Happy Friday Friends!

2-15-2018 9-51-21 AM

Today will be my first and last day in the office this week 😦 I worked from home on Thursday and truth is, it was hard for me to focus as I was still rather weak. I needed my rest and got plenty of it so I’m going to need all the coffee I can get to get me through the day as I’m sure I’ll be so weak. It’s been quite the week to say the least….

I got the flu this week and was legitimately in bed for three days straight! I mean can we say insane!?! I love and I do mean love being productive and being so sick, productive – I was not! I am so thankful for my amazing husband who has been taking care of us all.

It’s very rare for me to get that sick, where I am down for the count and pretty much good for nothing but resting and hoping and praying to get better. I was contagious so didn’t go in to work, literally feel as though I missed the whole week, I wish I could have been that champion mom that contained it all, but I wasn’t 😦 My son now has it and my daughter was the one that gave it to me and my husband had a touch of the symptoms but thankfully not full on as he has been our caretaker this week and is now going to stay home with our sonny as we just took him in today and he tested positive for it also… This Influenza-A got us and I don’t know how! This was me….

2-22-2018 6-47-49 PM.png


With that being said, I found a new show that is now a favorite. I would describe it as a science fiction time travel drama with historical references and I’m kind of diggin’ it so I’d have to make that a favorite of my pretty uneventful and sick week 😦 🙂 I’ve gotten through all of season one.

2-22-2018 7-41-27 PM

Season 2 is airing March 11th and I’m low-key looking forward to it.




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Camo Sweatshirt (( here )) – I purchased one sweatshirt from ILY Coutoure and the comfort level of these are nothing short of amazing and worth every penny! This one is currently on sale and I’m a fan now so I picked this one up. Who doesn’t love camo!

Mom Life is the Best Life (( here )) Been crushing on this for a year and just didn’t until recently! I will wear this oh so much!

Grey Puff Sleeve Sweater (( here )) – great transitional piece

Satin Midi Robe (( here ))

Diva Glamorous Laundry Detergent (( here ))




So we’ve been working on updating our Master Bedroom for a few months now. My goal was to have it completed by Valentine’s Day but, I’m running a little behind as I have been so patiently selective and collaborative with the hubbs, after all it is ‘our’ room 😉

So far I’ve accomplished painting our bedroom, purchasing a new king bed, and latest of all, I’ve purchased our mattress & adjustable bed frame! I still have to final our area rug as we have wood flooring in our bedroom and it’s been bare naked since December. I’m also awaiting to see how our new bed comes in so I may then measure for the proper nightstands and that will then springboard my dresser decision also. I have a few options in my carts so I am just awaiting the measurements to finalize which option to select.

Other than that, I’m also looking for two gold accent mirrors and throw pillows as well as a new duvet cover. Perhaps I’ll have it all completed in full by the end of March if not prior. 🙂  Below I’m sharing our Mattress and adjustable frame selection.

2-22-2018 10-55-21 PM

So last week Friday after work we went Mattress Shopping! No better time than then with the kick-off of the President’s Day Sale. We grabbed this King for the price of a Queen. They were offering a free adjustable frame however it was just the simple one and prior to this we were researching a Sleep Number bed simply due to the adjustability and quite honestly the reviews were just too negative and scattered that I didn’t really deem it worth it.

Even one of the sales men that we were dealing with months back (yes it’s taken us month’s to decide) advised that they thought it was over-rated and over-priced and we just weren’t sold on the whole sleep number route. When it comes to big purchases I stick with ‘doubt means don’t’.

So we didn’t go with the free base because it was not only basic but it only adjusted the head portion. We went with the Leggett and Platt 100 Series II Adjustable Base which is way more awesome! 😉 We are so happy with our purchase. It’s fresh and new so I’ll perhaps touch back with a good review in a month or so if You’d all like but, I truly believe we made a good purchase here that we will be happy with for quite a few years. We’ve officially moved from a Queen to a King per the hubs request!



2-22-2018 11-15-47 PM

This Mother & Daughter Journal has been one of the best Valentine’s Day Gifts for our Sweet Girl. I have been so in love with sharing our hearts in this very special and new way. It’s a keepsake she will be able to have with her for like ever and it’s just really the sweetest thing. It has pages for her and pages for me and it’s just a real sweet way for us to connect as we are both loving it! Purchase (( here )) 




2-22-2018 11-23-51 PM.png

This verse has been in my heart this week and one of my favorites of all time. Joshua 1:9


Well, that’s all for now my friends, I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope I feel completely better come Monday!


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