Will turns the BIG TEN Today! What a cross-road we are at, he is officially in double digits. I just have to say it one – more – time, Today Our Boy turns 10! So it’s All About, Him! 

When I was 🤰🏻 pregnant with Will there was this peace that honestly surpassed my understanding. It was a new kind of peace and calm for me. There was such a solid confidence as well I could sense when I was carrying him and honestly he is every bit of that. I love him so much ya’ll! He is such a precious person truly, Golden. 

Will is a Smart, God-Fearing, Jesus Loving, Calm, Peaceable, Talented, a Humble Hustler, Kind, Shy, Loyal, Mellow, Tender Hearted, Eager, Athletic, Funny, Respectful, Deep Thinker, so well thought out about life, Super Sweet, an Amazing Big Brother, a Faithful Friend, Lover of Basketball, Player of Baseball, Peer Mediator, Artistic, Creative, Determined and just a Chill Will. I love him so much!  

Here are 10 Unique Facts about Will 

  1. He creates these amazing architectural designs. I can only imagine what his house is going to look like when He is older. I know it will be crazy amazing and totally genius! 
  2. His dad bought him a Sports Illustrated magazine subscription and He enjoys reading them. Recently he’s been on the hunt for A Basketball Player from the Gatorade ads they have been listing in there. They’ve had baseball and football, so he is eagerly waiting for a basketball one! haha, so funny. 
  3. He loves bike riding these days. Just yesterday he showed me how he can ride with no hands. I remember those days, to be young and free! Love it.
  4. He loves time with his sister, they truly are the best of friends. He told me the other day how he knows of a few friends that say they don’t like their brothers & sisters but he can’t imagine that because he just loves his sister so much. Such a sweetheart.
  5. In past he was extremely afraid of dogs. Last year in October 2017 we got Sofia Reign, a fun loving Australian Golden Labradoodle and he was in love from day one! So precious. Ever since – he has been ‘her’ person for sure!!! 
  6. Will loves to learn and is always up for adventure or a good challenge. This past year at the end of third grade, he was selected to be a Peer Mediator and was so excited to be apart of making peace and helping others!
  7. He has the funniest, heartiest laugh. There is a chuckle he has and it’s light. But his laugh is hilarious and you can not help but to smile ear to ear or join him laughing when you hear him heartily laughing! Love his joy, love his heart. 
  8. He is insanely good at the worm dance! I mean he does it really, really well! He loves to dance. He’s pretty shy in front of some people but dancing is something that is just in his soul. This past year, I spotted him in his room he didn’t know I was there watching and he was jamming out while dancing in front of the mirror! It was so funny when I said OK! Get it little man! 😉
  9. Will is naturally athletic, He has played Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball and was honestly great at them all. Soccer and Basketball is where he has most blown me away. I love watching this kid play! He loves Basketball the most and is very passion driven so if he isn’t that in to it, He would rather enjoy other things in life. Some kids love to play anything just to play. Well when it comes to friends, neighbors and, just playing at school, Will is all in for the fun. However when it comes to after-school activities and commitments he prefers only to commit to what he is passionate about. 
  10. He loves to cuddle still, He is 10 years old now and still loves to jump in bed with us and watch a movie. He gets a kick out of getting in between his dad and I and snuggling with the both of us, reminds us of when he was a baby! His heart for his family is genuine and pure gold. He loves us loving him and he loves loving us. 

He is an amazing person & I am privileged and honored to be his Momma! 


Happy Golden Birthday Emmanuel!





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