Happy Friday My Beautiful Friends,

Today my five faves cover a little array of different topics. I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you all today & have an enjoyable weekend planned. I’m hoping to find sometime to just be HOME & Snuggle with the family.



First Up I’m sharing my Favorite Savory Casserole.


My family isn’t huge on casseroles but they love this one!



A lady in Red Lipstick can rule the world.

I do feel like such a #GIRLBOSS when I wear Red Lipstick!

FAVEREDSHere are my favorite Red Lipsticks, With Valentine’s Day just around the corner now is the perfect time to buy a juicy red lippie! You can shop my faves via the links below.

 MAC Russian Red (here)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice (here)

MAC Ruby Woo (here)


This week our Sweet Sofia Reign had surgery. She was spayed and had two baby teeth removed on Monday morning. The pic on the left is her that morning. She had no real clue what was coming her way although we told her quite a bit that weekend prior. She is recovering well, thankfully! She’s is not really into being restricted to the life she’s become so accustom to yet she is doing a fantastic job & healing well. I miss being able to snuggle her like a baby. She will have the cone on for 14 days so lots of floor time is on our schedule while here at Home Sweet Home. The pic on the left is her post surgery.

1-25-2018 10-59-59 PM.png

So prayers for a continued successful healing would be greatly appreciated!


We got a home phone! Thanks to my friend Lynne, she referred us to the MagicJack – GO which is like so affordable and well just pure genius! We can now have the children give our home phone number to their friends rather than tying up our cell phones! 😉

1-25-2018 11-42-04 PM.png

I highly suggest if you are looking to possibly invest in a home phone that you consider weighing this MagicJack – GO option as it’s effective, affordable and again – just makes sense.

So we paired that with the AT&T EL52203 DECT 6.0 2-Handset Cordless Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting Phones and I kind of can’t believe we have a home phone again. I think it’s better to have rather than to not so go check out the MagicJack-Go (here) & thank me later!



1-25-2018 11-57-21 PM

I’m just plain excited that it’s Friyay! I am looking forward to some Basketball and Church and lots and lots of snuggling with my honey love & the babies – although they aren’t so baby anymore. I am thinking also that I am going to clear out/purge our basement in our spare time this weekend. Our storage space down there really needs a good declutter and when you have the urge to purge you just have to do it.

I ordered a bag/box from ThredUp for the first time and I’m going to set a few items aside to see how that goes however I plan to donate most of it & just feel so good about it.

Let me know if any of you have signed up and used ThredUp and if you liked it or not. I am thinking that I may not host our annual rummage this year and just do this and donations. But we shall see – I’ll plan to keep you all updated on it!

1-26-2018 12-02-52 AM.png


Well, Have a great weekend!






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