Hello Friends!

Today was our first day of 3rd & 4th Grade! I am so blessed to be surrounded with two of the world’s most amazing people and I am honored to be there Momma! They truly are remarkable little people.

They both had the best first day. Will Jr. says his first day they got right to work. It was fun and he loved seeing all of his friends, he’s sitting right next to one of the best. Mackenzie says her first day was the best as well! She mentioned how it’s important to always be nice to friends you may not have always been so close to because she really loved spending time with a friend from K5 and they were buddies for everything today. They both are excited for all the goodness that awaits them this year and the energy they brought home was amazing! Here are a few snaps of their first day back as well as a capture of the sit-down interviews I held with each of them this past weekend. Hope you all enjoy 😉

IMG_5959(We took the kids shopping especially for their first day outfits and I have to say they did a great job! Both of them have a great sense of style. #SoFun)








Will & I got the kids off to school and then enjoyed our annual 1st day of school breakfast together. I love our breakfast on this day especially as we just re-cap all of the goodness of God’s provision on our lives. And it’s always a great time to talk about what some of our laser focuses are going to be for the kids year academically. This year we enjoyed breakfast at The Blue Bear (love that place). I then headed to work for the remainder of the day and this guy hit the golf course.


After work, I had a dental appointment. Then we enjoyed dinner & the kids helped me make Peanut Butter Rice-Krispies, a First Day of School Tradition here in Casa de Ortiz. All and all, it was a beautiful day! I hope you all enjoyed your day as well!


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