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Today I am going to share my love for organizing via Erin Condren! I honestly believe these planners are great for keeping all of life organized! I am your typical Type-A gal, like I pride myself in staying on top of all my phone notifications, texts – voicemails &, emails! I guess I can be a little obsessed with staying organized and having things neat and orderly – heaven help me! I just love all that comes with planning staying & organized like super cute pens, trendy organizational totes, adorable & inspiring notebooks, cute stickers and color poppin’ post-it’s!


EC planners truly have a perfect personalized match for everyone! I guess I have a knee-jerk reaction to anything personalized and each EC planner is created and designed specifically for you, by you on-line so that adds a little something extra as well. Besides it’s nice to have that added dose of fashion & fun within your organizational set-up.  



As a Wife, Momma Bear, Working full-time as an Analyst and, part-time Lifestyle Blogger, my day’s just fly by – literally! With so much on my plate, my to-do list demands are ever-changing so to stay on top of that I heavily rely on my paper planner. It’s been proven that staying organized is key at staying successfully productive!  

So I believe, having our priorities on the schedule only attributes to us living our best lives. Sometimes if I don’t write it down, it’s out of sight, out of mind and totally forgotten. I’m so old school when it comes to this, just something about writing it down is also so nostalgic to me.


I just received my 2019 calendar (shown above) which is perfect as we already have appointments and plans to be put on the schedule for 2019. This year I purchased the Deluxe Monthly Planner as in years past, a Snap-In Wellness Dashboard as well as a Monthly Bill Tracker Dashboard for my 2019 edition of EC.

The Deluxe Monthly Planner is the perfect combination of the EC Life Planner & Notebook combined.  I love the functionality of these planners as they make long term planning so manageable. You can choose to have colorful or neutral themed sheets within and I’ve gone back and forth over the years. I find that I truly prefer neutral as I am sure to add my own pop of color throughout the year. As mentioned previously I just love how you can select the planner that best suits your personal style! Another positive thing is you can choose to start your 12 month calendar when it works best for you!


I have used multiple brands of planners in my years of paper planning and I have to say that this brand is by far the best investment yet. The quality is superb! It gives me all the space I need to write e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g down! This year I added extra pages to the note section because the last two years I found that I could have used just a few more.

Family Planning Tip: Once I have the Blueprint – Master Plan established in my Erin Condren Planner I then upload our family scheduled bits into our Joint Google Calendar. This helps Will as it generates alerts directly to his phone. I also like to sit down with him about once a quarter and make sure I’m still in sync with his calendar demands as well so we assure that we both are on the same page.

Every third week of the month I carve out some time to plan our next month and I list our priorities for that coming month on the side bar of my planner. I love how simple this brand has made my life. Truly, a life saver, makes me feel more centered & less stressed when all of life is piling up!  I now only carry my EC Planner & My laptop in my work bag Monday – Friday and it’s just that simple.

This week they are having a 25% off friends & family sale event on every single thing – no code necessary so now is the perfect time to head over to – as soon as possible ladies! You don’t want to miss out on this serious sale as the 25% off applies to everything!

Well that’s how I plan our schedules and keep track of life day to day via Erin Condren. I’d love to hear how you all stay organized and plan throughout the year so leave your comments below & I’ll be sure to check them out.



P.S. I am hosting a giveaway! I will be giving away a $25 Erin Condren E-Gift Card. Simply Click on the image below or here to complete the giveaway entry requirements. Going on from September 20 through September 30! 🙂 Good Luck, Dolls!!

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