sweat shining on the boys below. They loved it! Will plans to take few of the boys & their dad’s back over the winter for another laser tag adventure.

9-21-2017 10-47-49 PM

Post Trampoline Dodgeball

9-21-2017 10-49-30 PM.png

This was funny, the Birthday boy got out and then all of his buds, attacked to get him back in the game! I have to say Will has a great group of friends. They are all so bright, respectful, talkative,  athletic, super competitive & funny!

9-21-2017 10-50-07 PM.png

Will’s Back in the Game!

9-21-2017 10-50-44 PM.png

Double Fisted & Ready to Go!

9-21-2017 10-54-07 PM.png

I truly don’t know who had more fun Will or his Dad!

9-21-2017 10-52-11 PM.png

They all had so much fun blasting these dodgeballs!

9-21-2017 10-55-50 PM.png

Mackenzie won the game for Team Ortiz! #girlpower



Speaking of Girl Power, Mackenzie and I enjoyed our 2nd 5K COLOR RUN along with Chrissy & Brooke again this year and ran into plenty of other good friends along the route! Such a fun – fun, time.

9-21-2017 11-02-58 PM

Pre-Race with My Girl

9-21-2017 11-01-50 PM.png

Silly Faces / or duckish lips in my case 😉

9-21-2017 10-37-51 PM.png

These Cuties! So Precious. . .

9-21-2017 10-37-36 PM.png

Mackenzie wanted to put some Dab on it before her favorite color!

9-21-2017 10-38-25 PM.png

These Girls ROCK!

9-21-2017 10-33-45 PM.png

The Bubbles at the end were a bit dreamy!

9-21-2017 10-32-36 PM.png

After the Bubbles we headed over to the after party to collect metals and jump around in more color of course while dancing with the crowd. After all this is the funnest 5K on the planet! So COLOR RUN 2017 is officially in the books!


While the Ladies were away at the 5K these two were biking around town, playing Basketball on Will’s old stomping ground & just hanging around… 😉




A few beauty faves to share with you from my week. Products I have been loving so much this week.


This Estee Lauder Smoothing Perfecting Primer is the best. I have been trial testing a few primers back and forth, this week I tried this one with smashbox and Estee Lauder is the winner! The verdict is still out for Benefits Porefessionals as I used that also now twice this week and I’m not sure I like it better than Estee Lauder but it may be a good back up, so we shall see what next week brings.

I will say about the Estee Lauder that it is hands down a make-up saver, feels really fresh soft and light on the skin and just makes for the perfect foundation prior to your foundation 😉 you can click here to pick it up for yourself. I believe it helps with the keeping power of my makeup throughout the day and slightly has been helpful with oil-control also as it has been so humid here this week.


9-21-2017 10-25-52 PM.png

This cleanser by Peter Thomas Roth is everything, It is what makes me look forward to my showers at night this week! I may have reached for it once or twice in the morning also. So why do I love it? Because it’s so cleansing and purifying and does an AMAZING job at tightening my pores as well. Just simply marvelous darling – hands down my favorite item of the week! Click here, to buy now and you can thank me later, it’s a Winner for me with my oily combination skin type however if you tend to be more dry you may want to steer clear from this as it may be rather drying for dryer more sensitive skin types.

9-22-2017 2-28-41 AM

This Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge is all that people say it is, great for concealer application. But others use it for much, much more. It’s currently on sale for only $17 so 15% off if you would like one for yourself click here.



This is completely random but I have been loving this wallpaper for my iPhone. I’ve really been into all things leopard and it legit matches my Kate Spade Leopard phone case perfectly!

9-21-2017 10-25-33 PM.png



Kate Spade Leopard Ikat Phone Case



Last up it was picture day yesterday and the kids in their flannels were a fave of mine this week! It was so warm here in Wisconsin yesterday but…. they were troopers and sacrificed for picture day cuteness! #momprobs #theyareawesome #lovethem

9-21-2017 10-22-15 PM.png

First Up, Will &  He is All Smiles!

Next Up, Mackenzie . . . But First a Good Photo Bomb.

9-21-2017 10-22-42 PM.png

9-21-2017 10-24-09 PM.png

So Silly & Lively this morning!

9-21-2017 10-24-36 PM.png

Finally Mackenzie’s turn but I couldn’t get her to stop laughing so hard after her silly brother kept photo bombing & commenting with sillies on her side!

9-21-2017 10-25-01 PM.png

She wanted to take one with Mommy before drop off!


Well that wraps up my Five Friday Faves this week! We are going to enjoy another family fun packed weekend. Hope you all do as well!





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