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Hello My Beautiful Friends!

I’m so excited that Summer is here!!! The fam is really looking forward to knocking off items from our Summer Fun List and I’m looking forward to squeezing in some pool time, spontaneous backyard BBQ’s, Bonfires & S’mores as well as time at the Beach and maybe some Sunday’s at the Splash-Pad here in town followed by a treat from our Sugar Shack Ice-Cream Shop downtown here in Racine. What’s Up Wednesday is actually the perfect blog to catch up with you all and share What’s been Up with us lately, so here we go. . . .

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We have been so crazy insanely busy that this is one area that I slacked on! Thankfully we my husband has been an amazing help on this front lately! So he prepares dinner for us now on Tuesday’s & Thursdays! My Puerto-Rican Honey is actually really handy in the kitchen! 😉 With that said, here is what’s on the Menu this week…

5-30-2018 6-30-03 PM


4-24-2018 10-06-30 PM


5-30-2018 6-33-21 PMEnjoying SUMMER time with the LOVES, where we can just sit back and unwind!


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Well my department moved again, we are now located in our downtown area so I have officially worked in three different facilities within 13 months! Kind of crazy but kind of fun! I’m actually enjoying being downtown. Walks by Lake Michigan, The quaint coffee shops and all the little shops around here, I really like it! I do miss working in the same location as my Honey Lovin’ Husband but we still have lunch together throughout the week so it works! It’s also just about the same distance to work – commute wise, as my last location so that’s also a plus!


5-30-2018 10-50-42 PMWe picked up a few new items for our outdoor space! Kind of LOVE the dining furniture. I just really like the simplistic stature of this set! I also picked up a bench by the same brand for our front yard. I purchased these pillows to set out on the bench!

Table (here) | Bench (here) | Chairs (here) | Umbrella (here) | Pillows (here)

I believe we are going to have both of our bigger tree’s removed from our back yard… I just firmly feel it would make it much nicer and more enjoyable for us to enjoy! So planning on that soon and really looking forward to it! 😉

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Will Jr. has a tentative Basketball Tournament this Weekend, other than that I think it’s actually going to be a pretty low-key and chill weekending!


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Sofia’s Birthday was June 16th so we enjoyed celebrating her on her special day! She is a little wee bit spoiled admittedly so and yes I am to blame but she is legit almost like well a human puppy baby and we all just love her so much! Happy 1st year Sofia Reign Ortiz!

She totally needed a grooming session in this pic, but I still thought it was a little bit of perfection! 😉


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I purchased quite a bit of music yet again this last month. My favorite new download has got to be Clarity by Andy Mineo other than that I enjoy the songs I’ve downloaded. Some Old and Some New but have been listening to them all on a shuffle lately but Clarity typically kicks it off!


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6-27-2018 8-23-49 PM.png

Kopari Slip Into Summer Kit here

L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self Tanning Mist here

Heart Shaped 58Mm Sunglasses here

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick here

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water here

Tula Probiotic Skincare Purifying Face Cleanser here

L’Amour Everyday Fine Bracelet here

Capella Beaded Triple Hoop Drop Earrings here


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6-27-2018 10-00-35 PM.pngThe Four & World of Dance are a few of our current faves in the Ortiz Home Sweet Home

4-24-2018 11-43-46 PM

Still working on this one, been a slow move but I like it!


4-24-2018 9-56-17 PM


6-27-2018 10-12-06 PM.png

With the kids getting so much older and with Father’s Day just passing, this picture popped up on my memories and it really took me back to when we were expecting our first born son, Wilfred Emmanuel. What a precious miracle blessing it is to carry a child. To birth two amazing children in love with such an amazing man has truly been one of my life’s greatest treasures! And that’s kind of what I was reminiscing about. Time truly does fly!

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6-27-2018 11-46-00 PM.png

Women’s Socialite Ruffle Faux Wrap Dress here

Leith Tank Shift Dress here

Embroidered Blouson Dress here

One Clothing Drop Waist Shirtdress here

Double Scoop Tank here

Little Wing Kimono here

Wayf Toulon Tiered Ruffle Top here

Free People Intimately Fp Adella Longline Bralette here

Bethenia Mule here

Wrap Midi Dress here

4-24-2018 9-54-59 PM

I’ve been doing my own gel manicure’s lately. I had been totally into getting Acrylic atop of my natural nails but I kind of got like so over it when I wasn’t loving how they were being shaped and they were just totally damaging my nails. No Bueno!

So, I really just wanted to get back to taking better care of my nails and I’ve really enjoyed restoring the health of my nails! It’s also allowed me to give my little doll more detailed manicures also not to mention how I’m teaching her how to take care of her own nails! 😉 So it’s been a win win!

4-24-2018 9-54-31 PM

6-27-2018 10-48-48 PM.png

Here are a few clips from life lately! Lots of Life being lived every single day!

Well that’s all for now friends! Thanks for sharing your time with me, hope you enjoyed this months’ What’s Up Wednesday! Until Next time loves….,


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