Our Gracie Bella is Nine years old!


I honestly don’t know where time has gone but, I do know I have embraced and cherished every single moment more now than I ever did before the birth of my two precious babes!

Well this precious girl is just the sweetest, juiciest hearted girl and she is such a big part of the heart of our home! She is and always has been so incredibly thoughtful and motherly to each and every one of us. I mean yes – even to momma and daddy! She is truly a precious gift. She has loved to sing, dance, color, draw, create, craft, shop, cartwheel and, cuddle, since her forever. When she was younger she used to say “I hold you” and we’d tease her and say “Yeah sure, You can hold Me” and she’d say back “Nooo, I hold you” it was the cutest thing! Will & I would always get the biggest kick out of this!


She has loved the Lord with such a special love since well, since she could share her love for Him. She would always share her love and respect for The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit. She would say she loves them all and they all love us! See what I mean about her precious little heart. Her heart is full of love and we love her sweet little self!


Growing up when I would consider my future, I always prayed to God and asked him to bless me with the desires of my heart and that was to marry a tall, dark & handsome man and to have a son first and daughter second. I always only wanted two children and the Lord truly blessed me with the desire of my heart and My Sweet Gracie Bella, she sealed the deal with our family, made us complete!



Celebrating Mackenzie Grace today was such a special day! My husband took half days this year for each of the kids birthdays and they went to have some fun before I got out of work and, we celebrated as a family. So she headed off to school with her classroom birthday favors to celebrate with her classmates. Then Will picked up Will & Mackenzie for lunch and they went to check out a movie.

We then took this little lady on shopping spree at Justice, LUSH and, Riley Rose. She really wanted to do this. For dinner she requested Dad’s Hard Shell Taco’s and his Puerto-Rican Rice with Cheesecake for Dessert.

We have an Emoji Glow in the Dark Skating Party planned for her, a few friends and, family members this weekend to close in the celebration of the big NINE!


When I asked her what are 9 things about her that are fun, interesting or unique she shared the following fun facts.

1. My favorite color is Yellow. I love yellow because of the Sun and I shine like the Sun.

2. I love Dance and this year I’m really focusing on my skills and techniques in dance and like I’m going to like fly like a butterfly in my growth this year, ya know! 😉

3. I’m still obsessed with Emoji’s, like I am going to probably love them forever!

4. I love hanging out with my family members and I love them just the way they are.

5. I love a celebration, It’s just so fun celebrating the things in life.

6. I love reading fiction chapter books. I just loves books!

7. I love all things about art & being creative. I just like making things, it’s fun.

8. I enjoy learning about history, family history and, world history. It really interests me.

9. I just appreciate God in my life and I believe He makes my life a better place.


And I couldn’t wait to share this, Will Jr’s letter to his sister was the sweetest kindest most loving letter I’ve ever read perhaps to this date. I asked him if I could share it on my blog and I got the approval to share this sweetness with you all! 😉 #preciousmoments

10-2-2018 2-25-29 PM.png

So grateful for our little pumpkin love. She is such a Caring, Generous, Bold, Confident, Courageous, Strong, Beautiful, Angel Baby who arrived with a Pow and that is still how she is now. Life has honestly been so blessed with Grace!


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