Happy Friday Friends,

I hope you all had a great day!

Today I’m sharing Favorites in Five different Categories. I love all of these items! All the products that I’m sharing with you I own and were definite go-to staples for me in 2017.

I hope you all can find one or two of these products to try this year and add to your adore list!



All three of these are fresh in the game as of 2017 they all smell & work amazingly!

Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield >> (here)

This has a grounding scent and holds my style well all year long but is a lifesaver in the humidity. I apply before heat styling and it just does a great job of locking in the moisture.

Tigi Catwalk Haute Iron Spray >>  (here)

I was recently running low on this and thought I’d try CHI again – as it’s been years but I ended up returning the CHI and grabbing another Tigi Catwalk Haute Iron Spray in exchange as it really did not compare at all in scent or in value.

Chi made me feel as though I was just going thru the motion of protecting my hair but it wasn’t really where as TIGI not only feels as though it’s protecting but it’s also nourishing and adding shine after the style so it’s only a bonus that it smells so – so good!

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Wild >> (here)

I bought this about 3 months ago for the first time and it smells delectable. I have black hair so I notice when I spray closely you see a lot of white residue so I truly have to uphold to the directions of spraying so many inches away. But it not only refreshes my hair and allows me to prolong washes but it adds volume and feels refreshing! Love this.



Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme >> (here)

This is my newest favorite! Got it as a sample actually with one of my Nordstrom beauty purchases and fell in LOVE with the Orange Oil, Gingery, Rose, Indian Kulfi, Madagascar Vanilla & Amber hues! It’s legit perfection to me and I’m in love!

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle >> (here)

Staple since 2003

Alien By Mugler Parfum >> (here)

Discovered this scent about three years ago, My husband Will keeps this stocked for me as the bottles of perfume are refillable. He also has bought me the travel size bottles as stocking stuffers the last two years and I keep them in my purse. This smells so alluring and scrumptious! Will be a forever favorite and staple in my scents 😉



Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream Moisturizer  >> (here) 

Worth it – every bit of it in the colder months. I have yet to indulge in all of Charlotte Tilbury’s goodness but I’ve only heard rave reviews about all of her products – truly!

This moisturizer is rich in goodness and does not leave your skin feeling oily but rather deeply moisturized and nourished. It’s almost as if you can feel your skin soaking up the rejuvenational awesomeness – it just leaves your skin feeling – oh so good about it! 😉

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel >> (here)

This is worth every single penny. I have never used anything that has made my skin feel and appear cleaner and more pure. This is a WOW item. It did take some time for my skin to adjust so this is another product that just a dab will do. I apply a dime size to the palm of my hand rub and apply. Hands down the best facial cleanser that I have ever used!

Retin-A >> (prescription – not sold in stores)

This is subscribed by my doctor but is definitely the most powerful product I use for my face. It comes in multiple doses however I use a smaller percentage as it’s rather drying and just a dab will do! Ask your dermatologist about this.  (not sold in stores)

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum >> (here)

I typically use this in the winter as the benefits are pretty amazing and it seems to really nourish and revitalize my skin when applied. I also have Mario’s facial sprays & masks. Great Brand!



Sacred Mountain >> (here)

I love this one as I love deeper scents. It’s known for promoting feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding & protection and I truly feel all of that with this oil. It’s typically found on my nightstand. I apply it most often at night prior to bed on to my temples as well as to the back line of my neck and perhaps the tip of my nose. It’s a beautiful oil to use as a fragrance also as it’s just so grounding and calming.

Peppermint >> (here)

I use this most to relieve sinus pressure. I apply a small amount to my upper gum-line and sinus pressure is instantly released. I also use it to clear a stuffy nose by just applying a small dab in the center of my palm rubbing my hands together – cupping and inhaling for about 30 seconds.

It’s also great in our diffuser paired with eucalyptus!

Lavender >> (here)

I use this to apply to any minor cuts/scrapes for myself and the family. My favorite personal use however is to help relieve dry eyes. I work in an office so I’m on the computer many hours of my day and I tend to get really dry eyes at times. When I tap a touch of the Lavender around the under part of my eye, they are instantly relieved.

I also use this to calm the kids and our puppy baby Sofia prior to bed at times as well as before we go to the vet. This is my son’s numbero uno oil!

If you are interested in Ordering it’s super easy simply add what You’d like to your cart, create an account enter Member ID Number >> 3048455 and proceed to check out.


MAC Flat Out Fabulous Lippie  >> (here)

This is my all time favorite lippie. If I had to choose one lippie in the world, this is it!

Estee Lauder The Smoother Universal Perfecting Primer >> (here)

I bought this last year for the 1st time, it’s a game changer in my makeup routine!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade >> (here)


Tarte Double Duty Shape Tape Concealer >> (here)

Also bought this for the first time last year (2017) and loved it.

I used Maybelline FIT concealer for my under eye area prior to this but honestly Maybelline no longer compared as the quality of Tarte just blew Maybelline out of the water!

The other awesome fact is that although the shape tape is perhaps double the price it lasts four times as long. So it’s financially also a no brainer as you end up spending less annually

Urban Decay Eyeshadow – Thunderbird >> (here)

This color is beautiful for brown eyes – just absolutely strikingly beautiful.

I’m obsessed. 😉

Well that’s all for now My Beautiful Friends!

I hope you enjoyed this post all about my favorite products from 2017.

Have a great weekend.




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