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I hope you all had a fantastic week! It’s been a busy and long beautiful week filled with so much love and goodness and for that I am thankful. Thank you Jesus!

Sending lots of Prayers to Florida Families this week!

And I had a chance to watch some of the Winter Olympics and I just feel so American. So proud to be an American! #WinterOlympics2018



Will and I were able to take the day off to enjoy each other. We love day dates. We did such a good job of savoring that extra special togetherness even when the kids came home. It was such a sweet, sweet day.

Will arranged the day for us, and we tried a little something new – Salt Therapy! It was awesome to say the least! Purifying, detoxifying and so, relaxing.

Needless to say I enjoyed my day with my love. You know what I love most about Will and our love? I never had to be anything but me and he just loves me. I’m enough, just me and he loves me – such a gift! I shared that with him in the Salt Room and he says that’s why our love has been so strong and so blessed and so pure. Goodness Gracious I LOVE HIM! Forever grateful for our love. It was such a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Our first Salt Therapy Session was enjoyed at The Salt Room it was such a clean and inviting atmosphere and the owner provided such generous and gracious service. It’s a place that is not only good for your well being but a small business you’d love to support and enjoy being apart of! I highly recommend.

2-15-2018 10-56-31 PM

2-16-2018 3-09-03 PM

That night, we enjoyed dinner together with the family snuggled near the fireplace, the kids opened their gifts, and just enjoyed the time being around each other. I legit snuggled Will like all night! It was the best.




2-15-2018 9-59-32 AM




Special little messages from my sweet honey girl were a favorite of mine this week! She loves to send me emails and iChat messages and this was one of my faves this week.

She also came up to me this week and said Mommy, I want to tell you something that will make you happy! I said oh yeah – let me hear it. She said all of my friends at school say they wish you were their mom or I’m so lucky to have you as my mom and your mom is so nice and your mom is so pretty. Stuff like that! I said oh that’s sweet, I remember people would always say how pretty my mom was and I remember telling her things like that when I was a kid. Little moments like that are just precious!  #bringingupgirls

2-15-2018 10-45-58 PM




Am I the only one that craves a good stripe sweater, tee or, blouse when spring is near!


2-15-2018 6-31-41 PM

  1. Metallic Gold Stripe Blouse ((here)) – love the gold metallic detail on this blouse!
  2. Trouve Sheer Stripe Blue Blouse ((here))
  3. Stripe Peplum Tee ((here))
  4. Wallis Chevron Pink Stripe Sweater ((here))
  5. Ruffle Stripe Longsleeve Tee ((here))



Oh My Lanta, So personal I know but I will never forget the first time I had an ingrown hair it was two years ago and I was spazzing out. It was in my bikini line and I was just so concerned. I finally shared the info with my hubs and he nonchalantly shared ‘oh it’s just an ingrown hair’ so off to research I went and I found that I could apply tea tree oil to the area and it would help reduce the inflammation. If you struggle with ingrown hairs at all, I highly recommend! You can purchase ((here)) enter Member ID 3048455 

2-15-2018 9-50-12 PM




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