Hello My Beautiful Friends,

2-8-2018 6-06-07 PM.png

I am SMILING because it’s Friyay! So excited that the weekend is here.

Now it’s time for my Five Friday Favorites!

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is this coming week! I have yet to secure gifts for the kids and puppy and the Hubby wants ‘ME’ he said – I mean really isn’t he the BEST! So he will get a full dose of His Sweet Honey Valentine that day!



2-8-2018 6-38-52 PM.png

First Up I’m sharing a few of my favorite picks for Valentine’s “Day” attire.

Will and I have the day off together and I am going to lounge around in one of these comfies along with my favorite Zella leggings ((here)) & Nike’s of course – I just ordered ((these)) in Black on Black, they arrived yesterday.

So I’ve listed a link for 15% off your first ILY Couture purchase below.

2-6-2018 11-27-10 AM

ILY Couture they also have a MOM Life is the Best Life Tee that I’ve been crushing on!

15% off your 1st ILY Couture Purchase ((here)).



Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I was so excited about the Cards that our Basketball Team’s made on Saturday. I packaged up and sent off 18 Valentine’s Day Cards for the Kids. It was such a joy to see all the awesome colors and special messages shared from each of the kids that made one!  .. Here is a glimpse of a few of them!


I mentioned last week how our Son Will had his last game & They won! It was a fun game as My Husband coached against His Brother and My Son played against His Cousin. Here is a pic of the Will’s & Rob’s post-game!

2-4-2018 6-26-18 PM.png

Will has enjoyed coaching not only his son but every single one of these young men!

2-4-2018 6-49-51 PM2-4-2018 6-27-47 PM

Here is a pic of the boys and their medals postgame!

Speaking of the love of coaching, I have LOVED coaching this Little Lady Baller.


Though she be but little she is fierce. I am most impressed with her hustle this year. She has grown so much in the game and her defense is probably my favorite!  

We had such a fun time at the Pizza Party with all these kids this past weekend.

2-8-2018 9-15-37 PM2-8-2018 9-16-36 PM

These kids are such awesome little people!



2-8-2018 11-28-58 PM


  • My Son, loves Science so this Microscope Kit ((here)) along with the Microscope Slide Kit ((here)) are perfect!
  • Between Mom & Me – Mommy & Son Journal ((here))
  • This Hoop is in my son’s room – on the wall actually ((here))
  • Just between us – Mommy & Daughter Journal ((here))
  • Unicorn Headband & Rainbow Tutu ((here)) & Unicorn ((here))
  • Unicorn Coloring book ((here)) with Fine Point Pen’s ((here))
  • Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition ((here)) – will be perfect for Valentine’s Day Eve.



We really enjoyed watching Will perform the Merengue dance at his school!

2-8-2018 11-07-26 AM.pngHe can be such a shy guy at times but HE DID SUCH AN AMAZING JOB with this dance. He mentioned how some of his friends said they just look down at the stage because they are so nervous but he loved looking out and smiling with people as it calmed him. 



We also signed this girl up for dance and seeing her back in dance class just excites me! These two dancers were highlights from the week for sure!!

2-8-2018 10-21-01 PM.png

Well, have a great weekend!


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