happy FRIDAY friends & . . .

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Hope you all have a beautiful weekend planned. We don’t have many plans and I honestly could not be HAPPIER about that! First Favorite for the week is what I’ve added to my cart this week!


2-15-2018 11-08-18 AM

Off The Shoulder Sweater (( here ))

Black Ball Drop Earrings (( here ))

Pink & Orange Ball Drop Earrings (( here ))

SPANX Faux Leather Moto Leggings (( here ))

Treasure & Bond Sannibel Platform Wedge Sandal (( here ))

Keds Triple Shimmer Platform Sneaker (( here ))

Articles Of Society Mya Ankle Skinny Jeans (( here ))

Quay Australia X Desi Perkins High Key 60Mm Aviator Sunglasses (( here ))

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick – Orchid (( here ))

La Dodgers Mvp Baseball Cap  (( here ))



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3-8-2018 10-16-29 PM3-8-2018 10-14-35 PM

Last Friday We went out for a Fish Fry & Caught another St. Cat’s Boys Basketball Game. Mackenzie is all about the Camera Action when it’s Game Time. I captured this one of her Beautiful Self. Love her & I don’t know if it was because we were in a high-school or not but my heart was gripped a bit that this kids is really growing up on me!


33-8-2018 10-54-35 PM

3-8-2018 10-20-24 PM

So random especially since we ended up getting snow this week. I picked this up at TJMaxx last week Saturday.  Was not exactly looking for a Spring Wreath but when I laid eyes on this gem, I was SOLD & for only $20! It’s beautiful and will wear well in the Sun.




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Earlier this week I read Mix & Match Mama’s Blog Post about their Bedtime Routine and I enjoyed reading her post so I thought I’d share our Bedtime Routine.

1. Our kids Official Bedtime is technically 830pm. They recently had their annual well visit with their pediatrician and they were blown away when she said they should still be getting about 10 hours of sleep per night! I say technically because we have some days that run later than this but 830pm is the goal.

2. I have an alarm set in my phone for 745pm Sunday – Thursday. It’s a reminder for us to Get Prepared for Wind Down and Set-Up for the Next Day. When the alarm goes off it varies on what I have for each of them to do & or what I have to do for them.

Typically it’s one of the following:

      • Shower & Get your Jam-Jams on! (showers usually happen after dinner dishes)
      • Lotion Up & Get your Jam-Jams on!
      • Brush your Teeth
      • Grab My Choice Essential Oil (i.e. Sleepyize, RC & Raven for Spring/Fall, Thieves or Eucalyptus G for Winter Months, or the fave Lavender) We love Young Living Essential Oils in this house & I apply to the kids just about every night!
      • Grab the Nail Clippers & A few Q-Tips along with a Kleenex
      • Make Sure your Room is Picked Up
      • Pick your outfits out for tomorrow (have to be ran by Momma Bear for approval)
      • I also have them set out practice clothes for whatever sports they may be in. It teaches them to be prepared & helps the night go smoother!

3. I have another alarm set in my phone for 800pm as a reminder for us to Wind Down. We typically Wind Down in the front family room however often times the kids will snuggle up with a book in their beds (often together in one or the other’s bedroom). When this alarm goes off they know it’s time to wind down and start getting ready for bed but often stall. . .

The “stall tactics” typically are one of the following

      • Can I have a bedtime snack (Typically Mackenzie)
      • Can I just get 10 more points on First In Math (Typically Will)
      • My Son knows his dad is a sucker for sports, So he will bring up any basketball or football highlight and they just go on and on until I have to say Really Will and they laugh it off. He would be such a night owl if we allowed it!
      • Can we snuggle for a few more minutes in your bed Mommy (Typically Mackenzie)
      • Are the Lakers or the Warriors playing tonight (Typically Will) – He is well aware of those West Coast Games keeping Dad Up Late. (The Hubbs is a Laker’s Fan and Junior is a Warriors Fan)

4. At 830pm it’s Time for Bed. We always pray together. Typically, Generally & Most Often My Husband will Lead us in Prayer as the Head of the House. However I am a lover of Prayer and so I’ll take the lead every so often! (I get the privilege to pray over and with our kids before school on our way so this way they are getting prayer with both Mommy & Daddy)

5. On their way to bed they always ask for extra hugs & kisses. They like for Daddy to tuck them in every night! Sometimes they leave their lights on until he makes it to their rooms.  🙂 They also know before we turn in I sneak into their rooms to make sure they are all covered up and smother them with a few more kisses and well wishes of Sweet Sleep.

(If you have any tips for us, leave them in the comment section below!)

Fun Fact: Our children both have a very special animal they sleep with every night and it’s not our Goldendoodle Sofia! Will Sleeps with Mr. Monkey every Night & Mackenzie Sleeps with Ms. Kitty. They have both owned these special littles since birth and I think it’s precious that they still sleep with them!

Side Note: I typically buy my kids Pajama’s at Gymboree ((here)) as they fit well, are made well, wash well and, last for a very long time without piling and looking old & crusty! 😉 Gap has good pajama’s also but I only typically purchase when on sale!

Current Gymboree Favorite’s

3-8-2018 9-38-28 PM.pngShop Gymboree  (here)



3-8-2018 10-27-54 PM

 This guy stayed after practice on Saturday and Put Up a Few More Shots.

This one was My Fave!

3-8-2018 10-25-45 PM

This Beauty Cutie Did a little bit of her Dance for me & then posed all super cutesy!

Have a great weekend my friend!



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