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I hope you all had an amazing week. It’s been a productive yet slightly exhausting week. Being down with the flu last week has made for extremely busy yet very productive work week this week!



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First up, the Lord has really been whispering ‘give your best self’ to my heart and mind this week and it’s been such a good word for my soul!

It’s showed me areas that I have to realign within that I didn’t even realize I do at times.

Instead of giving the power to what separate’s us, focus rather on what unites us.

So My Favorite Quote for the Week is “Give Your Best Self”. God let us be a source of hope for the hopeless. God let us be a source of courage for the fearless. Let us give our best selves from the inside out!




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Jade Roller Is the most amazing cooling depuffing and soothing Beauty Tool – ever! And it just feels good!

I found this >> Jade Roller from Nordstrom for $68 however I found this >> Jade Roller from Amazon for only $18.99. A much more desireable price point and quite honestly – that’s the only route I would go as they are legit the same thing.



Microneedling Regeneration Tool is new to me, I recommend referencing YouTube on how to use it. I prefer to use it at night on clean skin, sanitizing before and after application.

What it does?

It triggers skins natural healing process by inducing micro-regeneration deep within the skin creating new collagen and restoring it’s volume.
Great to be used after you’ve washed your face and prior to moisturizer as it allows your skin to absorb topical products 200 times more. #queuequalityskincare

I found this >> GloPRO® Microneedling Regeneration Tool at Nordstrom for $199.00 I also found this >> Micro Derma Roller on Amazon for $14.99. The one at Nordstrom has the bells and whistles where as the one sold on Amazon is simply what it is and does what it does.




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Color Block Hoodie in Light Heather Gray & Red is a New Fave of Juniors! If he could – If I would allow it he would wear hoodies and joggers everyday, all day! This kid is a HOODIE LOVER for sure!

Gold Glitter Tank Dress I picked this up earlier this week, for Mackenzie’s Talent Show Dress.

Camo Joggers I buy quite a bit of Will’s clothing from Gap – always have. Mostly due to the fact of the quality of the clothing. He’s a Boy & yeah,  the fit seems to be perfect for his stature also, since his forever so it’s a good brand for my boy!

Girl’s Dolce Vita Jaclyn Glitter Bootie She seen these on line and Said ‘Mommy these are So My Style’. Mackenzie browses the internet for her own fashion finds. I taught her how to select her size and add to the cart. When she has something she just loves she comes to show me and if we agree, it’s a done deal! This has been a great way for her to understand the value of things as well.



3-1-2018 9-41-17 PM.png

Madewell Ruffle Cuff Ribbed Top is adorbs, I got it in Afterglow Red and is perfect tucked in with Jeans. A Basic transitional top with a flare 😉

Free People ‘Long Beach’ Tank in purple, is so soft in feel as well as in color. On Sale right now for 10% off! I love tanks like this with Jean Capri’s for the spring, summer weekend’s. #qualitycasualbasics

Gorjana Tulum Tassel Earrings in royal blue, will give a good punch of color to any outfit. I love a good statement earring.

Matisse Cha Cha Espadrille Wedge Sandal in orange is another good pop of color that may be fun to work into your wardrobe!

Basic Gray Side Slit Tee I picked up to wear with leggings on Spring weekends when running errands and what not. So basic and So comfy. I also have the Black and White Stripe one as well. Currently on Sale.

Perfect Roll Tunic by Lush, mentioned yet again if you have been reading my blog for a while you know I crush on LUSH and this top is my favorite of all time. Just classic. This time in Bright Pink.



Okay, Ya’ll I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of I haven’t until last week when I was sharing with a girlfriend how expensive Tamiflu was and she told me about this website where I can get and RX for less! We also had a generic version of Tamiflu for the second prescription that originally saved us a few bucks but not near as much as the coupons available on this website!

When I looked on I found a coupon for the Tamiflu as well as for the generic brand. I called Walgreens and they were able to re-run through my insurance and apply the coupons which saved us a total of $168.66. I mean, I’ll take that & thank So this little reference can be used for more than just Tamiflu as you can look up any prescription by name. Yes even the generic ones! So that Money Saver was a favorite of mine this past week – for sure!


3-2-2018 9-47-22 AM.png

I have been pumping My Vitamin’s this week and so I thought I’d share My Vitamin Routine with you all. I typically have the same Vitamin Routine all year long but notice that I bump up my Vitamin D intake in the Cold Weather Months.

 3-1-2018 6-56-02 PM

Vitamin B12 Dietary Supplement Quick Dissolve Tablets These little gems I take once a day, typically in the morning and they seems to help with energy!

Alive Women’s Energy Multi-Vitamin is an ultimate fave of mine as it’s not chemically produced, Very Plant & Veggie based. My husband tried to have me take the Women’s Multi-Vitamins from GNC for years and they would just make my stomach hurt so bad, and I’d get overwhelming nausea. So Alive is my Vibe.

Vitamin D3 Bone Health Dietary Supplement Soft gels – Up & Up This is my Vitamin D-3 at 1,000 IU’s and in colder months I take 2-3 per day.



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  1. I like all of the colorful items that are in your shopping cart! The espadrilles and tassel earrings are so cute. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday, Stephanie!

    A Pocketful of Polka Dots

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